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.:Goodbye:. by DanSyron .:Goodbye:. :icondansyron:DanSyron 2,353 332 Shadow of a Doubt by Toughset Shadow of a Doubt :icontoughset:Toughset 3,102 524 Sonic Zombie thing by Drawloverlala Sonic Zombie thing :icondrawloverlala:Drawloverlala 1,421 216 Shadow on Ark by icha-icha Shadow on Ark :iconicha-icha:icha-icha 2,153 365 Shadow and the light of the night by MissNeens Shadow and the light of the night :iconmissneens:MissNeens 337 76 Painting Eggs by Sound-Resonance Painting Eggs :iconsound-resonance:Sound-Resonance 67 5 Buff Knux by Sound-Resonance Buff Knux :iconsound-resonance:Sound-Resonance 80 6 Sonic Generations by Sound-Resonance Sonic Generations :iconsound-resonance:Sound-Resonance 200 12 Fang The Sniper Colored by funkyjeremi Fang The Sniper Colored :iconfunkyjeremi:funkyjeremi 85 71 Collab: Sonic Run oO by CIS-Trigger Collab: Sonic Run oO :iconcis-trigger:CIS-Trigger 91 5 Eggman 20TH anniversary by funkyjeremi Eggman 20TH anniversary :iconfunkyjeremi:funkyjeremi 121 65 Sonic being single stamp by YuiHarunaShinozaki Sonic being single stamp :iconyuiharunashinozaki:YuiHarunaShinozaki 111 57 Knuckles haz a hat by YuiHarunaShinozaki Knuckles haz a hat :iconyuiharunashinozaki:YuiHarunaShinozaki 39 8 Shadow being single stamp by YuiHarunaShinozaki Shadow being single stamp :iconyuiharunashinozaki:YuiHarunaShinozaki 104 55 Baldy nosehair poster by YuiHarunaShinozaki Baldy nosehair poster :iconyuiharunashinozaki:YuiHarunaShinozaki 76 38 Playing with Fire by Blue-Sonikku Playing with Fire :iconblue-sonikku:Blue-Sonikku 161 103


NO spamming
Every picture you submit must be Sonic related. They can feature official and fan characters.


Can I be a member?
Sure, just press the "Join group" button

Can I become a Contributor?
Contributors are welcome, note us if you're interested.

Can I be a co-founder?
Sorry, No

How do I submit art?
Just press the "Contribute Art" Option and select the art you wish to upload out of your gallery.

If you want to know anything else, just ask.

::Folder Explanation::

:: Sonic the Hedgehog ::
Contribute pictures with Sonic ONLY here. Sonic's super/dark/hyper etc. forms go here too.

:: Shadow the Hedgehog ::
Contribute pictures with Shadow ONLY here.

:: Silver the Hedgehog ::
Contribute pictures with Silver ONLY here.

:: Knuckles the Echidna ::
Contribute pictures with Knuckles ONLY here.

:: Miles "Tails" Prower ::
Contribute pictures with Tails ONLY here.

:: Amy Rose ::
Contribute pictures with Amy ONLY here.

:: Rouge the Bat ::
Contribute pictures with Rouge ONLY here.

:: Blaze the Cat ::
Contribute pictures with Blaze ONLY here.

:: Other Official Characters ::
Contribute pictures of other official Characters here, like Espio or Jet. 1 character only.

:: Fan Character ::
Contribute pictures of your Fan character here. 1 character only.

:: Groups ::
Contribute Group pictures here.

:: Couples ::
Contribute pictures of Couples here.

:: Linearts and Sketches ::
Contribute Linearts and Sketches here. Group pictures allowed.

:: Greyshades ::
Contribute Greyshade pictures here. Group pictures allowed.

:: Comics ::
Contribute comic pages/covers here. Group pictures allowed.

:: Bases ::
Contribute bases here. Group pictures allowed.

:: Chao-Wisp ::
Contribute Chaos/Wisps pictures here. Group pictures allowed.

:: Gijinka ::
Contribute humanized characters here. 1 Character only.

:: 3D ::
Contribute 3D Art here. Group pictures allowed.

:: Animations ::
Contribute Animations here. Groups pictures allowed.

:: Literature ::
Contribute Literature here.

:: Other Stuff ::
Contribute photos, memes and stuff like this here.

:: Collages ::
Contribute Collages here.

:: Sprites ::
Contribute sprite or pixel art here.

