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Affiliate Rules
Prospective affiliates please read

:bulletblue: Must be Sonic related and have a distinct theme
:bulletblue: We will not accept fan character clubs
:bulletblue: No Anti or Hate clubs
:bulletblue: No pairing clubs
:bulletblue: Must have at least 20 members OR 20 watchers
:bulletblue: Must have a 100x50 avatar
:bulletblue: Clubs may be removed for inactivity or due to application of a similar more active club
:bulletblue: We will not accept multiple clubs of the same character or theme (including our theme)
Please Note: Due to the number of applications for affiliation, it is up to our discression to accept or deny even a group that meets these criteria.

Club Rules

Any of the following behavior may result in a ban from the club.

:bulletblue: No flaming or spamming on club account or associated deviations
:bulletblue: No commentary that will offend fans of different Sonic Universes or couplings
:bulletblue: No contacting administrators' private accounts with club related business or inquiries
:bulletblue: You have to be a member of this club to contribute your art to its gallery
:bulletred: Absolutely no single fan characters in this club:
Fan characters are only allowed in this club when the focus is equal to or less than official characters.

:bulletred: No advertising any contests, commissions, private journals on this page without admins permission.

[Detailed Guidelines]




Super Administrator




Featured Artists



MrLuigiFreak101 Jan 5, 2010
I've submitted 3 things, and I had to thank people for the 127 :+fav:'s :la: Thus I've noticed more or less some/huge increase in my exposure :la:

Lavenkitty Jan 6, 2010
I had like 45 activity messages today.. XD
Of all the ones I submitted here lol. |D

chao93 Jan 6, 2010
Yes, it did increase a lot after contributing four of my deviantions here :la: I got like 58 faves + 11 in total :la:

Rayaneker Jan 6, 2010
thanks a lot - at every pic i submitted i got more than 50 favs <3 love you guys

Natizilda Jan 6, 2010
I submited 2 pics and both of them had a lot of recall. The groups sure is helping the artists who are sending their works.

ShadowKKFlame Jan 8, 2010
I just submitted 5 deviations to the club less than half an hour ago, and I've been getting loads of activity messages since... O____________O

VioletChiko Jan 13, 2010
I finally got around to submitting some of my older stuff to find I have 63 new messages 15 minutes later ;; OMG and those were just favs xD;

hellstriker Jan 21, 2010
Well, thank to this group, I felt a huge increase in my exposure! About 150 :+fav: and a lot of nice comments just on the few I've submitted. :thumbsup:

digital-addict Feb 18, 2010
Wow!, My Activity box has exploded since I joined the Sonic-Club Group. Haven't seen this much activity in a while.

goldhedgehog April 9, 2010
Just want to thank the sonic-club for all of their hard work. Though I may not be active much, exposure through the sonic-club has kept my message centre busy =)

ShadnicFusion April 19, 2010
Would like to thank various members who are faving my work, as well as the insanely good artists who are pushing the bar for peeps like me to try and get :)

Syaming-Li May 4, 2010
Every day since joining and submitting to sonic-club seems to bring new Sonic fans to my gallery, making sharing the love all the more easier. Thank you sonic-club~! ^o^

Fire-Sonic May 23,2010
I just joined yesterday and posted three things, and today i found comments, faves and a new watcher! I'm an unseen artist, and becoming a member of sonic-club is a great thing for me. It's also so much fun to be a part of such an awesome sonic community.

ejmasta2 June 5, 2010
This Club is the inspiration which drives me to draw sonic characters for which are loved by many. I probably wouldn't be here drawing as much I do or would be getting any better if not for this club. I have made some good friends, many watchers:+devwatch:, and met great artists out there, because of this club, that have encouraged me keep going on to improve on my work. I owe this club my gratitude, for it is the first club to accept me, and for that I thank the owners of the club and the club its self for letting submit as much as I did.:peace:

RaianOnzika 2/25/2011
Each time I submit a pic in this club, I receive ton of comments and faves x3 !
Thank you so much :iconsonic-club: !!!

halomademeapc 3/3/2011
the first time I put a flash in the gallery, my daily pageviews literally quadrupled, and I started getting a lot of faves and more feedback.
thanks, :iconsonic-club:

3RockA 7/13/2012
Every time that I submit my arts to this group,after maybe 26mins I get 34feedbacks and more! :dummy:
I just wanted to thank you all for the favorites and also thank sonicolas for making this amazing group !:la: Thank You!


