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Computer Hardware Chart 2.0


7 years after the last published version, an update to Computer Hardware Chart is finally here!

Measuring in at 7200 × 9600 @ 200ppi (30" x 40" ARCH-E), CHC v2 has 75 CPU sockets/slots, 30 peripheral card slots, 17 internal disk drive interfaces, 57 peripheral ports, 44 kinds of RAM and more.

As before, I'm providing a high-res version for download for those with the means to print themselves for personal use or who want to keep the digital file for easy viewing. Please do not sell this image! The only site permitted to sell prints is currently DeviantArt. If you find it for sale elsewhere, it's not from me. 

300DPI version (exceeds DA's limit for image uploads so this is on in a .zip...):

Big thanks to the folks who proofed the draft of CHC 2.0 and who purchased prints of version 1.7 from DeviantArt!  The funds from those sales helped me acquire some of the hardware for version 2.0. 

Computer hardware chart was developed to help folks visually tell the difference between the plethora of computer interfaces developed over the years. This chart is geared toward consumer computes, however I've included some server and enterprise components. Version 1 was a project I developed in College. At the time, I had a rich supply of old hardware from my personal collection and availability to newer hardware from my job at the time. The professors I had in my provided support, feedback,  and a plotter to ditto off copies for class. After I graduated and changed jobs, I lost easy access to new hardware and progress was stopped. CHC version 1.8 (a special version commissioned for for a McGraw-Hill book) of the poster outgrew the parent program I developed it in (Photoshop CS3) and I began the process of moving to Illustrator CC in stead. This allowed me to preserve the original individual photos and allow for a very detailed final product. This necessitated the complete re-shoot of the majority of the photos in version 1.x. Each individual photo was taken with my trusty PowerShot 630 at 8Mpx. This little camera has been through a lot. Including a complete lens replacement because of a rather destructive accident, and being too close to an exploding firework which left it badly dented. I have newer cameras, but I really don't like the current generation of CCDs in budget camera, and they have not been able to beat the macro on my Powershot 630. 

The sources for the bits in CHC came from several sources. the majority was out of my personal hardware collection. I've been collecting vintage Macs for years and have built up a pretty large collection. For stuff I did not have on-hand I was able to photograph hardware from my work or from friends. Other hardware has been acquired from online resellers like eBay, Alibaba, and mouser. On rare occasion, google images were used for non-released hardware to impossible to get hardware (like XDIMM and XDR. Essentially all the fuzzy ones...). 

Intentional omissions: Custom USB ports from devices like cell phones, telecom CPU sockets, high-end server CPU sockets (IBM power series, most SUN Sparc, and DEC CPUs), custom or one-off connectors, backplane connectors, uncommon sub-D or DIN interfaces, laptop dock connectors, laptop power ports, CPU voltage card ports, and stuff I don't know about. :) 

The future of CHC. I think I've exhausted the reasonable space available in a traditional wall chart. Even in version 2.0, the text and individual objects are getting pretty small. I would love to covet this to an iOS app. I am not a programmer... but would really appreciate if I could get a template Xcode project where I could plug in image resources and descriptions to get me started. 

I hope you enjoy this item, Thank you!


Did you find an inaccuracy or type-o? Mention it in the comments!

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Do you think that 300dpi is going to work again or not? I'm thinking about looking for other alternatives. Actually, I'm thinking about making learning everything about this domain and make from it a career. Do you think I still have time for doing it? You know I'm not a teen hehe. I have a friend who found this site about IT careers and got really impressed. He has some knowledge of technology and how IT is working but he needs more. So maybe I have to focus on it too?!

Thank you for this chart <3

I couldn't download it from this page but I found it here

Please PLEASE reupload the 300dpi. The file is no longer there for people to get. PLEASE don't let this work of amazing art get lost to the world.

300 DPI link doesn't work

300 DPI link dead (again?)...

The download for the 300 DPI version is broken :(

Edit: 1/7/ now? Thanks!

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Hi, I just downloaded version 2.0 and wanted to point out that the IDE PATA 40 pin hard drive connector is actually another 50pin scsi connector on the image. The PATA should have a Master/Slave/Cable Select jumper option.

Awesome compilation though. Thanks!
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Is it some sort of catalog?
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Thank you for this. It's a beautiful labor of love.

Extra thanks for releasing the full gigantic 300 DPI source image. We printed it out on our poster printer for our helpdesks, and it's even better in its full 36" x 48" physical glory :) Sorry we don't have the budget to buy the print. Once I figure out how DA donations/points work I'll buy you a beer.
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No more VGA?
Also, don't know if you want to include KVM in as well.
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it's there :)
4rd row, 2nd from the end. it's just not the blue version of the DE-15 port. 

KVM (keyboard Video Mouse) is more of a category of devices, not really a specific port.
Many KVM use common video ports. some use custom mapped ports (like DSM59/60) for aggravating video in/outputs. Some use completely proprietary jacks to prevent cable cross-compatibility. 
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Thank you for your hard job! Absolutly love it!
ummm....what am I missing? I saved from the displayed image and only got 1600x2133 rather than the 200 dpi 7200x9600 it should be. Help?

I joined Deviant Art just for this so hope you can help.
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Try right clicking the `Download Now` link on the right side of the page.
Alternatively, you can grab it here: Poster v2.0 300-01 20160131.png on DA's  page. 
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I've loved this chart since i seen it posted in my college class at NMSU
This is really cool thanks for creating it. This newest one I could find is version 2, is that the latest or is there a newer one coming out?  I did try and print it at Costco (hope that is permitted) for my home but the formatting wasn't working out right. I discovered the sizes 16x20 or 20x30 have an aspect ratios of 1.25:1 or 1.5:1 and the image is 1.33:1 so stuff gets chopped off no matter what size I try. Is there a version that would print better at those sizes?

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Coffee Lake came out 3 days ago.
eking's avatar
Fabulous thanks.
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You're a hero to my classmates.  People use your charts to study for the CompTIA A+ exam.  I wanted to let you know that we admire your work.  So thank you for this wonderful update.
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