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Dual Assault - The Colours Of Magic

I finished colouring this whilst in the car driving through the Cairngorms and past Balmoral Castle a few weeks ago XD

The centre spread artwork for my artbook, 'The Colours Of Magic' which accompanies the illustrated light novel 'A Brush With Magic'. The Vulpine warrior, Rua, 'Dagger of Ciel' and her Elven mage partner Silas, 'The Weaver'.

I love this piece. A lot. It's my baby.

You can buy the light novel, artbook and the A4/A3 print from the Sweatdrop Studios stand 3233 in the Comic Village at London MCM Comic Con this weekend 22-24 May 2015 at the ExCel centre ( and thereafter, it will be available for online purchase from the Sweatdrop Studios online shop (, we take credit cards, PayPal and we ship internationally!

You can read about the making of these books from my tumblr posts here…
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Nice colors and pose !! The fire ball seems a little flat comparing to the right side magic, yet the overall pic is awsome.
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Thank you! I agree about the fireball, but I liked the effect I got as I was working on it, and as the image itself is quite abstract, I went along with it in the end XD
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working on this while in the car thats hardcore lol really like this painting style beautiful.
rue has to be my fav love how we can see how strong she is with the shading on her skin and the clothing 
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Thanks so much babe! Oh god I love Rua. Whenever I get the chance to draw her in colour and use soft shading, I always want to show her muscle tone
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His eyes are a different color! That's what's been bothering me about this! Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE it. But every times I looked at it I got this nagging feeling that something was off, and now actually viewing it on my computer and being able to enlarge it I know what that something is. I like that his eyes change color when he's doing magic (assuming of course that wasn't just something for this picture), adds a fun little flare to it. ^.^

I am anxiously awaiting for when I'll be able to order the lovelies.
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Aha, you picked that up!

Yes, his eyes change colour because mages in this world can only use/see the threads of Magic to weave spells if they tune their sight spectrum into the element they are linked with. That's why on the cover of the book, his eyes are also glowing red as he's casting a little fire ball.

Silas is a little different to all the other mages in this regard though... XD You'll find out soon enough.
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Wait, really? *hunts down picture of book cover* Ah, okay yes I did notice that, but think I just assumed the light from the flame was reflecting offf his eyes since he's holding it close to his face.

That's a really interesting way to do magic, and it makes perfect sense. Now you've made me really curious. You're such  tease! XD
SeanMaguire1991's avatar
Thats actually one of the most original ideas for a magic system that I've seen. I love the illustration and how it captures this concept!
KroheTheProxy's avatar
Wow, awesome work as always! Pretty nice blend of colours and neat linework, car ride considered ^-^
sonialeong's avatar
Thank you! Haha, I did the lines before the car journey XD seven hours driving into the highlands of Scotland meant I had to do something and thankfully the colouring is watercolour style
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I'm always a big fan of action themed art works, and I love how this one came out. ^^
Cool artistic use of colors in the after effects of their shadows and action. It's like glimpsing the power of their aura, which makes
the action scene all the more aesthetically pleasing. I enjoy the sense of movement and also the dynamic pose. I also see the
interesting contrast among the dual. The cool colored Silas drawing powers from within to shoot forth a blast of fire while, hot colored
Rua, lunges like a living weapon incarnate with her trusty dagger. I couldn't help but notice the anatomic detail of her sense of agility in the way,
you drew her foot in mid action as it was about to leave the ground. It's just very rare that most artist ever draw details, expressing feet. It's something I
noticed from time to time, and have also remembered reading your How to draw book. Even Sila's free hand is seen expressed with a sense of recoil, as the rest of his body,
seemed leaned back from the force of his powerful magic, yet at the same time, he retains a strong sense of control and balance which really reflects his character. I'm taking mental notes
of these awesome details.

You drew this while in the car? Wow. I could barely draw anything while the car was in motion, that's pretty skillful. I guess that comes with the experience of multi tasking.
That's pretty cool. XD

Looking forward to your light novel when it comes out. I know the feeling that you expressed when you mentioned this piece being your baby. I feel the same way with
my art works also. It really is a good feeling to see what you have accomplished, words could best explain this, but I totally relate to what you mean. Great art work once again. :)
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*happy* Thanks so much for your appreciation of the work that went into this :)
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Your very welcome. :D (Big Grin) 
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