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Sonic X Rainbow Dash  by Duststormon Sonic X Rainbow Dash :iconduststormon:Duststormon 16 2 Duck Hunt! Woo-Hoo! by TheIransonic Duck Hunt! Woo-Hoo! :icontheiransonic:TheIransonic 26 8 Rarity you fool by T95Master Rarity you fool :icont95master:T95Master 40 58
Cream and Fluttershy's Tootsie Fun
Cream was out in the fields with her pet Chao, Cheese.  She was picking flowers while humming happily to herself, while Cheese just watched her.
“These ought to do for now, don’t you think Cheese?” Cream asked, showing Cheese the big bouquet of flowers she’d just picked.
“Chao!” Cheese replied cheerfully.
“Our pony friends will soon get a big surprise from the flower crowns I’m gonna make them,” said Cream.
She got up and the two of them started to make their way towards home.  But Cream was so excited that she didn’t see a big pointy rock sticking out of the ground where she was walking.  And so she stubbed her toe on the rock and tripped over.  She dropped her bouquet and fell on her face.  Cheese flew down and called out to her.  Cream raised a teary face from off the ground and started to cry.
At that moment, Fluttershy who had been tending to some baby birds in a nest nearby, heard the
:icondreamman001:Dreamman001 8 4
Vinyl Scrath by frostykat13 Vinyl Scrath :iconfrostykat13:frostykat13 140 12
Sonic the Hedgehog vs. My Little Pony - Cast
Sonic the Hedgehog series (Mortal Kombat)
Sonic the Hedgehog as Raiden
Miles “Tails” Prower as Liu Kang
Knuckles the Echidna as Sub-Zero
Amy Rose as Kitana
Shadow the Hedgehog as Scorpion
Blaze the Cat as Sonya Blade
Silver the Hedgehog as Jax Briggs
Metal Sonic as Shang Tsung
Captain Whisker as Baraka
Jet the Hawk as Kano
Dr. Eggman as Shao Kahn
Mephiles the Dark as Quan Chi
Dark Gaia as Shinnok (mentioned)
Light Gaia as the Elder Gods
The Babylon Rogues as Kabal (mentioned)
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (DC Universe)
Twilight Sparkle as Superman
Applejack as Batman
Rainbow Dash as The Flash
Rarity as Wonder Woman
Fluttershy as Captain Marvel
Pinkie Pie as Green Lantern
King Sombra as Deathstroke
Queen Chrysalis as Lex Luthor
Trixie as Catwoman
Gilda as The Joker
Discord as Darkseid
Mr. and Mrs. Cake as the Guardians of the Universe
Princess Celestia and Princess Luna as Shazam
Lightning Dust as Martian Manhunter (referenced)
:iconbvge:bvge 1 2
Don't Enable Cannabalism! by Tepheris Don't Enable Cannabalism! :icontepheris:Tepheris 56 15 Dissidia MLP Heroes by DLowell Dissidia MLP Heroes :icondlowell:DLowell 307 31 Adventure To Another World Comic Teaser pic thing2 by Spitfire-SOS Adventure To Another World Comic Teaser pic thing2 :iconspitfire-sos:Spitfire-SOS 27 68 Ready For Battle! by Spitfire-SOS Ready For Battle! :iconspitfire-sos:Spitfire-SOS 45 1,685 Mephiles Pony by TaraneeTheLight Mephiles Pony :icontaraneethelight:TaraneeTheLight 8 1 Super Twilight Sparkle - Ultimate Magic by GeoNine Super Twilight Sparkle - Ultimate Magic :icongeonine:GeoNine 266 80 Super Rainbow Dash - Flame of Loyalty by GeoNine Super Rainbow Dash - Flame of Loyalty :icongeonine:GeoNine 811 197 Super Fluttershy - Wings of Kindness by GeoNine Super Fluttershy - Wings of Kindness :icongeonine:GeoNine 243 55 Shadow trashes Garble by HedgehogNinja94 Shadow trashes Garble :iconhedgehogninja94:HedgehogNinja94 33 19


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