Sonic-Club's Discord


:iconsonic-club: IS active.

We are working on updating it visually so be patient, changes are coming soon.
Thanks for your support everyone!

Club events

Upcoming events:

1st - 24th June - Sonic Riders event
[Organiser: KaiThePhaux] F2U Discord | Social Media Icon by MiaChan14

July TBA - Cosplay event
[Organisers: Sonicbandicoot & Shadow-Boom]

August TBA - Summer/Pool Party event
[Organisers: FenriRez + extra senior moderator/moderators]

Past events:

29th - 31th May - Sonic Heroes 2 Collab
[Organisers: FenriRez & KaiThePhaux + moderators] :dalogo:

24th - 4th March - Eggplosive Collab
[Organisers: FenriRez and 7marichan7] F2U Discord | Social Media Icon by MiaChan14

8th - 24th December - Secret Santa 2017
[Organiser: KaiThePhaux] F2U Discord | Social Media Icon by MiaChan14

F2U Discord | Social Media Icon by MiaChan14 discord only
:dalogo: deviantART and discord

Way Past Cool Wallpaper

Want a really epic Sonic wallpaper for your computer’s desktop? Well now you can! We've now set up this widget allowing you to download wallpapers. Once in a while, the admin team will find wallpapers that we would love to showcase and expose to the club for our members to download. Or, if you find or create really neat wallpaper and want to share it with us, feel free to drop us a note!

:iconthewax: Project 20: Sonic Wallpaper 1 by TheWax
:iconthewax: Project 20: Sonic Wallpaper 2 by TheWax
:iconsegamew: .:Wallpaper:. HOPE by SEGAMew

Gallery Folders

Sonic Crossover Event 2018! by Sonicbandicoot
HUGE! Sonic Riders Event Collab by KaiThePhaux
The Toughest Of All by FenriRez
Network Terminal Strike by sonicolas
EVENT - Sonic Seaside Shore - OPEN
EVENT - Sonic Crossover Collab - OPEN
Sonic Crossover Event 2018! by Sonicbandicoot
Philosopher's stone by SmilesFPS
~EVENT~ Whisper the wolf as rukia lost agent ver by harmonie91
EVENT COLLAB | Tangle the... Ink- Lemur? by ZakkuSonikku
Sonic the Hedgehog
*~ Smol Sonic ~* by Pompom-Pomelo
A Nearly Lineless Hedgehog by modernsonic1223
the coolest boi by Stardust-Dreamii
Blue Blur by Arcticwolf39905
Group Pictures And Other Main Characters
Commission No. 1: With the Power of Universe by Teriko-Bubbles
silver hair, silver braids by tekina-fiction
.:You're my destiny:. by MindiShadikku
our little stargirl by tekina-fiction
Comic, Manga, and Doujin
Infidget Comic - OH NO!!! HE'S HOT!!! by Star-Shiner
Short Comic - Asking by ctg405
p.37 (tokyo, mobius and mystic ruins 15 yrs later) by AliceAcorn6003
Sonic Heroes 2 - Sonic - page 69 by Missplayer30
Sketches and Linearts
Rouge. by Ninnhydrin
Sketches by Arcticwolf39905
Sonic Female Ocelot Adoptable by Official-Stargazer
SA.Week Day 2: Medevil. by Ninnhydrin
Flash and Animations
Mephiles Attack (GIF) by Ora-Allagis
GIF High 5 - Sonic Mania Plus by Lallelol
Ice Cream by ArcticHibiscus
Joy of My Life by XxAibyokaxX
Cosplay and Artisan Goods
Handmade Shadow the Hedgehog hat for sale by no1shadow
Sonic Rush custom box by Dorito-Queen-Celeste
Mephiles The Dark - figure by Nira-The-Dark
Viicky Cosplay by AgitoArt

