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DAO: The Hahrens Quest ch2 pg1

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Published: November 9, 2011
© 2011 - 2020 SoniaCarreras
After a long long delay, and to paliate the long absence of my other comic project, Seeds of Hope, here's the second chapter of this awesome joint project.

A bit of history:

Last April the 19th, a day after Yllwenn's gameplay birthday, I wrote a journal [link] asking help to develop a personal project. I had decided to write my very first serious script about my Warden, and I didn't feel confident enough to draw it myself (then things changed, and I started "Seeds of Hope", but that's another story...)

The answer was AWESOME, and soon I had an amazing team of highly talented people who didn't mind to draw this story for me. So we even created a group to organize all the work, to share scritps, concept arts and WIPs, and step by step, the project started to be a reality.

The project works like this: 12 short chapters (3 to 6 pages each), each one drawn by one deviantart artist (some of them have been split into two parts because they were too long), based on an script I wrote. Plus a prologue written by :icondragonwyrd316:

These are the credits for this chapter. Please go and check their profiles and stalk them and give them all your love because they are awesome beyond words!!!:

CREDITS FOR CHAPTER 2 (work belong to them and is posted with permission)

- Lineart: :iconemedeme:
- Color: :iconlarissa-art:


- Script: :iconsoniacarreras:
- English review: :iconwirls: and :icontwilightlover28:
- Lettering, edition and backgrounds concept art: :iconabadir:
- Characters concept art: :iconnadiasama:
- Edition consultant: :iconcridhe:

<-- End of Chapter 1/Page 2 -->


Yllwenn storyline so far:

Dragon Age Origins (Gameplay):
- Comic strips in English [link]
- Comic strips in Spanish [link]
- Hurt: [link]
- A dance of blades: [link]
- Maybe the last time: [link]

The Hahren's Quest (covers the period between Origins and Awakening):
- Prologue: [link]
- First chapter: [link]

Dragon Age: Awakening (gameplay):
- Epilogue: [link]

Seeds of Hope (covers the period after Witch Hunt, during Act 1 and 2 of DA2)
- Cover: [link]
- Prologue: [link]

Dragon Age 2 - Act 3 - In my mind



This is a work for fun inspired on a character created on the Role Playing Computer Game Dragon Age Origins. The world, settings and most of the characters depicted here belong to Bioware. My vision of Yllwenn Tabris, though, is only mine, as it is the story I'm creating about her and some of the visions of the Lore I'm going to reflect in this story.

Text in the comic has been kindly reviewed by :iconwirls: and :icontwilightlover28:. All typos and mistakes, however, are mine, as well as the story itself. Text in the comments has not been reviewed and I apologize if my English tears your eyes out.

Thanks for all the support Yllwenn and me are receiving from all the Deviant Art community. I wouldn't be doing this if you weren't there!!!
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bukittyanProfessional Digital Artist
Yea! The art looks awesome, as always. :iconemedeme: is so good with composition and the colors look great! :D I love how awkward Soris is.
SoniaCarreras's avatar
SoniaCarrerasHobbyist General Artist
Aww, Soris looks adorable in her style. And yes, :iconemedeme: is awesome. I'm so happy she's part of this project!
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mnmrulesyayStudent General Artist
Larissa-Art's avatar
Larissa-ArtHobbyist Digital Artist
SoniaCarreras's avatar
SoniaCarrerasHobbyist General Artist
gwpe's avatar
gwpeHobbyist General Artist
:woohoo: And the story continues!! Another amazing page!
SoniaCarreras's avatar
SoniaCarrerasHobbyist General Artist
Emedeme's art is awesome :3
jactinglim's avatar
jactinglimProfessional General Artist
aww nice collab! I miss your art tho
SoniaCarreras's avatar
SoniaCarrerasHobbyist General Artist
Aww, thanks! I hope to continue with my own comic when all the calendar rush is over.
queen-scribbles's avatar
It looks awesome! :la: Can't wait to see where the story goes. I mean, Sten is involved, and Yllwenn, and Zev, so it will be awesome. Ridiculously so, I imagine. :D I really like that you touch on Soris' 'new girl' being human, since--thanks to their recessive genetics--elves aren't too happy(usually) when other elves pair up with a human. The whole thing with any children they have being human and all. I'm trying to figure out how to do that for Jae(and she has the added burden of 'splaining why her significant other is a blood mage... Joy) and it's definitely a tricky subject that doesn't get referenced a lot, even in game(I think).

