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Club Rules

Any of the following behavior may result in a ban from the club.

:bulletblue: No flaming or spamming on club account or associated deviations
:bulletblue: No commentary that will offend fans of different Sonic Universes or couplings
:bulletblue: No contacting administrators' private accounts with club related business or inquiries
:bulletblue: You have to be a member of this club to contribute your art to its gallery
:bulletred: Absolutely no single fan characters in this club:
Fan characters are only allowed in this club when the focus is equal to or less than official characters.

:bulletred: No advertising any contests, commissions, private journals on this page without admins permission.

[Detailed Guidelines]


Affiliate Rules
Prospective affiliates please read

:bulletblue: Must be Sonic related and have a distinct theme
:bulletblue: We will not accept fan character clubs
:bulletblue: No Anti or Hate clubs
:bulletblue: No pairing clubs
:bulletblue: Must have at least 20 members OR 20 watchers
:bulletblue: Must have a 100x50 avatar
:bulletblue: Clubs may be removed for inactivity or due to application of a similar more active club
:bulletblue: We will not accept multiple clubs of the same character or theme (including our theme)
Please Note: Due to the number of applications for affiliation, it is up to our discression to accept or deny even a group that meets these criteria.




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Featured Artists



MrLuigiFreak101 Jan 5, 2010
I've submitted 3 things, and I had to thank people for the 127 :+fav:'s :la: Thus I've noticed more or less some/huge increase in my exposure :la:

Lavenkitty Jan 6, 2010
I had like 45 activity messages today.. XD
Of all the ones I submitted here lol. |D

chao93 Jan 6, 2010
Yes, it did increase a lot after contributing four of my deviantions here :la: I got like 58 faves + 11 in total :la:

Rayaneker Jan 6, 2010
thanks a lot - at every pic i submitted i got more than 50 favs <3 love you guys

Natizilda Jan 6, 2010
I submited 2 pics and both of them had a lot of recall. The groups sure is helping the artists who are sending their works.

ShadowKKFlame Jan 8, 2010
I just submitted 5 deviations to the club less than half an hour ago, and I've been getting loads of activity messages since... O____________O

VioletChiko Jan 13, 2010
I finally got around to submitting some of my older stuff to find I have 63 new messages 15 minutes later ;; OMG and those were just favs xD;

hellstriker Jan 21, 2010
Well, thank to this group, I felt a huge increase in my exposure! About 150 :+fav: and a lot of nice comments just on the few I've submitted. :thumbsup:

digital-addict Feb 18, 2010
Wow!, My Activity box has exploded since I joined the Sonic-Club Group. Haven't seen this much activity in a while.

goldhedgehog April 9, 2010
Just want to thank the sonic-club for all of their hard work. Though I may not be active much, exposure through the sonic-club has kept my message centre busy =)

ShadnicFusion April 19, 2010
Would like to thank various members who are faving my work, as well as the insanely good artists who are pushing the bar for peeps like me to try and get :)

Syaming-Li May 4, 2010
Every day since joining and submitting to sonic-club seems to bring new Sonic fans to my gallery, making sharing the love all the more easier. Thank you sonic-club~! ^o^

Fire-Sonic May 23,2010
I just joined yesterday and posted three things, and today i found comments, faves and a new watcher! I'm an unseen artist, and becoming a member of sonic-club is a great thing for me. It's also so much fun to be a part of such an awesome sonic community.

ejmasta2 June 5, 2010
This Club is the inspiration which drives me to draw sonic characters for which are loved by many. I probably wouldn't be here drawing as much I do or would be getting any better if not for this club. I have made some good friends, many watchers:+devwatch:, and met great artists out there, because of this club, that have encouraged me keep going on to improve on my work. I owe this club my gratitude, for it is the first club to accept me, and for that I thank the owners of the club and the club its self for letting submit as much as I did.:peace:

RaianOnzika 2/25/2011
Each time I submit a pic in this club, I receive ton of comments and faves x3 !
Thank you so much :iconsonic-club: !!!

halomademeapc 3/3/2011
the first time I put a flash in the gallery, my daily pageviews literally quadrupled, and I started getting a lot of faves and more feedback.
thanks, :iconsonic-club:

3RockA 7/13/2012
Every time that I submit my arts to this group,after maybe 26mins I get 34feedbacks and more! :dummy:
I just wanted to thank you all for the favorites and also thank sonicolas for making this amazing group !:la: Thank You!

Monthly Events

SONIC-CLUB 's Discord


:bulletred: Current events: :bulletred:

4th Oct - 30th October - Halloween event F2U Discord | Social Media Icon by MiaChan14:dalogo:

:bulletorange: Upcoming events: :bulletorange:

1st Nov - 30th November - Winter event F2U Discord | Social Media Icon by MiaChan14:dalogo:

3rd December - Sonic-Club server's 1st ANNIVERSARY!

1st Dec- 31st December - Secret Santa F2U Discord | Social Media Icon by MiaChan14

2nd Jan - 15th January 2019 - Sonic RPG event

Way Past Cool Wallpaper

Want a really epic Sonic wallpaper for your computer’s desktop? Well now you can! Once in a while, the admin team will find wallpapers that we would love to showcase and expose to the club for our members to download.

