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Gallery Folders

Female Sonic Figures: 01 Kids by chibi-jen-hen
Drawing Sonic Females: 02 Teen by chibi-jen-hen
.:Sally Tutorial 2:. by JessFox
.:Sally Tutorial:. by JessFox
Basic Drawing
Different head views by ArticHexx
.:Sonic Tail Sheet:. by AzureDreamrealm
.:Sonic Face Reference Sheet:. by AzureDreamrealm
Tutorial How To Draw Sonia by Domestic-hedgehog
References and Expressions
Sonic Poses 2 by Stealthfang
Sonic Poses 1 by Stealthfang
Jacob's expressions by leonarstist06
sonic facial expressions by Shadnix
Character Design
GSC - Hedgehogs n' Porcupines by TopazMutiny
Hedgehog Spine Patterns by Kryptid
GSC Is Mad Again by TopazMutiny
Generic Sonic Char is Mad by TopazMutiny
Paper Sonic Tutorial 1 by pixlem
Basic basic background tut by NetRaptor
Coloring and Inking
Digital Coloring Tutorial pt.1 by CaptRicoSakara
Digital Coloring Tutorial pt.2 by CaptRicoSakara
Digital Coloring Tutorial pt.3 by CaptRicoSakara
Sonic Cel-Style Tutorial by CaptRicoSakara
Crafts and Cosplay
sonic the hedgehog cosplay by shadowhatesomochao
OLD Making a Sonic Sculpt Part 1 by aachi-chan
OLD Making a Sonic Sculpt Part 2 by aachi-chan
OLD Making a Sonic Sculpt Part 3 by aachi-chan
Progress Slides
Progression: Sonic's 20th by Fuzon-S
Amy - Rock n' roll Process by sensum
Step-by-step by Shontiachaosmaster
The Process 001 by ElsonWong
Rough Drafts
Sonaze-WHUUUUU by Chicaaaaa
Sonic Painting WIP by Chicaaaaa
Sonic WIP by Chicaaaaa
Hudson the Otter-WIP by Chicaaaaa
General Tips and Resources
Pallete- Sonic Characters CYMK by CatbeeCache


Welcome to Sonic Tutorials!

Welcome everyone! Here you will find a library of resources dedicated to mentoring and encouraging amateurs, intermediates and experts alike in how to draw in the Sonic the Hedgehog art style. Here you'll find tutorials for basic drawing, anatomy, character design, coloring techniques, shading, and much more!

:bulletblue: OWNER:bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue:

:bulletblue: GENERAL GUIDELINES:bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue:
:bulletblue: All art styles and mediums are welcome.
:bulletblue: We do not discriminate over who is allowed to join. Please be respectful to all members and their opinions.
:bulletblue: This club supports and respects all Sonic continuities. Commentary that may be offensive to fans of different continuities is strictly prohibited.
:bulletblue: Flaming or spamming on the club account or related deviations is prohibited and will result in a report to the DA staff.
:bulletblue: Please do not contact the club owner at their personal account over club related matters.
:bulletblue: Members who repeatedly break the club policies will be removed, banned, and possibly reported to the DA administration depending on the severity of the offense.
:bulletblue: Questions and/or suggestions about the club or ways to improve it are encouraged!

:bulletblue: SUBMISSION GUIDELINES:bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue:
:bulletblue: No more than three pictures, per person, may be submitted per day to avoid inbox flooding.
:bulletblue: Please avoid anything that has pronounced religious or political implications in it.
:bulletblue: Hate art directed at any person, character, party, fandom or franchise will not be tolerated.
:bulletblue: The owner reserves the right to deny artwork if they feel they are in violation of any of the above.
Hey everyone, it's the club's first blog post!

I wanted to ask the opinions of you, the members, on a few thoughts on what sort of submissions the club should allow.

Currently only Sonic-related tutorials and resources are allowed, however, there are also great tutorials/resources related to, say, coloring and inking which do not relate to Sonic in their walkthrough. My question is should tutorials that do not specifically feature Sonic be allowed, and what rules should dictate them? One rule would definitely be that a non-Sonic tutorial/resource must be of high/useful quality, that way our group wouldn't get too flooded by them.

Another question I wanted to ask as well - should "furry/anthro" tutorials be accepted? If so, what guidelines should be set? One rule would be that "furry" tutorials must have a cartoony "Sonic-like" flare to them in order to be useful to our group.

Finally, should Sonic fan character tutorials be accepted, and should they be placed in the main galleries (basic drawing, references, etc.) or be placed in their own individual gallery so not to mix them with the canon characters?

Thanks for your time!

:iconjammerlee: ~Jamie A. Lee
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:bulletblue: Sonic, Sonic Team and general tutorial/artistic resource related clubs only.
:bulletblue: An icon of 100x50 is mandatory and must have a professional appearance - it does not have to be a masterpiece, but please no badly drawn MS paint scribbles or seizure-inducing animations.
:bulletblue: Please have some level of professionalism in how you operate. We want a quality reflection in our affiliates.
:bulletblue: The following are unacceptable: Specific fan characters, specific pairings, hate/anti groups.
:bulletblue: The owner reserves the right to deny affiliation and/or to remove any affiliate if it should begin to violate the above or become inactive.


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It's a shame this group wound up inactive. :(
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I created premade background…
I'll be very happy if it will be useful for you :) 
WatanskayaTatiana Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2015
I wrote a tutorial… on my new art Lady Vampire -…
In this tut I reveal all of my secrets, techniques of drawing, giving volumes, etc. It is very detailed and suitable for even novice photoartist.
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is there a my little pony tutorial group?
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well yes. there are MLP tutorial groups. I'll note you
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Anyone around here take tutorial/model sheet-related requests?
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Hey, can someone please approve or disprove my submission?? I submitted it almost a month ago and it's getting to be a rediculous wait
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Thankyou with this I can male my sonic fan-art comics come true your all awesome!!!
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