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:pointr: We accept ANYTHING related to Sonic for i.e.; Sonic Official Character, Sonic Fan Characters, Sonic Fan Fictions, etc.

:pointr: We DO NOT allow recolors, or hate art.

:pointr: You can submit up to 5 deviations per day. We like to keep things nice and organized. :)

:pointr: Please, don't ask us for points, we are not that kind of group.

:pointr: Everyone/Anyone is allowed to join! We want to share this group w/ people who like Sonic or the rest of the cast. Sonic-Xtreme is meant to put your Sonic art TO THE XTREME literally!


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Tails Advance 2 by Natakiro Cream Advance 2 by Natakiro
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Gallery Folders

Official Sonic Characters
I'll crush that hedgehog! by AldrineRowdyruff
Anna And The New Faker pg 01 by TabletTeixeira
Join To CreamVanilla Week 2021 (9th to 15th May) by TabletTeixeira
Sonic Doodle by johnnn77
Official Sonic Characters 2
No.145 - Ask ShadAmy Any Questions and Answers by ImmanuellaLissa
No.148 - Ask ShadAmy Any Questions and Answers by ImmanuellaLissa
No.147 - Ask ShadAmy Any Questions and Answers by ImmanuellaLissa
No.149 - Ask ShadAmy Any Questions and Answers by ImmanuellaLissa
Official Sonic Characters 3
Pirates Hedgehogs by Lady-Hanno-Art
Hula Merwolf by Eli-J-Brony
Holly and Tails Remastered by Eli-J-Brony
fresh prince of the sol kingdom by Dizzee-Toaster
Fan Characters
more art of my dumb OC by AcidBunnyArt
Human Nicholas by STWAH
[Commission] Evening breeze by IIKUUP
.: P - Midas by FlNCH-FACE
Fan Characters 2
[DC] -Are you ready? by IIKUUP
Camilla The Meerkat by RexTheTRexHog
Celebrating with a Chao by RexTheTRexHog
Gift For Sonic Team Argentina by DL-95
Fan Characters 3
LOKAOT: Renae Wearing the Spooky Mask by Eli-J-Brony
Nova the Tenrec: Reference Sheet by STWAH

