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EDIT: Corrected some typos and added some information brought to my attention by our wonderful collaborators. Also, to keep track of pre-orders, sketches offered and bonus images, and to avoid this entry getting too long and confusing, I'm noting all that information in my profile page. Please check it there, and if you feel your contribution is missing, comment here or note me back.


As I said, and to  avoid copyright issues, we must skip all Bioware copyrighted material. That means the characters will keep their names, but I'm not going to use their surnames. While the human ones (Cousland, Amell and Hawke) are actual surnames in real life and thus, Bioware can't have rights on them, I'm not sure about the non-human ones (Tabris, Mahariel, Surana, Brosca or Aeducan), so we will stick to the names and the drawing of the characters, all of whom you know well ;).

Also, any other Dragon Age videogame related things like armors, crests, symbos, places names, must be avoided. Since we're talking about pinups, I'm sure you all will come up with sexy gear for them. No need to change the settings, they can be in a general fantasy one, but other ideas can definitely be used. They're Original characters after all. Their authors know them better than me.

The name of the calendar will be HEROES AND CHAMPIONS


After the voting, and the answers of the people whose characters were requested, here's the definitive calendar distribution. Some characters are sharing a page, since not all of them could fit. Also, I didn't contact the last ones once the calendar was filled... I'm sorry about that, but years only have 12 months :( :

COVER: :iconkylemallory:'s Ryan because he's worth it

JANUARY: :iconzinoodle:'s Messalyn making winter hot
FEBRUARY: :iconpau-norontaus:'s Grey and :iconlilithblack:'s Gwern's steamy Valentine
MARCH: :iconabadir:'s Ewan and Eloise wild magic
APRIL: :iconrooster82:'s spring Nara
MAY: :icongalagraphia:'s Rhiamon and :iconchakhabit:'s Nea teaching us other meanings of "sexy"
JUNE: :iconsoniacarreras:'s Yllwenn being a Lady and a Tramp
JULY: :iconaimo:'s Sorsha and Akiva's summer holidays
AUGUST: :iconximena07: Edric making us sweat
SEPTEMBER: :iconyuhime:'s Marika and Evarist awesomeness
OCTOBER: :iconpoly-m:'s Oto and Cazmah's exotic adventure
NOVEMBER: :iconemedeme:'s only and one Aed being all macho for his fangirls
DECEMBER: :icontheoneknight:'s Phoebus and :iconnerooncousland:'s Neroon melting the ice

We will provide teasers as long as we receive WIPs and complete images to have you hooked :P


I feel guilty for having forgotten many amazing characters. And others which were not able to get into. So  anyone willing to participate will have another chance to be in this project:

:bulletred:  Sketchbook: I'm willing to collect sketches of any of your OCs, in a pinup style and always in a non-copyright safe attire, to create an sketchbook-like sheet which will be included in the digital version of the calendar. Characters owned by artists which can't or don't want to draw (like fanfic ones) can be drawn by other artists, and if you need help for it, please contact us. We have volunteers which may do a sketch for you. If you can draw, though, we'd love to see them in your style.

:bulletred:  Bonus images: If you're willing to work harder, and you can provide a good quality piece, I'm glad to add some extra images to the digital copy of the calendar. They'll need to be full color ones and follow the same rules than the ones in the months. They'll be included as a bonus in early pre-orders according to the deadlines, and anyone will be able to get them later too for an extra donative. They will be used also as backup if any of the commited artists can't reach the deadline due to unexpected problems.

Please notice that collaborating this way doesn't entitle you to get a free copy of the calendar, though I may find a way to say thanks for your help.

:bulletred: Images and sketches can be sent to my email address:, or forwarded via or other online storage services. If possible, don't upload them to Deviantart galleries until the calendar is released. And remember to tell me the name of your OC to add it to the sketchbook!


:bulletblue: WHAT YOU GET: The price will include a  digital copy of the complete calendar and the  sketch book with any other characters who submitt their OCs. Calendar images will come in 3 formats: Pdf ready to print wall calendar, computer wall paper calendar single images, and clean wallpaper images in case you don't want to have them in your computer with all the numbers and weekdays.

:bulletblue:  Pre-orders will be taken from  November the 7th until the release date of the calendar, which will be due to December the 15th.  Price for the calendar will be USD 15. If you want to donate more, it will be welcome.