Mature Content

IDW Sonic Comic
Eyes shut by Missplayer30
Archive - Sonic the Hedgehog 2
Sonic REF sheet by Crystal-Ribbon
Contest - Past Contests
Christmas Tree Project Final by sonic-club
Archive - Sonic the Hedgehog
Sonic doodle by sapphii
Archive - Group Pictures
Glad to have You :D by sapphii
Archive - Group Pictures II
Cosmo and Eva. by Cheroy
Archive - Comic, Manga and Doujin
Knuckles amazing Summer XD by ChiptheHedgehog
Different colour variations
Thank you by xXHoody-BobXx
EVENT - Sonic Riders - CLOSED
HUGE! Sonic Riders Event Collab by KaiThePhaux
EVENT - Sonic Heroes 2 - CLOSED
team metallic madness by thepolandstig

Weekly Stats

1 accepted
12 accepted
119 accepted, 1 denied
nothing happening
2 accepted

Newest Members


Sonic Crossover Collab is officially over!
See the final group picture below:

Sonic Crossover Event 2018! by Sonicbandicoot

Massive thanks to :iconsonicbandicoot: for hosting this event and :iconshadow-boom: & :iconboom-metal-sonic: for their support!
This event was only reserved for our discord members so everyone who decided to join last minute
and still submitted their entry after the deadline will be mentioned below but not in the group picture.

Artwork Thumbs:

Legend of Scourge: Breath of the Wild by toxicZodiac Thunderbolt as by Bored-Tigecko blaze the cat as ashoka tano (star wars:rebels) by thepolandstig Sonic as Jotaro Kujo by LaryRose14 [Crossover] Pronghorn Sisters by Cloudedsong .: CROSSOVER : Blaze Mustang :. by ZKCats One Punch Might by AussieHobbyYeah Dr. Black Doom by SpeendlexMK2 Segamy by SpeendlexMK2 Fujiwara no Blaze by SpeendlexMK2 Crossover collab: Infinite as Sho Minamimoto by tabiki999 Misery Inking Business by TrickyTheSylveon Pokemon Gym Leader Silver! by TrickyTheSylveon Intinite as Alucard from Hellsing by Shaylo-Artistry [EVENT] Going Back in Time to Make a Good Future! by Sonicbandicoot [EVENT] The Crime 'Fighting' Duo by Sonicbandicoot EVENT | Amy Uraraka by ZakkuSonikku [Crossover] Miraculous Future by Cloudedsong EVENT COLLAB | Tangle the... Ink- Lemur? by ZakkuSonikku ~EVENT~ Whisper the wolf as rukia lost agent ver by harmonie91 Philosopher's stone by SmilesFPS

Reminder: If you want your work to appear in this journal you need to contribute your drawing to our gallery.
I will keep the folder open for the next 48 hours.



If you don't see your name here, let me know.

For more events like this visit our discord server here sonic-club's discord.

Current event:

August 11th - September 1st - Sonic Seaside Shore Event - [Organisers: FenriRez + Decision-To-Protect + DreamfulBlue] :dalogo: & F2U Discord | Social Media Icon by MiaChan14
See previous journal for details here…

The Sonic Crossover event is ending this Sunday. Expect all the submissions and the final picture soon.
I am happy to announce a new event which we will run on our discord server and here, on devinatART for those who are willing to enter.
For discord rules and submissions please visit our server sonic-club.

Sonic Seaside Shore


You are asked to draw your favourite character/s with a beach item in one of the following themes:

1.    CASUAL
(your character/s may catch the sun on the beach, fly a kite, build sand castles, walk by the sea or interact with other character);

2.    ACTIVITY – Land only
(Sport and Profession examples: make your character play volleyball or other beach sport; your character may also play a role of an ice cream salesman or even a lifeguard);

3.    WATERSPORT – On the water and underwater only
(swimming, scuba diving, surfing, waterskiing, and even more);

4.    ISLAND DESIGN – A bonus theme to boost your creativity a bit more!
Create a personalized island for your character/s in which they will perform any sort of activities. We would like to encourage you to join other artists for this theme and together collaborate on it splitting roles between yourselves. Surround your character with beach stuff, enhance the scenery by some palm trees, sea animals!

