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My Bio

By trade and training, I am an Apple Platform Engineer who manages many thousands of Macs at a fortune 100 company. My professional life is tracked over on my LinkedIn profile. Deviant Art is where I keep my personal art and hobby craft.

I am the type of person who enjoys long walks and photographs interesting sights along the way. Even when passing by the same landmark or vista a hundred times, the perfect picture can depend on the right time of day, lighting, music playing in your ear, or view. In contract, I also enjoy setting up the perfect shot of technology in my workshop. I got started in photography with an old Kodak 35mm point-and-shoot. I moved up to a Canon AE-1 a few years later, and finally moved on to digital photography when 6 megapix cameras became affordable. During this time, I also began to learn 3D modeling/animation in Animation:Master on my trusty PowerMac. As my career in client management took off, I spent less time practicing 3D modeling and more time with photography, layout, and vector artwork. These skills have aided me with using modern AutoDesk Fusion 360 for 3D printing and craft designs as well as shadowbox/hardware frame layouts. I hope to get back into 3D modeling with Blender and re-capture the interest I had when I started my Deviant Art page! Here's hoping we see an Apple M1 native copy of Blender in the future!

Favourite Movies
Tron, How to train your Dragon, Finding Nemo, Armageddon, Gravity, Jurassic Park
Favourite TV Shows
Top Gear, Grand Tour, The Mandalorian, Clone Wars, Attack on Titan, and Let's Play.
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Taylor Davis, 2Cellos, Bach, Two Steps From Hell, Garrison Ulrich
Favourite Books
The Bible (NKJ), Halo (series), Star Wars (series), Great Courses (series)
Favourite Games
Minecraft, CS:Source, Super Smash Bros, Pokémon Go
Favourite Gaming Platform
Switch, Steam
Tools of the Trade
MacBook Pro, iPhone, Canon Rebel T6
Other Interests
Mac engineering, vintage computer collecting and repair
Over 1 million views!!! on the old version of Computer hardware poster? It's kind of odd but true! The old version continues to pull in the visitors, while the new one is left out in the cold. Version 2.0: Version 1.7:
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Computer Hardware Chart 2.0 7 years after the last published version, an update to Computer Hardware Chart is finally here! Measuring in at 7200 × 9600 @ 200ppi (30" x 40" ARCH-E), CHC v2 has 75 CPU sockets/slots, 30 peripheral card slots, 17 internal disk drive interfaces, 57 peripheral ports, 44 kinds of RAM and more. As before, I'm providing a high-res version for download for those with the means to print themselves for personal use or who want to keep the digital file for easy viewing. Please do not sell this image! The only site permitted to sell prints is currently DeviantArt. If you find it for sale elsewhere, it's not from me
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Nearly done. I missed a socket which is now on order and should arrive in a few weeks. I'm expecting a late January release for v2.0. version 2.0: CPU sockets/slots: ~76 RAM: 46 HDD: 15 power: 13 ports/cables: 71 Peripheral card slots: 30
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