Mature Content

[OPEN] YCH Sonic Bikini Consentual Tentacles by sergeant16bit
Gift For CristalArual And Marcus by DL-95
Official Characters with Fan Characters
Best Daddy in the World - Fathers day 2021 by Shaylo-Artistry
Father and daughter by x20abi20x
ICOI Adventure Fanzine - Nicole and Lancelot by KnightNicole
Ultimate universe battle ( new fusion was born!!) by XxLailaHell7fireX
LOKAOT: Renae and Kotaro by Eli-J-Brony
Encouraging Eric and Becky to Go Out by Eli-J-Brony
Having chili dogs with Sonic by AldrineRowdyruff
Instant hedgehog sneakers by AldrineRowdyruff
No.4 - Lucky Star's World Record by ImmanuellaLissa
Team Pink Rose: Part-Time Heroines Comic Page 20 by ImmanuellaLissa
Team Pink Rose: Part-Time Heroines Comic Page 30 by ImmanuellaLissa
Prelude To Ascent - Prologue Page 28 by ChibiKittyIra
Fan Fiction
Sonic x Lah's Special Spooky Night TogetherHe stood by the tall, oak tree, looking up at the starry night sky and tapping his foot. Tonight was the night, the heroic hedgehog was looking forward to it. But what was taking her so long to get here, did something come up that was out of their hands? ‘Nah.’ Sonic thought, he looked at his watch and noted that it was five minutes past nine. The speedster whistled quietly; she was supposed to be here by now. Hopefully, she hadn’t fallen asleep right now. Beings like her didn’t fall asleep, unless... “Yoo-hoo, Sonic!” A ghostly female voice called from nearby. The speedster’s turned and his heart skipped a beat when he saw her gliding towards him, her purple hair flowing with her purple dress as Lah smiled. For a split second, her blue eyes seemed to sparkle. “Well, what took you this long to get here, Lah?” Sonic asked. “I must apologize for being late,” Lah answered, “I was touching up on my makeup so I can appear more gorgeous, I was nervous but I feel fine now. Do I look gorgeous tonight or is there a detail missing?” “Are you gorgeous-looking or is there a detail missing?” The speedster nearly laughed, “What kind of question is that, Lah? You look great, I don’t know what the deal is. C’mon, we have all night to spend together, don’t be silly.” When they first met, Sonic was unsure about Lah and initially dismissed her as another Amy due to the fact she was very infatuated with him, it wasn’t until later when Lah made him realize she wasn’t like Amy and Sonic began to warm up to the ghostly girl. Eventually, after opening up to Lah, the hedgehog and the ghost shared their first kiss one night under the full moon. Since then, they’d been dating and spending their evenings together while Sonic talked about his adventures and Lah spoke of her... afterlife. However, despite knowing plenty about his spectral girlfriend, the blue speedster had not yet asked Lah about how and when she became a ghost. If he knew one thing about his girlfriend when she was alive, Lah and her family had been very rich. Tonight, perhaps it was a good time to finally ask her what happened. Sonic and Lah climbed the top of the green hill that overlooked the countryside, the duo took in the view and gazed out at Emerald Town while listening to the nightlife and smiling. “So, Lah?” Sonic asked, his question bubbling to the surface, “How did you become a ghost in the first place, what happened that caused you to kick the bucket when you were so young and how old were you when you died?” When Lah heard Sonic’s question, she was surprised and almost giggled. Then, she sighed and lowered her head as a tear rolled down her cheek. “It was when I was eighteen,” Lah said, “My parents and I had just gotten back from a vacation and I... I got sick. “While I’d gotten sick many times and getting ill is never pleasant, this cold was different. We hoped that I would get over my cold soon, but... I didn’t. As each day passed, I was coughing and getting more and more feverish. “I had some aches and it really, really hurt, my parents did what they could and the doctor ran some tests. They found out that I had Kana, it was both a flu and a cancer, we also learned that I’d gotten Kana during our vacation when I got bit by a spider. “Being bit by a bug is one thing, but being bit by a spider that carries a disease is another. They tried to find a cure, but nothing came up. I was in so much pain, it felt like a nightmare that never ended and I just wanted it to end. “Three days after I was diagnosed, my mother came in as I lay in bed and she comforted me, so did my father. After that, when it was clear that a cure to Kana couldn’t be found, my parents and the doctor put me down with a simple injection that finally ended my misery. “Yet, as we all know, death isn’t the end. I became a ghost and saw my funeral, nobody else saw me, except for my parents. They believed in ghosts and they knew who the ghostly girl in the dress was, I lived with them in the mansion until they became old. “Once mom was gone and so was dad, it was just me. I was alone and people rarely visited. Whenever people saw me, they’d get scared. Nobody wanted to be with me, I felt sad and alone. Then, one hopeless day, you came and... everything changed.” Hearing his girlfriend’s story almost made Sonic cry as he wiped away a tear from his eye, it took time to pull himself together before he hugged Lah. “Sorry they couldn’t find a cure for your disease.” The hedgehog told her, “But at least you’re no longer in pain.” “You’re right, Sonic.” Lah replied, “But I... I can’t be outside in the