You will be submitting your own pieces with or without a background which can be as simple or as complex as you like. Please make sure that the theme is kept and either the beach or sea can be seen in the picture. You are free to use screenshots from the games (Seaside Hill, and so on).

Read the rules and the requirements below.


Host of the event: :iconfenrirez: | Event Coordinators: :icondecision-to-protect: & :icondreamfulblue:

Please do not contact us directly regarding this event. If you have any questions leave them here and one of us will get back to you as soon as possible. Those rules do not apply on our discord server, and you can still message us privately there.


The event starts on August 11th and will end on September 1st.
No extensions expected as we are preparing another event straight after.


•    Maximum of 3 submissions per person.
•    You can draw unlimited amount of official sonic characters from video games and your fan characters.
•    Attire and/or any objects related to the beach themes are essential. Try to make your characters interact with the items, scenery or additional characters of your choice.
•    If you choose to draw a background it can be as simple as brush strokes or more complex than that. You are free to use screenshots from Sonic video games if you like.
•    Do not pick the same theme more than once. There are enough themes to choose from.
•    You can work alone, in pairs or groups on your submissions.
•    Every technique is acceptable. Make it traditional, digital or even in 3D.
•    No mature content. Romantic scenes are fine. No sexual, graphic, gory NSFW content please.
•    Incomplete submissions will not be accepted. If you decide to do multiple submissions you are responsible for their completion.
•    Please use the Comments section below for any questions you may have.


Please submit your final pictures to our SUBMISSIONS FOLDER. Once the event is over your submissions will be featured on sonic-club's main page (journal entry).

We look forward to seeing cool concepts from you guys! Admins are joining it as well, so we should have a lot of fun together.


Current event:

August 11th - September 1st - Sonic Seaside Shore Event - [Organisers: FenriRez + Decision-To-Protect + DreamfulBlue] :dalogo: & F2U Discord | Social Media Icon by MiaChan14

Extended event:

July 16th - August 12th - Sonic Crossover Collab - [Organisers: Sonicbandicoot & Shadow-Boom + Boom-Metal-Sonic] F2U Discord | Social Media Icon by MiaChan14 only

Upcoming event:

Traditional Event or Chao Event [TBA]
More Journal Entries


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SmilesFPS Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I tried to find the crossover journal but failed. I saw that it has ended recently, but I was wondering if I could add one in the folder? Just submited one that might fit in.
If not, it's totally okay! :aww:
(1 Reply)
sonicgamer87 Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
i only noticed now ora allagis is from this group
LoopyTheHedgehog Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2018  New Deviant
I ask for forgiveness.
MrXRickyX Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
is this ok for the grup?
whisper the wolf (xsuperix  style) by MrXRickyX
(1 Reply)
ShanahaT Featured By Owner Edited Jul 20, 2018
when and how can I submit my own literature analysis. 
(1 Reply)
Bored-Tigecko Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thunderbolt Rider! by Bored-Tigecko
Can a mod move this to the sonic riders folder?
(1 Reply)
I have a question. I have a Draw My OC art contest going on, and I was wondering if I'd be allowed to submit that journal here?
(1 Reply)
Bored-Tigecko Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'd like to warn everyone here of a sonic discord server that has been stealing art and recoloring it. The server is called "Jaizkoys Server" 
I am a mod in the server and I am trying to stop the theft but even my higher ups steal and tell me off for pointing it out. Note me if you want to join the server due to any concern for your art.
(1 Reply)
lightbluespirit Featured By Owner May 31, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Excuse me but why did you decline my Sonic and Tangle drawing?
HyperCharmy Featured By Owner May 7, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Light by HyperCharmy  
Missplayer30 Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2018  Hobbyist
Well, it seems that you now only accepts quality fanarts from me.
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