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Mt St helens rim panorama

By Sonic840
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A while back (August) I climbed Mt. St. Helens in Washington, USA. It's an active volcano and still erupts from time to time. While climbing I felt a small earth quake and saw many rock slides. This panorama was constructed after the fact from photos done by 3 different cameras, which is why some photos don't quite line up. the mountains in the distance are Mt. Adams and Mt. Rainier.
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Gah, they let you up on the rim? O.o
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thx, ya, we had to get permits, and there was a nasty wait list, but eventually they did :)
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Wow. Was there a particular trail you had to go on or was it basically.. up you go whichever way possible?
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it was basically climb by pole. you see a pole in the distance and you walk to it, then look for the next one, all the way to the top. there is a general trail, but it was a hundred feet wide at times, it would be very hard to walk up it the same way twice.
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Oooers. Sounds like an adventure :D.