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Just in case you've never noticed this information at the bottom of all my journal entries, here is a handy list of how to find out more about me and what I do!
PLEASE NOTE I'm not on dA all the time.
I ♥ your +fav // +watch, I reciprocate when I can!
If you need me urgently please email me []

My official website is if you want to discuss business/portfolios/CV/resumé/bibliography.

You are also very welcome to follow me on...
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Tumblr - I often post much more sketches, work in progress pictures and chat a bit more about life and my thoughts in general! Hope you find this useful (^w^)

I will still post to deviantArt whenever I make something more polished, as I don't usually have time to upload all of my sketches... unless people really want me to? But be warned, there will be stuff several times a week and it may be rough/quick work. Let me know if you do, anyway.

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Oh hi there! :) 

Thanks for the info. Duly noted. I've tried Twitter and Tumblr in the past and 
had no idea what to do with those account, but maybe one day, I'll give them 
another go when I have a little more time. If I do, I'd be happy to follow you there. ^^
See you around. :) (Smile) 
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Thank you! I will try to make more of an effort whenever I have time to upload here, I just don't necessarily want to waste people's time by showing too many sketches, it's not quite the same as an instagram account
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Your very welcome. :) 
It's cool. I always enjoy all of your art works. 
Sketches are just as interesting to look at because 
the line works make the characters seem animated somehow. :)