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Club's original owner: :icontoasty-coconut:

Welcome to the Sonic Humor Club
This is the Sonic Humor club. If you have no sense of humor then I would suggest leaving now. This club is for those of you out there who enjoy a good laugh at Sonic and friends. Hell, I know that I certianly do!

How do I join the club?
-It's easy as 1-2-3 ...if you can count that high. All you have to do is request to join the group.

How do I submit art to the club?
Also easy. Just Click on "gallery" and click the "contribute to this groups features".
:hmm: Club Rules
1. You MUST join the group. If you ask to be a member and do not watch the club, then you will be ignored.
2. Be humorus, we want funny people in this club, not boring people!
3. PLEASE, most members vote for contest work. If not, then we can't have contests.
4. Pairings ARE allowed, but it must be humorus.
5. DO NOT bash or flame anyone's work. If you do then you will be kicked out of the club. If someone from the club flames your work, contact me at once.
6. Please, if you like a piece of work, comment and fave at the original. It's not fair to the artist if the comment and or fave is posted here.

:gallery: Rules for Submited work

1. Absolutly NO HENTAI it can be implied, but do not show any. Like in our Team Sonic picture
2. All types of works are welcome, from fanfictions, to animations, to just plain art work!
3. Gore is allowed
4. The work MUST be humorus. This is a humor club beileve it or not.
5. Any pairing, including Yaoi and Yuri, are allowed at this club, just keep it funny ^^
6. Bashing of characters and other couples are allowed IN A HUMORUS MANNER there is enough hate in the world and we really don't need anymore of it ^^;
7. Please tell us if your picture contains mature content. We don't want young members looking at it.
8. Your own characters are entirly welcome, but the picture must have at least ONE real Sonic character in it.




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ATTENTION to those who submit Sonic artwork to this club/group. ANY Humorous Sonic picture that has a FC or OC in it MUST include at least 1 OFFICIAL Sonic character in as well. All pics with just FCs or OCs will be rejected by admin vote. This club is for humorous pics of SONIC and Crew. FCs and OCs ARE allowed, but ONLY if an official Sonic character is in the picture WITH them.
More Journal Entries

Sonic Quotes

Welcome to the Sonic Quotes section of the club!

In this section, you are allowed to submit funny or suggestive quotes that were said by Sonic friends.

Now, we have a few rules for this part of the club.

The Rules

1. All quotes must be REAL quotes said by the acctual characters. Or in other words, it must be something that was said in the comics, video games, or Sonic X.

2. The quote must be either funny or suggestive.

3. You must say who said the quote and where you got it from.

Have Fun!


"But what I do know is *long pause* WE ALL DID IT TOGETHER!"
-Tails: Sonic Adventure 2

"I'll play with you some other time!"
-Sonic: Sonic Adventure

-Shara: Sonic and the Secret Rings

"No Knuckles, I'm just staring at my wrist."
-Amy: Sonic X

"Shadow! I know your in a secret training mission huh?"

*bip bip* "Mr. President, your gonna be late for you karaokey session with the president of jappan"

"Uuuh... sorry Shadow, and good luck"
-The President: Shadow the Hedgehog, extreme difficulty mode

"You just wanted to hold my han didn't you? THAT'S why you saved me, you're such a creep"
-Rouge, Sonic Adventure 2

"Maybe you shouldn't go! Your way to HOT-headed for this mission!"
-Amy, Sonic X

"Eggman's got some serious problems. Just look at that statue!"
-Sonic, Sonic Heroes.

"Yeah and tinkering is all he's good at too!"
-Knuckles: Sonic Riders

"Sonic: Hey,where's Chronic?
Tails: Who?
Sonic: I named the fast chao after me, and you can name that one Chails! *turns to Knuckles* And yours can be Chuckles!!
Knuckles: Har-de-har har......"
-Sonic, Tails and Knuckles: Sonic the Hedgehog Comic book series

"Sonic: I'll go in there and find that cannon... and then kick their imperial butts!
And then after Knuckles...
Tails: I'll go in and find the Entrance!"
-Sonic and Tails: Sonic Adventure 2

