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Wanna Bet? Rua and Silas from A Brush With Magic

'A Brush With Magic' is the first book from my illustrated fantasy light novel series 'The Chronicles of Ciel', about the adventures of Rua, a warrior of the fox-like Vulpine race, and Silas, an Elven student mage.

The book is written mostly from third person over the shoulder of one of the two, but the interlude between the two main story arcs is narrated in first person from the point of view of a side character. As such, there are lots of event that take place off camera. So this is an illustration which features in the accompanying full colour artbook to the novel, 'The Colours Of Magic'.

In a café near their hotel, Silas accepts a bet from Rua that results in him having to dress up in an unlikely costume to infiltrate a masquerade ball. She asks him to walk to the hotel without tripping on the cobblestones once. But he is very, very clumsy with his feet.

Drawn in PaintTool SAI / Photoshop

If you want to read and buy the novel, the artbook or the signed pack, please head to the Sweatdrop Studios online store:…

The novel is available from Amazon too:…

Where possible, please order from Sweatdrop directly as we don't lose out on wholesalers fees/charges.

If you want to see all the progress that led to the release of the book etc., please look at my Tumblr tagged #brushmagic…

And if you want to see progress on the series as a whole and the sequel, try these:……
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I like to think that Silas almost made it, but then a few steps from the hotel he gets over confident and ends up on his face. XD
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Maybe I should draw that as mini stupid comic, because yeah, that's what I pictured happening myself XD
Light-and-Dark's avatar
Wow late response. @.@ I like literally forgot DA existed. XD

I say DO IT! When/if you have time of course.
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it looks like they are plotting a robbery :D
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AHAHAH now I can't get that out of my head XD
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lol He has  such a serious expression, I cant imagine him being clumsy (perhaps he is adorably determined to prove wrong such a simple bet) I cant believe I haven't bought this yet ;_; Are you gonna sell it at Kita (are you going to Kita? Cant remember!!) If so, I think I'll ask my friend to pick it up for me :3
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I am going to kita! :) So is Morag
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I hadn't yet realized how cute Rua is.
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She is cuteness! XD She's just so mischievous XD
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You're welcome! Smile 
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