:bulletblue: People interested ONLY in  separate characters can order their images at the price of USD 2 each. In that case, please ALSO state it in the body of your paypal payment which month images do you want. Same price will apply to bonus images.

:bulletblue: People who pre-orders BEFORE November the 20th, will get also a set of any extra quality OC images submitted by other collaborators to be used as computer wallpapers. AFTER that date, that extra set will add up  USD 5 to the total price.

:bulletblue:  Payments will be sent BY PAYPAL to  . Since we've set a donations link, you only need a credit card, no need to have a paypal account to pay . Please STATE CLEARLY YOUR DEVIANTART NICK IF YOU BELONG TO THIS COMMUNITY AND THE TITLE "CALENDAR PRE-ORDER" to know who is who and to know you're ordering the calendar. Payments which don't state this will be considered donatives and won't get the calendar.  Please also provide the email address your calendar must be sent to in the "instructions for the seller" box/message body.

:bulletblue: While we sort out other ways to pay, if you want to order and don't want or can't use paypal, please note me so we can sort out how to send the money.

:bulletblue: On  December the 15th we'll contact all your email address a link to the Calendar/images Download site. Anyway, after that date, orders can still be placed, if you're willing to continue donating. Remember this is for a good cause.

:bulletblue: If you want a printed copy of the calendar, contact me and if you are
willing to pay printing and shipping costs we will sort it out. That payment will be dealt differently than the donatives.

:bulletblue: Artists can start working on their pieces from now on until  december the 1st. On december the 1st we'll start editing the calendar. If someone can't make it in time please let us know ASAP to find a replacement.


We need to raise USD 2000. This is quite a huge amount and I bet many of us haven't seen all that money together in our lives, but a life depends on it.

To encourage people to participate and donate, I have some gifts which will be raffled amongst the participants. For those who donate more than the price of the calendar, each 15 USD donated, will give you an extra chance to win the raffle.

The gifts are as follow, all of them mailed to the winner's home address free of charge:

:bulletgreen: If we reach USD 1000:  A printed copy of the calendar
:bulletgreen: If we reach USD 1250:  A T-shirt with the calendar image of your choice
:bulletgreen: If we reach USD 1500:  Promo A4 image of Fenris , signed by Gideon Emery at MCM Expo in London, 28 October 2011
:bulletgreen: If we reach USD 1750:  Promo A4 image of Anders, signed by Adam Howden at MCM Expo in London, 28 October 2011
:bulletgreen: If we reach USD 2000:  Art by me, featuring Anders and Fenris, signed by Adam Howden and Gideon Emery at MCM Expo in London, 28 October 2011

If you have any ideas of other things that can be raffled or want to contribute with anything, please contact me.

Raffle will be performed on livestream at a date yet to be determined after December the 15th.


These will be forwarded to all collaborators but anyway I'm using them here too. If you want to forward a complete picture for the extra pack you should follow them too.

:bulletpurple: Images must be full color and if possible with some kind of background (no need to be detailed, but at least visually appealing).

:bulletpurple: Printing resolution should be at least 300 dpi (better if bigger, maximum is usually 600), and 297 mm x 216 mm.

:bulletpurple: To cover most computer screens resolution, ideal size would be 2560 x 1920 pixels. But since printing image must be minimum 3508 x 2551 pixel I guess that shouldn't be a problem.

:bulletpurple: The character should be centered in the image so 16:9 and 16:10 monitors don't crop the image. Format will be horizontal/landscape

:bulletpurple: Submit then in CMYK color, and better work in that color from the beginning to avoid problems with the conversion.

:bulletpurple: If possible don't keep the image too dark. Printing tend to darken the final work even more.

:bulletpurple: Depending on the printing options, keep in mind image can be cropped.

:bulletpurple: Images can be sent to my email address:, or forwarded via or other online storage services.

Artists will keep their rights on their works and be free to use them as they wish. BUT PLEASE DON'T UPLOAD YOUR FINAL IMAGE ANYWHERE UNTIL THE CALENDAR HAS BEEN RELEASED. Teasers can be shown, but please don't spoil the surprise.



PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD... In your journals, tumblr, facebook, twitter... whatever. We need to raise this money. Please contribute! It's not a lot for you, but can be the difference between life and death for her.

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