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Garnering the notice of a major fine chocolate candy manufacturer who’d offended common decency and her family lands Eden Offen in a sticky sweet situation, drenched in chocolate (in most cases). How will she and her similarly-situated co-worker Shira fare? What does J.S. Bach have to do with things, and what’s this about a molotov cocktail?

Novelette (approximately 17,100 words). Originally written 11-14 September 2021 in celebration of International Chocolate Day (13 September) 2021 & the centennial anniversary of See’s Candies. Posted in its entirety 24 September 2021.

All trademarks and rights thereto belong to See’s Candy Shops, Incorporated. They are presented here on this introductory page and the story pages solely to indicate that they are intellectual property of See’s Candy Shops, Incorporated. Neither the author nor anyone in any way associated with the presentation/display of this story claim any rights whatsoever in any intellectual property of See’s Candy Shops, Incorporated.

This is a work of creative fiction, which may contain references to actual public figures, corporations, and other business entities. Nothing within this fictional story is meant to represent any actual thoughts, behaviors, actions, inactions, nor any other aspect of any real persons, corporations, or other business entities.
© 2021 Sonic-Purity
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Great intro, I savored it like gourmet candy.

And I hope you realize I’m only leaving that simile inaccurate for your sake. If I fix it I’ll render your comment nonsensical…