daytime; ghosts are only seen outside at night. I must stay in the house where my life ended, at least we can see each other, but I must be home before the crack of first sunlight or I’ll become a shadow.” An idea came into Sonic’s mind. “Y’know,” He said thoughtfully, “Maybe one of these days, we could try to figure out how to resurrect you so you could have a life again while making sure that you don’t end up with the Kana that lead to you dying in the first place.” “I actually don’t mind being a ghost.” Lah replied, gracefully twirling around and doing a somersault, “It’s not bad once you get used to it, there’s so much you can do in the world as a spirit and I feel content like this, but thanks for your generous offer anyway, Sonic.” “Well, I kinda figured you’d say that, besides, ghosts aren’t so bad as some folks say.” Lah giggled and tucked her arms around her heroic boyfriend’s neck before they embraced in a kiss as Sonic held her close, Lah played with one of his quills and the blue hedgehog gently grasped her hips before they French kissed and made out for a bit. Sonic and Lah broke the kiss and gazed into one another’s eyes, filled with happiness and more love than ever before. Sonic swept Lah into his arms and held her before zipping off through the countryside, past Emerald Town and all the way to Lah’s ghostly mansion. Just as they arrived, lightning flashed in the sky and thunder boomed. Sonic put down his girlfriend and prepared himself right as spooky laughter filled the air, the hedgehog wheeled around and a large spooky mass appeared and glaring at Sonic with yellow eyes. “Oh no.” Lah cried, “Not the Boom Boo King again.” King Boom Boo had appeared many times whenever Sonic spent time with Lah, he’d even popped up on a few occasions before the hedgehog and the ghost girl started dating. Tonight, Boom Boo was back for revenge. “Bwoo-hoo-hoo!” King Boom Boo snarled in his spooky voice, lights flashed and his Boom Boo minions appeared, tongues sticking out and teeth gnashing. Lah threw away her fear and decided to fight alongside Sonic, she was not going to be scared off by other ghosts. “Get theeeeeeemmmm.” A ghostly voice howled. The Boom Boos swarmed the couple and attacked fast, seeking to bite Sonic and harm Lah. But with their special combat skills, the hedgehog spin-dashed a couple ghosts and Lah punched out a pack of Boom Boos. Lah and Sonic fought side by side, defending themselves against the enemy spirits from the dark world. Lah utilized her secret skills to make herself look scary as her face became menacing and she screamed like a banshee, causing two Boom Boos to flee in terror. Sonic and Lah evaded incoming Boom Boos and a few lightning bolts that rained down from the sky, conjured up by King Boom Boo’s dark ghost magic. Despite the scary phantom pack’s efforts, the hedgehog-ghost couple dispatched the Boom Boos one by one in seconds. Now, only King Boom Boo was left. “Oooooooooh, boooooooo, ooooooh!” The ghost king howled furiously, “Yooooouuuu may have defeated my Boooooooooo minions, but you still have to contend with the great King Boooooooom Boooooooooo! Owoooooooo!” “Well, boohoooooooo, King Boooooom!” Sonic howled mockingly, “Yoooooou can’t defeat us as long as me and my girlfriend know the true power of teamwork.” The hedgehog and Lah shared a fist bump and charged King Boom Boo, ready to end tonight’s battle. “HIYAH!” Lah punched the evil ghost in the eye and Sonic spin-dashed the dastardly big Boo, knocking him away into the sky as if Amy Rose had smacked him with her hammer. “I’ll be back to eat yooooouuuuuuu.” Boom Boo howled as he vanished, “Ooooowooooo!” Feeling a proud sense of victory, Sonic scooped up Lah in his arms again and dipped her into a kiss before they did a bit of dancing together. The ghost girl twirled around and Sonic waltzed in motion, their dance concluded when Sonic held Lah and they kissed. Lah tucked her arms around her organic boyfriend’s neck as he walked inside the spooky mansion with her, its design didn’t bother Sonic since he’d seen plenty of it, the duo made their way to the bedroom before laying down with Lah resting in the hedgehog’s arms. Sonic turned out the dimly lit light that was slightly illuminating the room and causing Lah to fade out a bit, once darkness had enveloped the room, the two did some more making out together while pulling back the covers, kissing away and sharing their love. Both blue hedgehog and purple-haired ghost French kissed again, tucking their arms around each other and providing one another with warmth. In minutes, they ceased the make out and Lah kissed Sonic on the cheek. “Good night, Sonic.” She said. “Night, Lah.” The hedgehog replied and fell asleep with his ghostly girlfriend, safe from harm and dreaming of many impossible things they couldn’t name but seemed to be very enjoyable. As far as Sonic and Lah were concerned, their future was a happy one...The End...
Zones, Levels, Objects
Fydo Tiles: Emerald Altar by SymbolsWriter


Tails Advance by NatakiroWelcome to Sonic-Xtreme

Here at Sonic-Xtreme we LOVE Sonic art, anything to show off your love for the loveable, blue hedgehog! Like our famous quote goes:
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I added new gallery folders for Official Sonic characters and Fan characters. I'm so sorry I haven't been as active for the past several months.
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