And I love Yllwenn's comment about slight madness being in the Tabris blood. So, so true. Both of mine are completely insane. In a good way. ;)
SoniaCarreras's avatar
SoniaCarrerasHobbyist General Artist
I love Origins characters too much to leave them out :3 . I hope it actually is awesome, it will be, with the people involved!!!

Soris' new girl is human, according to the epilogue. I always thought it was very brave of him, since elves are so reluctant to mix with humans. I'm a sucker for genetics myself, so I have my own ideas about that, and I plan to explain them in my current Seeds of Hope comic (even if Yllwenn definitely is racist in that sense) and also a bit in my Merry Mabari fanfics ([link] , second paragraph if you don't want to read the complete story), where Mari is going to actually marry a human.

I've always thought Tabrises are hot blooded and a bit mad. That explains a lot both Shianni's behaviour and my own warden's crazyness ;). I adore them.
queen-scribbles's avatar
This is why my fic had Zev(and eventually Jowan) traveling all over Thedas with Rahna; because the Origins characters are too awesome to leave out. :) And before Yllwenn tries to kill Rahna, she and Zev are just friends. ;)

Oh, yeah, I know she's human, I just rarely see anybody address the predominant attitude of elves toward elven-human relationships. And since genetics were the only part of science class I actually ENJOYED that kind of stuff is an aspect of lore I really enjoy and notice in games. I really can't wait(while being simultaneously terrified of screwing up) to write Jowan and Jae's oneshot where she has to explain her boyfriend being a human blood mage. That will be fun.

Every Tabris I've seen ever, ever, ever is a bit crazy and short tempered, so that sounds like a fair assessment. My computer monitor died the other day, so I had to make a new char on my brother's computer, and I just instinctively went for Tabris. I can't help it. :giggle: I adore them too.
SoniaCarreras's avatar
SoniaCarrerasHobbyist General Artist
Hahaha, don't worry, Yllwenn has to cope with her boyfriend/husband being shared for quite a lot of wardens, male and female.

You should spy some of my conversations with :iconabadir:, then. We both have a theory about elven genetics and the magic in Thedas you may like. Let's say my personal canon is that elven traits are genetically recesive, that's why MOST halfelves look human (actually I'm a supporter that Alistair is a halfbreed too). But in DA2 you see Feynriel who is definitely half-elven in looks too. And I wonder how a son of Alistair and a female elf would look like ;).

I also believe magic was originally part of the elven traits, like inmortality was, and it was mixing with humans which made the later get this skill, while elven got their genes mixed and eventually lost their magic and their inmortality due to human genes in them. That's what I try to explain later in Seeds of Hope, if I ever reach that part :roll:.

Ah, yes. I guess the City Elf origin leads us a bit to roleplay that way. But even so it's funny to see how they are all hot blooded, as I say (I even have a button for that :XD:), and though, completely different.

Tabris are the best ;). It's fun, I always have prefered to roleplay humans, but Dragon Age city Elves are just too adorable, I can't help but always choosing them.
queen-scribbles's avatar
Ah, good. Though my Brosca would be in more trouble than anyone else if that wasn't the case. xD

That is a very cool theory and it makes sense to me. :) I like it a lot and think I'll subscribe to it myself. It explains a lot. I do wonder what an Alistair/fem!elf child would look like... That would be interesting to see.

All of my Tabrises are hot blooded and crazy. All of my Couslands are possessive(none worse than Irene, though), and all of my Amells/Suranas are fiercely loyal(except Raen. Maker, that game was hard to play). The rest of the origins, I only have one, so I can't generalize. xD
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