"Nice Try Rocky."
-Sonic: after defeating Egg-Golem, Sonic Adventure 2

"Omega, do your thing!"
-Rouge: Sonic Heroes

"I don't want a booby prize!"
- Sonic: Sonic X

"Grampa Chuck: Hold on, It just so happens that Im a big baseball fan from way back. A nice friendly game of baseball sounds like a great Idea.
Tails: Huh? But Chuck?
Eggman: Awe, so your Chuck are ya. So nice to finally meet you.
Tails: But you can have your game here. Isnt anyone listening to me.
Bocoe: What is that loud-mouth fox going on about.
Bocue: Who knows."
- Grampa Chuck, Tails, Eggman, Bocoe, Bocue: Sonic X

"Sonic: You're parents should be more...
Sleet *gets outta the pram*: Careful? *points a gun at Sonic*
Sonic: Whoa-hoh, what an ugly baby!"
- Sonic and Sleet: Sonic Underground

"Sonic: You don't wanna show off.
Tails: But you show off.
Sonic: Um, only while I'm doin' good."
-Sonic and Tails: AoSTH

"Dr. Robotnik: Coconuts! I was bamboozled by Sonic and it's all your fault.
Coconuts: What are you talking about? I wasn't even there.
Dr. Robotnik: Shut up! I'm in charge, I can blame whoever I want!"
-Dr. Robotnik and Coconuts: AoSTH

"Tails: We'll watch your kids. Sonic just loves hanging out with the babes.
Sonic: That's babes as in girls, not crying, drooling, hair pulling kids. I don't know the first thing about babies.
Tails: What's there to know? I mean you used to be one right?"
-Sonic and Tails: AoSTH

"One day they love us because we're unique. The next we're in jail because we're different"
-Knuckles: Sonic X

"Kids, don't use formula one race cars to chase hedgehogs."
-Sonic: Sonic X

"Rotor: Uh Oh. I think he may have gone after Robotnik.
Sonic: Nah, that's too stupid a move, even for Antoine."
-Rotor and Sonic: SATAM

"Robotnik is a fool, Sonic he's so cool."
-Catty Karlyl: Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog

"I am a geeeeeenius, I have prooooof."
-Robotnik: Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog

"Oh we dont do rap, we're metal heads. ha haa ha haaaaaa"

-Scratch: Adventures of Sonic the hedgehog

"Tails, it's gonna make my day spoiling Robotnik's day."
-Sonic: Adventures of Sonic the hedgehog

"Help, Ive fallen, and I cant get up."
-Animated talking comic book: Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog

"Vector: Man! We sure made fools out of our selfs...
Charmy: Anyrthing new for you Vector!!!"
-Vector and Charmy: Sonic Heroes

"Bean: That was awesome! How do your glutes feel?
Sonic: Shut up Bean."
-Bean & Sonic: Archie Comic Series

"Im big Chris, and Im big Mike. Together we are otherwise known as DA BEARS."

-Da Bears: AoStH

"Well, you have at least half a brain."
-Sonic: SatAM

"We're on look out, so LOOK OUT!"
-Dalsy: SatAM

"Listen up Robotnik, this little beach ball of yours is going down, hard and fast."
-Sonic: SatAM

"Sonic: Thanks Dalsy.
Dalsy: He needed to chill."
-Sonic & Dalsy: SatAM

"Sonic, where were you when the brains were handed out?"
-Sally SatAM

"Sally: Sonic, do you mind?
Sonic: Not very well. Dogs mind, hedgehogs no."
-Sonic & Sally: SatAM

"Robotnik: Im waiting hedgehog.
Sonic: Hey, that's my line."
-Robotnik & Sonic: SatAM

"Antoine: Qui qui, yes I am how you say half past fool."
-Antoine: SatAM

"Sally: Will you be serious for a minute?
Sonic: 30 seconds is my limit."
-Sonic and Sally: SatAM

"Humpty-dumpty sat on a wall,
Humpty-dumpty had a great fall.
But the people of Mobius just stood there and giggled,
While that rotten egg just laid there and wiggled."
-Animated Talking Comic: AoStH

"Ahhhh! Oops, that's one fast talk trick that just backfired. Sonic 'o boy, you're in trouble."
-Sonic: AoStH

"Robotnick: (Self Narrating) If Dr. Robotnick can sink this final putt, he'll win the mobius tournament of champions and win the grand prize of the dictatorship of the universe!
Scratch & Grounder: DR. ROBOTNICK!
(Robotnick hits his golf ball to hard and it bounces around the room wildly until it bounces off Scratch and Grounders heads and into Robotnick's mouth. He then spits it into the hole)
Grounder: Ooh, nice putt.
Robotnick: Thanks, and now I've got a nice putter for you two!
(Robotnick wraps the putter around Scratch & Grounder's necks)
Robotnick: What's so important that you had to ruin my golf game?"
-Robotnik, Scratch and Grounder: AoStH

"Sonic: La la la, staling for time. La La La, staling for time! La la la!"
-Sonic: AoSth

"*gasp* Oh my stars! And I thought my closet was a mess."
-Bunnie Rabbot: SatAM.

