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Daring Do: Escape from King Boom Boo by TheInsaneDarkOne
Fog of War by TrishRowdy
Going for Emeralds by TheInsaneDarkOne
Comm: Break the Walls Down by BroDogz
Sonic and MLP Crossovers
Celebrating 4th of July by user15432
(Req) Giddy-up by AmeerAshour2018
Request lightning dust's spin dash by Infinitydragon900
I know your dreams, Silver... by CherryQuills
Sonic and Rainbow Dash
'Can you still race me?' by cmara
Sonic.exe and Rainbow (Request for mariodashrko) by NovaDrawsXx
Rainbow Dash and Sonic [Request] by FlamiraSplitz
Cool And Blue by richsquid1996
Super Sonic and Super Rainbow Dash
DVD Cover In There Super Forms by TristanMendez
New Year Wallpaper Gift For Lux-Klonoa by twidashfan1234
Super Sonic Rainboom by BJDazzle
Super Fs,Super RD,Super Sonic And Super Klonoa by twidashfan1234
Shadow and Twilight Sparkle
'Let's get out of here.' by cmara
Erm, Excuse Me by BlehMaster7
(Req.) Hiiii~ by AmeerAshour2018
SHADTWI sonrie by Gabibonnie12345
Knuckles and Applejack
Going for Emeralds by TheInsaneDarkOne
Applejack the Echidna by Sonleeforever5
Applejack mobian by mysteryArt716
Mah Appul by Fuzon-S
Silver and Rarity
Silver and Witch Rarity by Jose-Ramiro
Comm: Rarity's Fashion Show P. 35 by BagelofTime
Rarity's Fashion Show P. 33 by BagelofTime
Comm: Rarity's Fashion Show by BagelofTime
Infinite and Tempest Shadow
All of us got our asses kicked by our friends!?!?! by KateTrap
Tempest Underground by Dormin-Kanna
Sonic Forces and MLP Movie :The scars and stories by trungtranhaitrung
Sonic Forces and MLP Movie : Evil Empire Factions by trungtranhaitrung
Freedom Planet and Them's Fightin' Herds
Oleander Homing Attack  by GamerBlitz77
Signed by Tara Strong by Fuzon-S
Fightin' Herd: Arizona by Fuzon-S
.:Human Pony n' Lamb:. by The-Butcher-X
Sticks and RD Makeover by TaniChan
Rarity, Rarity, and Rouge by TaniChan
Request applejack's spin dash by Infinitydragon900
Happiest Moments by Enigmadoodles
Animations, Videos, GIFs, etc.
Harmonic Sonic animation by natedeanmaan
Commission Prices and Patreon


Hey Twilight! by EmeraldZero Hey Twilight! :iconemeraldzero:EmeraldZero 16 0 Sombra ain't no Fool by EltonStuffProdutions Sombra ain't no Fool :iconeltonstuffprodutions:EltonStuffProdutions 48 11 Custom Bags by pastelpandora Custom Bags :iconpastelpandora:pastelpandora 3 0 Happeh 19th Birthday deviantART by STONED-HERETIC Happeh 19th Birthday deviantART :iconstoned-heretic:STONED-HERETIC 5 2 Baby Sonic and filly Rainbow Dash by Minux86 Baby Sonic and filly Rainbow Dash :iconminux86:Minux86 3 0 The Portal to the Computer room... Or is it? by AlicornGamer The Portal to the Computer room... Or is it? :iconalicorngamer:AlicornGamer 1 4 Project spriteOmanea by StalinTheStallion Project spriteOmanea :iconstalinthestallion:StalinTheStallion 68 25 a newer type of spindash for rainbow dash by SRDV a newer type of spindash for rainbow dash :iconsrdv:SRDV 4 0 rainbow dash spindash sprites by SRDV rainbow dash spindash sprites :iconsrdv:SRDV 5 0 super sonic  super rainbow dash in ice cap zone  by SRDV super sonic super rainbow dash in ice cap zone :iconsrdv:SRDV 2 0 Just SMILE by X-SonicTheHedgehog-X Just SMILE :iconx-sonicthehedgehog-x:X-SonicTheHedgehog-X 80 17 No while we are here by SilverSimba01 No while we are here :iconsilversimba01:SilverSimba01 37 9 Time for scho- wtf get off me! by Art-Lemons Time for scho- wtf get off me! :iconart-lemons:Art-Lemons 3 0 Our Special Christmas [SFM Christmas 2018] by Sandstorm-Arts Our Special Christmas [SFM Christmas 2018] :iconsandstorm-arts:Sandstorm-Arts 13 2 2-2-2012 - act clear by hip-indeed 2-2-2012 - act clear :iconhip-indeed:hip-indeed 14 9 Sonic Hoodie by Vocalmaker Sonic Hoodie :iconvocalmaker:Vocalmaker 361 3



