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Over 1 million views!!! on the old version of Computer hardware poster?

It's kind of odd but true!
The old version continues to pull in the visitors, while the new one is left out in the cold. 

Version 2.0:  Computer Hardware Chart 2.0 by Sonic840

Version 1.7:  Computer hardware poster 1.7 by Sonic840
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I love both posters, and thank you for creating them.
I'm guessing it could be the size. The new one is tricky to view. It is so big, takes a while to load and makes some devices groan when moving around a zoomed image. And printed, you need an A1 plotter to see detail.
As an idea, for the next revision, would it be better doing them as a set of posters? One for CPU sockets, one for RAM, one for peripheral card slots/interfaces and one for the other ports and connectors?
And again, much woo and yay for making them for us. They are an invaluable guide.