"Sonic: *looking in an Robotnik meuseum*
There's ugly, then there's UGLY, then there's UUUGGGGGEELLLYYYYYYYY!"
-Sonic: Sonic Underground

"Tails: "Oh no! Im a girl!
Sonic: This is as weird as it gets."
-Tails & Sonic: AoStH

"Hmmm...This would taste sooo much better with eggs and hedgehog in it."
-Robotnik: AoStH

"Yeooow! im a walkin disaster."
-Bunnie: SatAM

"Um..uh My name, my name is...Juice."
-Sonic: SatAM

"It's the stress of it all. My nerves are shot I tell ya...shot, shot SHOT!"
-Sonic :SatAM

"Hmm...Something's not right in Topeka, where ever that is."
-Robotnik: SatAM

Robotnik: "Have forgotten that i can turn invisable?"
5 Tails': "Nope, we havent forgotten."
5 Tails' and Robotnik-AoStH

Sonic: "He said he would send us back to the beginning. What Happened at the beginning?"
Tails: "I dunno, the Big Bang?"
Sonic and Tails-AoStH

"Sally: Antoine! Are you alright?
Sonic: Oh, get serious Sal, he's never been alright."
Sonic, Sally: SatAM

"Sally: Sonic, time travel violates all the laws of physics.

Sonic: So does Dulcy's flying, but that doesn't stop her! Heh heh..."
Sonic, Sally: SatAM

"Sonic: Yo, Nicole!
Nicole: Sonic, my main hedgehog. What up.
Sally: I hate when she talks like that."
Sonic, Nicole, Sally: SatAM

"Do I wanna get diced, charred, or crushed? Hmm... This is a toughie..."
-Sonic: Sonic SatAM

"Can I get a round of applause? ... A square of applause?"
-Sonic: Sonic SatAM

"Having a nice vactation, Sonic? I hope you aren't. ... I hope you forget to use SUNSCREEN and BURN!"
- Dr. Eggman: Sonic X

"Sonic even tried to jump to the shore! But he missed. Fifteen times."
- Chris: Sonic X

"Ahhhhhhh! I'm afraid of lightning!"
-Tails: Sonic the Hedgehog movie

"You may have the fastest feet in the world, but now you're just an ordinary hedgehog."
-Metal Robotnik: Sonic the Hedgehog movie

"Sonic, I can save you!"
-Tails: Sonic the Hedgehog movie

"You better leave my Sonic alone or I'll never forgive you."
-Sarah: Sonic the Hedgehog movie

"Mr. Presidnet! Can you here me?!"
-Sonic: Sonic the Hedgehog movie

"There is only one Sonic."
-Metal Sonic: Sonic the Hedgehog movie

"Call 911 lice-heads, it's your only hope."
-Sonia: Sonic Underground

"Sonia: That's it, That's it! Ive had it! I need a facial, a manicure, and most of all, I need a massage!
Manic: Like didnt you just have a brake fluid facial? *Sonic and Manic laugh*"
-Sonia & Manic: Sonic Underground

"Ok Sonic, I'll walk slowly while you bounce around all over the place."
-Sonia: Sonic Underground

"Sonia: How do we know that he wont just pawn them off at some pawn shop?
Manic: You dont."
-Sonia & Manic: Sonic Underground

"Tails: Nah nah, betcha cant get me.
Scratch: Oh yeah, why not?
Tails: Because you're slow, you're ugly, you're stupid.
Scratch: You're right. let's get him anyway."
-Tails and Scratch: AoStH

"Hey hey, be careful with the dress. It wrinkles."
-Manic: Sonic Underground

"Oh great Sonia. You brought us down to the bowels of the city to listen to imaginary music."
-Barnaby: Sonic Underground

"Should I stop that? No of course not. That's definately NOT music."
-MD: AoStH

"Just remember, NO FIGHTING."
-Sonic: (in the chao garden) Sonic Adventure

"Sarah: NO NO NO NO! I cant win this stupid game. You win every time. Ok, one more time.
Robotnik: Oh come Sarah, we've played this game a hundred times already.
Sarah: I'll quit being your hostage.
Robotnik: Ok. Start the game up again."
-Robotnik & Sarah: Sonic the Hedgehog the movie

