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Bravo! Great writing, engaging characters, and after a super slow burn it really steamed up in those last few chapters. Nice to end with a romcom-worthy montage of good vibes. And funny to be reading this almost exactly a year later in real time.

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Thank you! The steam was going to get a whole lot hotter, had the story continued. There’s a whole lot of setup (in what was written and is readable here) for things intended to happen later (never written/finished/released).

Ending it here as i did is the most dramatic ending by far of any of my many (most still unpublished) stories so far. (In other words: the endings of the rest will be disappointing.)

I too was (re-)reading it in near-real time a year later. Very glad you stuck with it and made it through to the end!

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Really fun weight gain story!

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Thanks! And thanks for reading. You Win for the first person other than my brother who (presumably) read the whole thing and commented.

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I'm honored to be the first! Are you planning on writing another story in the future?

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Actually, i’ve been writing fatlovesex romance/erotica since 2010, initially for personal reasons as an anti-suicide measure. Unforgettable Cruise is the first story i’ve actually released publicly.

In terms of completed stories, i have 12 novels (some insanely long), 2 novellas, 4 novelettes, and 2 short stories. In-progress i have 8 novels and 4 shorter pieces i hope to finish.

Not sure if/when i’ll release what. My expectations of reader interest apparently are out of line with reality: i put everything i had in terms of a decade of writing practice into Unforgettable Cruise, expecting a warm response from at least part of the online fatlovesex community (since i published it on the usual sites as well as here on DA, and on my new-in-June purpose-made story site Reality: crickets: seemingly no interest in my writing.

Unforgettable Cruise was designed to have a second part, if there was sufficient interest. There would have been some more day-by-day before doing longer time jumps, and assuredly more fat gain and other surprises/adventures. Given the lack of interest and personal struggles as a light-skinned person of euro-caucasian ancestry unlikely to be able to do justice to the racial and police protests which started unfolding just as i started serial publishing part 1, at this point it’s unlikely there will be a part 2: i’ve moved on, as has the world (somewhat).

You personally may take credit, bertmacklinsbrother, for my posting more stories here on DA, thanks to your kind comment. I find DA difficult to use for long-form text story posting, hence one of my last choices for release platform(s). I always post first on my own site (, since there i have total control of content and presentation, and have the ability to add extras (such as sound clips) (but there’s no comment mechanism other than sending me an email). Second choice is Curvage, mostly because their site is technically next-easiest for publishing.

In the future there may be a few stories that push socially acceptable boundaries too hard, thus may only be on my site and nowhere else.

Presently i’m working on a fat appreciation/fat gain story involving a school of magic, which looks to be a novel. Given trouble i have working under pressure plus the fatosphere being littered with hundreds of carcasses of started-never-finished stories, it is my policy not to start serial-releasing a story until it is fully completed. No time estimate on when that will be for this current story: it’s a month out at least, and may be longer.

On-deck for release is a recently-completed novel involving unusual mutated bodies, based upon illustrations from 2014 from a DA artist i don’t feel comfortable naming at this time. I am currently struggling to reach the artist and have him read the novel, hoping he’ll like it and approve himself or me publishing it somewhere.

Thanks again for reading, and for writing!

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Wow, that long explaination was unexpected, but very interesting to read! I find myself relating to a lot of what you said. I've also been writing kink fiction since about 2011 and know all too well the pains of releasing your hard work to nothing but silence from the community.

I guess I hope you take heart knowing that there are those out there who appreciate your stories and writing! You work is certainly inspiring me to dive back into the weight gain story I had been writing :)

I'm looking forward to reading your next work! (The unusual mutated bodies premise could alsp be right up my alley).

Have a wonderful evening and if you ever want some help brainstorming ideas or proofreading drafts, feel free to send me a message!


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