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One Piece - Peaceful Time

Hah told ya I had another project!
What is vector? ~ut0pie explains it very well here in her journal… , better than me no doubt xD
For you dummies that don't know what this is it's One Piece. The greatest shounen manga and anime in the world no doubt. It's a typical shounen story about one boy trying to be the best in this case, the pirate king. Along the way he meets many friends and foes. Together with his friends (crewmates) they work onto fulfilling their dreams by helping each other out.
Manga has been going on since 1997 (anime 1999) and it's still ongoing up to this day. Oda, the author stated this year that the anime is only about halfway done. So we got another 10 years of One Piece goodness before it ends. Which is great because I'll be around late 20s by then and perfect time for me to have the greatest memory.

But for this work it's just the Mugiwara's crew as kids as if the pirates didn't exist.

I found this scan back in early 2009 just never had the time to vector it and didn't have the motivation to do it. Plus I love one piece so much just that I had to do it soon. And that soon was today.

Original Scan:…
Notice how the scan is in very low quality. That's why I vectored it so I can make it better quality and have it as wallpaper ^^

Wait where's brook and Franky in the scan? That my friend I had to add them ^^

I give thanks to :iconlouisalulu: for allowing me to use Franky… in this wallpaper
And to :iconhoskar: for Brook…

Lineart + Color done by me:…
Total Hours (lineart, coloring, finishing touches): Around 12 hours.
Toal Shape Layers used: Around 120 I think xD

If you like this please don't be shy to drop a comment or favorite it :+fav: This will motivate me to do more anime vector projects in the future!


Check out my other vectors I have done in the past in my gallery ;)


EDIT: Yes I know we have a floating brook. Let me explain why I chose that position. The way how I see it he's wearing all black and looking back while he's sitting. I will probably draw his arm to give better visual. For Franky, I had to hide most of his body while sitting because I don't want his head cut off from the canvas

Made in Photoshop CS5
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Luffy! Share!

And Robin, you're too young to drink coffee.
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This is so well made! You captured really well their original expressions *o*
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Notice that the others haven't been served yet.
DesirePassion's avatar
When I looked at this awesomely done picture, my first thought was a Lady and Tramp scene with Luffy and Usopp. Now I need brain bleach. XD Thanks. lol
rozaqfadlli's avatar
good job.........
SilenceOfRain7's avatar
Holy crap this is so cute!!!!!! Characters look perfect and the colors and line weight is phenomenal :D I absolutely love it!!
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may i have this as my backround screen poster??? also fav
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Awesome and cute! :iconlaplz:
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Haha yep, thank Oda for making One Piece :P
HajikelistGeneral's avatar
Awesome! Instant fave! :D
sonic12399's avatar
Thank you very much :)
XxWhoAteMYCookiexX's avatar
This is really good:) I feel so bad for Chopper and Usopp...Luffy's gonna finish the whole thing by himself
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Stay back, Nami. You could lose a hand D:
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Nami: Why in the world did I even sit here in the first place?!

Usopp: Quick! Chopper, eat all the food you can before Luffy takes it all!

Chopper: I'm trying! But Luffy's too fast!

Luffy: *Gobbling up food* MINE! ALL MINE! TOUCH ANY OF IT, I KILL YOU!!!

Zoro: Is that a challenge, ero-cook?! Because I'm pretty sure that a sissy like you can't even hold down half the the cup! -To Luffy's table- OI, KEEP IT DOWN! WE'RE TRYING TO HAVE A DRINKING CONTEST HERE!

Sanji: Oh, please! Only a meathead such as yourself would ever want to drink this kind of shit! AND LOOK AT ME WHEN I'M TALKING TO YOU, DAMMIT!

Robin: Fufufu.... I'm so glad I didn't decide to sit there. ^_^

Brook: Yohohoho! Looks like our captain is as lively as ever! I wuld be as lively too, but I'm dead! YOHOHOHO! Skull joke!

Franky: Just ignore them and eat your food. And how can you even eat, anyways? You're a skeleton! Where does it go?!
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I'm hungry now DDD:
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Eating contest! Nomnomnomnom
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How tender....fluff :giggle:
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I died of cuteness!!!
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what are franky and brook supposta be doing?
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