"Hey Tails, wait up. Now that's something I never thought I would ever hear myself say."
-Sonic: AoStH
"I'm waiting Sonic."
-Tails: AoStH

"Scratch: Tails just built Sonic a functional flying machine.
Grounder: Yeah. It even worked too."
-Scratch & Grounder: AoStH

"Scratch: But how are gonna get Tails to help you?
Grounder: Yeah. Tails maybe a genius, but he's not stupid.
Robotnik; I'll find a way. I'll make him cooperate of his own free will, even if I have to force him ."
-Scratch, Grounder, & Robotnik: AoStH

"Clear the area. This zones too hot for bots."
-Sonic: AoStH

"You've gotta be kidding. Robotnik's not fast. He's as slow as stinky old watermellon."
-Tails: AoStH

"Dont even ask."
-Sonic(after sloshing through a septic tank): AoStH

"Im giving it all she's got captain."
-Tails(imatating "Scottie" from StarTrek): AoStH

"Find the computer room!"
-Vector: shadow the hedgehog game

"Where's that damn FOURTH Chaos Emerald?!"
-Shadow: Shadow the Hedgehog

"Put a sock in it Antoine."
-Bunnie: SatAM

"Just chill Sonic. You're stressin' me."
-Nichole: SaTAM

"You'll always be my hero, Sonic Hedgehog."
-Sally: SaTAM

"You dont give me enough credit, Julian."
-Snively: SaTAM

"Antoine: Qui, Qui. I am having zeh questions. You are looking so beautiful today my princess.
Bunnie: That's not even a question, Antoine."
-Antoine and Bunnie: SaTAM

"Boy this magno-vest sure makes me feel attractive."
-Bunnie: SaTAM

"We have a spy."
-Julian Robotnik: SaTAM

"Sugah, we've been ready for a month of Sundays."
-Bunnie: SaTAM

"Heavens to bunnie. Would ya look at that ugly 'ol thing?"
-Bunnie: SaTAM

"I like the idea of using one of his own bugs to spy on him."
-Uncle Chuck: SaTAM

"Onwards and sideways Dahlcy."
-Antoine: SaTAM

"Uncle Chuck: I see they found his weakness.
Sonic: One of 'em."
-Sonic & Uncle Chuck: SaTAM

"He's stubberner than a 10-legged mule."
-Bunnie: SaTAM

"Rotor: We're already there.
Sonic & Rotor(together) And there's no place to land!"
-Sonic & Rotor: SaTAM

"Sonic: Ya get it yet?
Sonia: Sonic, we just started."
-Sonic & Sonia: Sonic Underground

"Sonia: Aww. What a little angel.
Manic: Whew. Sure doesnt smell like an angel."
-Sonia & Manic: Sonic Underground

"Sonic: He's kinda cute. Kinda reminds me of me....when I was a baby.
Manic: You mean the smelly part?"
-Sonic & Manic: Sonic Underground

"I Am the biggest Villain in town."
-Robotnik: AoStH

"Of course theres a Robotnik Day! I just declared it one minute ago!"
- Robotnik: AoStH

"I am the Mighty, Mighty Robotnik!"
- Robotnik: AoStH

"Tails: Is there a part where the witch throws giant balls of flaming hot chilli at Hansal and Netal?
Sonic: Nope
Tails: Well, somebody ought to tell Robotnik that!
Robotnik: Take that! And that!"
- Sonic, Tails, & Robotnik: AoStH

"Sonic: Okay gang, it's us against just the three of them!
Tails: Sure, no sweat, only one of them's got the magic wand, and the other ones a beatnik as big as a house!
Sonic: And the other is Scratch & Grounder, but they're to stupid to count!"
- Sonic & Tails: AoStH

"Captain Memo: Lt. Take a memo!
Lt. Bananas: NO! You take a memo! Abandon Ship, Women and children first!
Captain Memo: Hey, what about Captains?"
-Captain Memo & Lt. Bananas: AoStH

"Up here! On the Gas Bag, Gas Bag!"
- Sonic: AoStH

"Wes Weasly: Great to be back Palsy, but you didn't have to arrange an escort, a simple message to my fax machine would have worked fine.
Robotnik: I'll Deliver a Simple message to your Throat!"
-Wes Weasly & Robotnik: AoStH