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A discord server has been made to encourage Sonic/MLP activity.

To join, you'll be given a role of Infantry to access the server once you have read the rules and the staff deems you worthy.
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Group Rules and Warning

Here are the rules on what we can accept and cannot.
Gallery Submission Guidelines 2018Updated from the old guideline made by the previous founder in 2012.
1) There are no penalties if you place your submission in the wrong folder. The submission will be moved for you.
2) We take crossovers only. Your submission requires at least one piece from Sonic and another from MLP.  No Sonic-only or MLP-only submissions.
    2a) Submissions featuring Sonic-inspired MLP art, or MLP-inspired Sonic art, are acceptable.
    2b) Sonic drawn in the style of MLP, or MLP drawn in the style of Sonic, are okay.
    2c) Additional crossovers are okay as long as both Sonic and MLP are present.
    2d) Crossovers with Freedom Planet or Them's Fightin' Herds are accepted.
3) Generally, standalone OCs (Original Characters) or FCs (Fan characters) cannot be accepted. They need to be grouped with both Sonic & MLP characters, or at least have one element from Sonic and one element from MLP.
    3a) Fanchildren of Sonic

Be mindful of derpibooru. They can copy your artwork without asking for your permission while trolling your work as 'bad art.'

For more information on derpibooru and how to deal with the website, be sure to follow this journal link below.

DerpibooruIt is a MLP-focused website that is generally unfriendly to any fanart featuring Sonic MLP crossovers.
Users and anonymous over there can re-post artwork from dA without asking for artists' permission. They can post the original link as a sign of respect. But at the same time, users and anonymous tend to make nasty comments and downvotes (basically a thumbs down) to troll on Sonic crossovers as 'bad art.'
If you do not wish to see those downvotes or comments in derpibooru, you can always look away and ignore them.
If you do not wish your artwork posted over there, there are ways to go about it.
• Type down in the description of your submission that, Derpibooru users do not have permission to re-post on their site.
Or simply, "Do not post on Derpibooru."
• Be a member in derpibooru and report images to be removed at your request as an artist. More information can be seen in their guidelines for Takedown Requests. https://derpibooru.org/pages/takedowns
• B

Group Info

deviantART's largest Sonic/MLP crossover group. Like seeing a crossover between Sonic the Hedgehog & My Little Pony? Join up! :D
Super Group
Until Dec 31, 2020

Founded 9 Years ago
Jun 17, 2011


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1,261 Members
1,290 Watchers
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Chief Executive

Cipher Operative


We will accept any affiliations as long as it involves Sonic, MLP, SEGA, Hasbro, crossovers, or art in general.

What issues we need to address firsthand? 

35 deviants said Fluttershy (sad) plz by luckreza8 Haters and trolls...
34 deviants said :icondashangryplz: The group is not active as it should be.
22 deviants said Sonic Head Shake Emote by megane-megane We need some more original content than what we usually see in the group.
12 deviants said :iconsonicshrugplz: Anything else? Comment below.
9 deviants said :iconfacehoofplz: Too many shipping art.
4 deviants said :iconpinkierageplz: The admin is a tyrannical dictator! (raise torches and pitchforks)


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