Gallery Folders

Nikki's Alter Ego by GamerGalPalJill
You make a valid point... // Art trade by PurpleFoxKinz
SA commission // Uriirhay by PurpleFoxKinz
Sonic Valentines - Knuckles and Rouge by GamerGalPalJill
Sonic The Hedgehog
yeet by smudgedpasta
Inktober 2017 -  Sonic Forces by ShuraMune-Sonic
Training break by CurlyShaker
Mario and Sonic Custom Render #64: Sonic by GameArtist1993
Shadow The Hedgehog
Mario and Sonic Custom Render #9: Shadow by GameArtist1993
Shadow - Super Mario Maker by GameArtist1993
Sonic - Have a Shadow by HappyAggro
Shaz by captainkayla56
Silver The Hedgehog
Time traveling  by Tri-shield
In His World by cassidythehedgehog1
Silver the hedgehog (my style) by sonicgamer87
There's a use after all by PurpleFoxKinz
Knuckles The Echidna
Knuckles 25 Years Later by dwaters220
Guardian of the Master Emerald Bookmark by InkArtWriter
Drawcember Day 7 - The Four Faces of Knux by dwaters220
Knock Knock by G0bing
Miles "Tails" Prower
Not Gonna Fly Today by smudgedpasta
Tails Christmas 2018 by MilesProwerFan1997
donniegirl12's Channel Icon *Commission* by UrsineTimes
Drawcember Day 6 - The Four Faces of Tails by dwaters220
Amy Rose
Zarashii style by Tri-shield
Pearl Necklace Hunt Reference Sheet: Amy Rose by AliceAcorn6003
Nani? by LeaRicchan
Art Collab: Amy Rose by ZeroR102
Rouge the Bat
Rouge's Rockin' Look by KillerTeddyBear94
Queen of Diamonds by HarpieLady1
Fab Bat by LeaRicchan
Collab: Her by TheOneAndOnlyCactus
Blaze the Cat
Chinese Blaze by Tri-shield
Blue Christmas by PurpleComet5
The Calm Storm by LeaRicchan
Lunar Blaze by chibiirose
Other Official Characters
Metal Sonic (Prize) by dwaters220
MxYL Redesign Reference Sheet: Nurse Cream by AliceAcorn6003
Chaos by cassidythehedgehog1
Mario and Sonic Custom Render #5: Omega by GameArtist1993
Fan Characters 1 - FULL
::COMM:: Mars by RedemptionBleeds
Fan Characters 2 - FULL
Goat Adoptable CLOSED by Fyrae
Vector and Bark (Prize) by dwaters220
RP: Krona and Vanyx by Blossom-fur7
LineArts And Sketches
C: Emery and Iris by Blossom-fur7
new design ( gray shade) by sonicgamer87
Sonic Freedom Files: Bitter Truths Page 7 by SkippyP008
{Collan F2U}-Thinking about you by xMaX-ArtSx
Tulip the Chao by Wanda92
ShadAmy Boom! by ctg405
DOWNFALL by The-OtherSpider
[Comm] for X-irus (3/3) by BlazinMyra
Sonic Season Collage (Entry) by dwaters220
A07 by Piesamir
Crossover - Set 3 by ShuraMune-Sonic
Fan Characters 3
Alec by HavntedForest
Elemental Group Projects
Rhythm of the Wind by 1HardDan1


Newest Members


You're welcome to affiliate with us.
No Hate/Hentai groups please.

Finished entries

 Sonic wind by Tri-shield  Wind by PurpleComet5
Elemental Air by EnaraJordan   Icy Winds by Ora-Allagis   Rhythm of the Wind by 1HardDan1

Thank you for joining and I hope you had fun. ^^

Alright it's time for the first group event down here at Sonic-Legacy-Club 

This event's element is air!

I suppose I'll have to explain how all this works so let's do that first off.

This event is about drawing a Sonic character (fan or official) using the element of the month or just being associated with it. 
Say the element of the event is air. You can draw someone using air/wind or being stuck in a really windy area and such. 

Sonic wind by Tri-shieldSomething like this. The element is air so I drew Sonic using "Sonic wind".

As long as the picture fits the theme of the event it's welcome.  All entries will be featured in this journal at the end of the event.

Any questions? Leave them below and Tri-shield or PurpleComet5 will answer as soon as possible.


1. Participants: This is restricted to Sonic-Legacy-Club's members.

2. You must follow the theme. (i.e. if the theme is air you must draw a character doing something involving air)

3. Tracing or stealing is not allowed.

4. Keep it clean. Don't draw anything PG13  

5. Spots: You must comment below before submitting your entry. There is no limit to the entries.

6. Entries: Please submit your entries to the Elemental Group Project otherwise your drawing will not be featured.

7. Traditional artists.

You are allowed to join, however, if you use a camera instead of a scanner please make
sure not to get anything other then the picture it's self. I don't want to see carpet or anything else. 

DEADLINE : September 5th

:icontri-shield:-done :iconpurplecomet5:-done
:iconmightyray: :iconenarajordan: - done! :icon1harddan1:-done :iconora-allagis:-done
More Journal Entries


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Vulkano-Hedgehog Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2018  Student Traditional Artist
Hello! I want to share my art here, but when I wanted to do it, it was declined, why? :(
(3 Replies)
Kishy-Chan Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2018  Student Traditional Artist
Hello everyone! I'm making comissions, take a look at my gallery! 
Let me know if you want a comission! 
Here's my facebook page so you can look for more information!…+fav 
(you can ask here too!)  
RyanTheRainbow Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Want your character to be in a comic as a background character?
Then comment here: SonAdow family background characters: [OPEN!]
Please note: that i do NOT accept SonAdow haters. You will get blocked automatically if otherwise.
RyanTheRainbow Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Apparently for some reason i'm not allowed to submit anything into this group, is it possible to have my contest submitted here for me please? I'd appreciate that!

Journal link: purple-rainbows96.deviantart.c…
(1 Reply)
TheMagyar Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey, I noticed that this was a group that featured sonic related artwork and thought I could ask to join. I would love to contribute my own works to this group for others to potentially enjoy.
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shadythedark Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
saids joining is closed
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NE0-Adopts Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the invite!

btw, i may sketch some sonic characters later on!
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poolvosje Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2017
i got invited to be part of this group :heart:
thank you so much!!
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