"Robotnik: Is my new Casino Night Zone ready?
Grounder: Umm.... No.
Robotnik: NO! I Spent over a Billion Mobiums on that place! I made it a top priority! How can my new Casino Night Zone, NOT be ready?
Grounder: Because it's locked and I have the key.
Robotnik: Well then go open it you Nincombutt! You Stuppo! You Miserable Mess of Micro Chips!
Grounder: I'm doing better, he didn't call me a hopeless hunk of junk.
Robotnik: And Make it Fast, you Hopeless Hunk of Junk!"
- Grounder & Robotnik: AoStH

"Robotnik: If you bring Lucas back to me, you can name your prize! Anything!
Scratch: You're Egg-O-Matic Hovercraft?
Robotnik: YES!
Scratch: This Fortress?
Robotnik: YES! I said ANYTHING!
Grounder: You mean, like that Wrench Set over there?
Robotnik: "Groans" Even the Wrench Set...
Grounder: See ya!"
-Scratch, Grounder, & Robotnik: AoStH

"Lt. Bananas take a memo, To Lt. Bananas, OUCH! - Painfully yours Captain Memo."
-Captain Memo: AoStH

"...But if somebody tries to touch you in a place that makes you feel uncomfortable, that's NO good."
-Sonic: AoStH(Sonic Sez)

"You're too slow."
-Sonic: Super Smash Bros Brawl

"Sonic's the name and speed's my game."
-Sonic: Super Smash Bros Brawl

"We should do this again sometime."
-Sonic: Super Smash Bros Brawl

"Now I'll show you."
Sonic(when activating his Final Smash): Super Smash Bros Brawl

"Antoine: I think I will croon!
Sonic: I think I will hurl!"
-Sonic & Antoine: SatAM

"Robotnik: Why dont you two sweet adorable children come on inside as lun..uh..I mean for lunch?
Tails: Lunch! Gee what a nice old hag..uh I mean lady."
-Robotnik & Tails: AoStH

"Sonic: He beat me!
Sally: No... YOU beat YOURSELF.
Sonic: Oh yeah! ...Right! ...Cool."
-Sonic and Sally: SaTAM

"Sonic: So what's your name, sport?
Tails: You promise not to tell anyone? ...It's Miles.
Sonic: Miles?
Tails: Yeah. I hate it."
-Sonic & Tails: AoStH

"Tails: I hate to say it, but Eggman even had me out foxed"

"Big: Feels Goooood!"
-Big, Sonic Heroes

"Sleet: Stop thieves! You're stealing our stolen loot!"
-Sleet, Sonic Underground

"Manic: They got her dirty and she didn't remove body parts! Is that OUR Sonia?"
-Manic, Sonic Underground

"Robotnik: snooPINGASusual I see."
-Robotnik, AoStH

Knuckles:"Sonic! I didn't come here to sniff the flowers!"
Sonic:"That's your loss!"
-Knuckles and Sonic: Sonic X, English version.

Knuckles:"Eggman, I thought you said you wanted to spend he rest of your days in peace?"
Sonic:"Seems like he doesn't."
-Knuckles and Sonic: Sonic X, japanese version.

Of course,there's my sig
"that sea is full of water"
-Sonic: Sonic underground.

"Sonic: It'll take more than being blown up like a blueberry muffin to keep me away!"
-Sonic from AoSTH, "Pseudo Sonic"

"Robotnick: anything else?
sonic: yea were you born this ugly or did u have to work at it?"
-Sonic Underground

Sonia: "I think it's an airelemental!"
Sonic: "That'd be my guess. What the HECK is that?!"
Sonia: "It's a creature of the air. If it touches the earth, it'll be destroyed!"
Sonic: "Where do you get this stuff?"
Sonia: "We like to call it 'school'"
Sonic: "Heh, oh yeah, that..."
- Sonia & Sonic (Sonic Underground)

Monk: "Hmmhmm, young Manic, You're dissapointed because the others have wonderful powers, while your's seems small. "
Manic: Yeah, I guess so.
- Manic & a Monk (Sonic Underground)

Sonia: "..And besides, you are my brother." *kisses Sonic*
Sonic: *at Manic* "You're not gonna kiss me, are ya?"
Manic: "No waay! But you are kinda cute."
- Sonic, Manic & Sonia (Sonic Underground)



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