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Paper Timberwolf

And Done! (I'm sure there is one really minor detail I forgot)
For :iconmpp64:
They make the perfect replacement for Dy-Bones :D
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It's rare to see something scary nowadays. And especially in this style! Bravo!
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thischaos this is so amazing omg I amfjioduiwnjifcnjis this is so beautiful I'm crying on the inside holy frick you just omg this is just holy crap I don't even....
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That's awesome!
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Favorite creature from the Everfree Forest! Great job!
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They are cool, aren't they XD
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This is perfect... I was planning on using these buggers for Dry-Bones, might have to narrow them up a bit for ratio purposes. But they look excellent. I'd love to get a .svg of it to start plugging him in.
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I just uploaded the svg.
I was thinking the same thing, they are the perfect Dry-bones replacement :D
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That's what I am talking about, efficiency. Also what I am talking about, doing what I say. Though it does occur to me now that the Dry Bones do not appear until the very end of the game... Oh well when we get to them, they will be a perfect fit.
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Oh wow this is killer xD
This is very detailed and still sticks to the style. If you could also provide an .svg or pdf of this that would really help us make the move-set for this piece.
Thanks man ^^
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Thanks. Just uploaded the SVG file. :D
I was waiting until I was completely happy with the design.
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Oh right on, it looks great to me, but you tweak all you want.
Btw, what monster would this replace? Or what province would it be located in?
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FinePrint had the same idea as me.
Dry Bones.
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this is the first non-pony in my "ponies" folder.
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nice one man. this one I've been meaning to do for awhile but you rocked it.
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