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Daily Deviation
August 8, 2009
Let's call this an informational and educational Daily Deviation. Obviously, all of us are using some sort(s) of computer device(s) for all kinds of tasks. Knowing exactly what's inside your machine can be invaluable, be it when you're planning for hardware upgrades or having a hardware related emergency situation, or simply for the sake of knowing what you are using. Well, let me introduce to you your new best friend: Computer hardware poster 1.7 by *Sonic840. Drives, ports, cards, slots, connectors and sockets. - This image shows and names them all! The best part? You can actually buy this as a print, for maximum full-size offline use!
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Computer hardware poster 1.7

Version 1.7 hot off the press. I have added even more ports, slots and cards. As well as improved pictures of some existing hardware and fixed some errors.

Prints are available.

original size 24x34 @ 180DPI ~17.2MB at time of upload.

I am still seeking hi-resolution image for:
socket 4
LGA 1366
64bit RDIMM


Version 1.7c has been posted in 1.7's place, as requested the fullsize image is a .png, spelling errors have been corrected, minor errors have been fixed.

2016 version here: Computer Hardware Chart 2.0 by Sonic840
Image details
Image size
4320x6120px 24.14 MB
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That is a pretty cool poster! Is there also a 1000base-t1 on it? I found one on the other day

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thats very nice and useful
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Thank you! please be sure to check out the 2016 version:  

Computer Hardware Chart 2.0 by Sonic840  
I'm not seeing mSATA, M.2, or MiniPCIe. I can provide if you're interested. 
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Thank you :)
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You are a hero!
Great Job, but what about the motherboard?
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Thank you! be sure to check out my updated version here:…
I don't go over the many types of motherboards specifically, but I've got a lot of ports and sockets from them on the 'chart. 
how to download this image?
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Click the download button to the right. but you probably want the updated version here:…
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You are amazing..Your skill is really unique..Great job!
What is the process to order a print? I have my credit card ready. This needs to live in my office. 
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I disabled ordering on version 1.7 because I've posted an updated version here: Computer Hardware Chart 2.0 by Sonic840

Select "Buy This Print!" from the right side of the page to start the ordering process. Thank you!
Is the image free to use, there is no copyright attached?
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free to use, just don't sell it... 
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I wonder where is USB-C :3
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it'll be on version 2.0. 
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I would love to buy a print of this, or of something similar, someday :)
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Prints will be available again in January. 
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