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    As the following day began, Ivy found it passing by quickly. Her feelings were shifting all throughout the day; would she enjoy the dance, or will she hate it? She felt something deep inside of her, as if something important was about to happen that night, but she could not put a claw on what the feeling meant.
    The feelings of anxiousness built into Ivy to the point of her taking a walk around Torrida, the city which she and her family lived in. She passed through the gate of her family's chateau, overlooking the fields of chorus trees and gahlvines. She felt reassured after looking around, and began to walk towards the exit gate to get to the center of the city until she heard a familiar voice hurrying up behind her. "Miss Ivy, miss! Good afternoon to you, my lady! How is this exciting day going for you, dear?" Said the voice. Ivy smiled and turned around. It was Tebi, one of the field workers. She was a strong, middle aged lady with frizzy and graying blue hair. She had lots of scrapes, bruises, and wrinkles from working long hours, and she had a habit of squinting as she spoke because she was far-sighted. "Oh, hello, good afternoon to you to. I'm doing okay, I just figured I should go on a walk in town before tonight." said Ivy. "Dear, goodness! You're finally of age to go to the gathering, am I right or not darling. Such a recalling to the past, Miss Ivy. I still remember when you were just a little child- of around two or four or such like that- and oh gosh, Miss!" Tebi's eyes were widening of her excitement as she spoke, "Your mother would run after you, calling out, and I would stop working to watch you getting chased around this very garden by your dearest mother! Aha! Such days, my lady, such days they were!" 
    Ivy began to blush. "Well... I certainly do remem-" "Sure you do, miss! That was no as long ago as it may feel!" Tebi was laughing at this point, and Ivy's face was glowing purple from embarrassment. Tebi looked up at Ivy, squinting, and realized that she was making Ivy feel uncomfortable. "My lady, I am sorry. Did I say something?" "N-no, but anyways, it was very nice talking to you. I have to go and get something for me to eat. I hear there is a new bakery at the corner of town making a type of pie that is usually only made and sold in the Witherlands. I wonder what they would taste like..." said Ivy, making up something to escape any further conversation with Tebi. "Dear, dear! Ivy, you and your odd taste buds! Why can't you ever learn to eat normally like the rest of Torrida? Always eating things from other lands- and if not that, it's only fruits for you! Have some human, or llama sometime. It's delicious!" Tebi always criticized Ivy on her picky appetite. 
    Ivy looked around nervously, trying to hide her stress, and spoke once more. She had made another conversation by accident, and she didn't want to start another one any time soon. "Tebi, I have to run. Besides, if I don't get there soon, they might run out of pie!" Another lie just to escape. "Ah, alright, Miss Ivy. I hope to see you soon, dear!" 
    Ivy waved a stiff goodbye and took off in a quick walk towards the exit gate. As she neared the city, the sweet smell of the garden faded, and the smells of the town amplified; the odor of the herds of llamas near the wool shop, the smell of burning metal at the blacksmith station, and sweet smells of the bakeries making new breads and boiling up some sweet Dxyel Syrup. She could her children screaming and laughing as they ran around playing, and saw adults sitting outside of the library, drinking some Cxaxe and discussing the latest news about the action in Stygian.
    Stygian was a much larger, and more of an impelling city than Torrida. She had never actually visited the city, but she heard a lot about it from her father, sister, and friends. Torrida was very neighborly and peaceful. Everyone knew each other, so Ivy considered it a safe place to be.
    She looked around her as she walked. She passed by the toy store she used to run into every time she went to town as a child. She came across the park she used to play in with her friends after primary school ended until her nanny showed up to take her and her sister home. Ivy smiled in a bitter sweet way, remembering her childhood days. She kept on walking, until she reached her destination: a large chorus tree at the far end of Torrida.
    When she was young, she and Evelyn would come to that tree on slow days; with Evelyn baring a book in her hand. They would sit under the cool shade and rest. Ivy would lean against Evelyn as she read out of the book she had brought along with her. Those were beautiful days for Ivy. She sat under the tree and closed her eyes.
    "Might as well I take a short nap before tonight, I will greatly need it to gather enough energy." she told herself, yawning. 
    Ivy was correct. That night was going to be intense for Ivy in many ways...

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