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Godzilla Dammit

"Run It's Godzilla"
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Classic cool and very powerful artwork
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Why would Godzilla need keys when he can just blast/bust open the door? 😂😂😂
sonic-the-cool-man's avatar
maybe it's a special door that Godzilla made, and if he destroys it, it would make him even more angry, so hopefully those keys of his can be found.
machorst's avatar
Thanx for putting a smile on my face and it's gonna stay there rest of the day!
Zeusthefox's avatar
I feels your pain Gojira.
BurningGoji2004's avatar
sonic-the-cool-man's avatar
well true, but it can be really frustating, heck it kinda happens to me at times, mostly when I got to head for work.
IsopodHour9000's avatar
:-? (Confused) :-? (Confused) :-? (Confused) What if Godzilla was REALLY looking for his Keys?
sonic-the-cool-man's avatar
If he were looking for his keys right now, then you better make a run for the hills, cause he can really get angry if he doesn't find them.
menslady125's avatar
Are these them, your Majesty?Key Key Key Key Key Key Key Key 
sonic-the-cool-man's avatar
Godzilla looks at them and roars in anger
menslady125's avatar
I....suppose not.
sonic-the-cool-man's avatar
Godzilla: *pulls out a drawing of a cool unique key and points at it*…
menslady125's avatar
Me: Hmm...okay. Um....oh....*sees it* Here it is! I found it!
sonic-the-cool-man's avatar
Godzilla: *he raises his claws and gives you a thumbs up*
menslady125's avatar
Me: :^_^ Glad to help my hero, your Majesty. *gives keys to him*
mew2kaiser's avatar
Very relatable...
I, too, destroy thousands of Japanese city blocks in search for the keys of my auto mobile...
Punkfluff46's avatar
"Yo, I swear I'm not evil, I'm just trying to find my car keys."

"Have you seen my car keys?"

demonblood2021's avatar
it is like that with me
sonic-the-cool-man's avatar
along with tearing through stuff to find your keys?
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