:iconthewax: Project 20: Sonic Wallpaper 1 by TheWax
:iconthewax: Project 20: Sonic Wallpaper 2 by TheWax
:iconsegamew: .:Wallpaper:. HOPE by SEGAMew

Gallery Folders

Alternate Forms Finished Collab by Decision-To-Protect
HUGE!  Chao Event Collab! by KaiThePhaux
Sonic Crossover Event 2018! by Sonicbandicoot
HUGE! Sonic Riders Event Collab by KaiThePhaux
Sonic the Hedgehog
Sonic Vampire by Mangakido
Sonictober | #05 | 'Infinite' by keh-arts
Run, Sonic, Run! by katamariluv
Hedgehog in the Sky by sonamytwist
Group Pictures And Other Main Characters
sonic green aqua cover page by biekgirl100
Mighty n' Ray by VideoGrewal
Sticks the Badger is now Available! by Rotalice2
Blaze-2018 by emelaldlover
Sonic-Club Events
Alternate Forms Finished Collab by Decision-To-Protect
HUGE!  Chao Event Collab! by KaiThePhaux
Sonic Crossover Event 2018! by Sonicbandicoot
HUGE! Sonic Riders Event Collab by KaiThePhaux
Comic, Manga, and Doujin
Shock and Awe - Issue 1: Page 90 by COUNTERR3VOLUTION
It's a Movie Reference by izzenn
Sonic New Adventure - 03 by AgitoArt
Shock and Awe - Issue 1: Page 89 by COUNTERR3VOLUTION
Sketches and Linearts
Inktober 16 by KaiThePhaux
Inktober 15 by KaiThePhaux
Inktober 13 by KaiThePhaux
Inktober 12 by KaiThePhaux
Flash and Animations
sonic and metal sonic by VoltageArtz
Sonic Mania Animation 15 - The Gang Eating by DOA687
Shadouge Animation Test GIFT by Lunatic-Stars-10
[FAKE ANIME] Kaze Being Rescued... by LiyuConberma
Cosplay and Artisan Goods
Hey want some icecream? by QuantumMirage
Dr Robotnik tsum tsum by KurlyWurls
Infinite the Jackal figure by Shaylo-Artistry
Handmade Shadow the Hedgehog hat for sale by no1shadow

Mature Content

Smiling Shadow part 2... by UrhangrZerg
Substory - Fake Screenshot by ArcticHibiscus
IDW Sonic Comic
Whisper in wonderland by Orichalques
Different colour variations
Fire Sonic drawing by LightningBlast114

Weekly Stats

nothing happening
6 accepted
60 accepted, 12 denied
nothing happening
nothing happening
nothing happening

Newest Members


Thank you for joining our Alternate event!

The event was hosted by :icondecision-to-protect:
with the help of our event-coordinators

:iconshadow-boom: :iconcloudedsong: :iconzakkusonikku:.

:icondecision-to-protect::These were the participants of the alternate forms event.
Thank you all that participated and made this event a blast!

:pointr: Alternate Forms Finished Collab by Decision-To-Protect:pointl:



Let me know if your name doesn't appear here.
When submitting your entry for any event you also need to include the link to your account (whenever it's dA/twitter/tumblr or else).
Your entry should also appear in this folder.


:bulletred:KaiThePhaux & sonicbandicoot are currently hosting the Halloween event
with some support of MTQLS, FenriRez, Sonicolas and CarriePika on our discord.:bulletred:

:pointr: JOIN HERE. :pointl:

For the full list of the upcoming events check our Monthly Events widget on sonic-club's main page.

More Journal Entries


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The-Criminal-Rose Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2018  New Deviant Professional Digital Artist
Thank you so much for requesting my Shadow and Infinite picture. 
(1 Reply)
sonicgamer87 Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
hey when the next event will happen??
(2 Replies)
VenetiaBastian Featured By Owner Edited Sep 2, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I got a question.. Sweating a little... I got a digital piece of Sonic.exe but I'm worried it might have to much blood.. IK I've the rules too. I just don't want another Art Piece taken down again.. Sweating a little... 
Please review and let me know..  
link:Sonic.exe_Abused Tails
(2 Replies)
(1 Reply)
SmilesFPS Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I tried to find the crossover journal but failed. I saw that it has ended recently, but I was wondering if I could add one in the folder? Just submited one that might fit in.
If not, it's totally okay! :aww:
(1 Reply)
LoopyTheHedgehog Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2018
I ask for forgiveness.
MrXRickyX Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
is this ok for the grup?
whisper the wolf (xsuperix  style) by MrXRickyX
(1 Reply)
ShanahaT Featured By Owner Edited Jul 20, 2018
when and how can I submit my own literature analysis. 
(1 Reply)
Bored-Tigecko Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thunderbolt Rider! by Bored-Tigecko
Can a mod move this to the sonic riders folder?
(1 Reply)
I have a question. I have a Draw My OC art contest going on, and I was wondering if I'd be allowed to submit that journal here?
(1 Reply)
Bored-Tigecko Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'd like to warn everyone here of a sonic discord server that has been stealing art and recoloring it. The server is called "Jaizkoys Server" 
I am a mod in the server and I am trying to stop the theft but even my higher ups steal and tell me off for pointing it out. Note me if you want to join the server due to any concern for your art.
(1 Reply)
lightbluespirit Featured By Owner May 31, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Excuse me but why did you decline my Sonic and Tangle drawing?
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