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Emerald by songstress-yuna Emerald :iconsongstress-yuna:songstress-yuna 0 1 Matt Playing New Born at RAH by songstress-yuna Matt Playing New Born at RAH :iconsongstress-yuna:songstress-yuna 3 4
Untitled KH AU Fic Chapter 2
Chapter 2:  
So half an hour later (we had taken Larxene's car, but we stopped off at the café 'cause Larx was craving caffeine) we stopped in front of this huge building.  I looked it up and down, seeing as this appeared to be Larxene's chosen destination – it wasn't too shabby, not run down at least.  
It took a moment to click.
"Hang on… what'd you bring me here for?"
"You guessed, huh?" She asked, undoing her seatbelt as she spoke.  "I just thought it'd be a good idea for you to get a look at it."
Larxene's school.  From the outside, it didn't look too bad.
"What, just like this?"  I asked, frowning.  
"Well, I thought I'd give you some idea of what you're letting yourself into." She was starting to get out of the car, so I followed her, but all she did once she had shut the door was to lean herself up against it.  What she said kinda hit me hard.  In all honesty, I had absolutely no idea just
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So far untitled KH AU Fanfic
Chapter 1:  
In my experience, it's pretty damn rare to find a guy who's perfectly content with his life.  It just doesn't come that way, y'know?  It's all ups and downs and victories and defeats, and then you die anyway, whether it be with a gun to your head or kicking it the good old natural way.  The point of this is, if you were to ask me whether I was happy and content back then, you wouldn't have been getting a good answer.  To me, to be happy is to lounge about with beer in hand and some mates to kick back with and relax, and just then it was anything but.  To anyone who calls living on your own with no way to pay rent for the past three months, plus being expelled in the last year of school for being a 'flaming homo' (their words, believe it if you will – my school was pretty fucked up), I have no doubt that you're completely insane.  Simply put, I was an 18 year old with nowhere to go from where I was but do
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And it's a bronze... by songstress-yuna And it's a bronze... :iconsongstress-yuna:songstress-yuna 1 12 Sunset from the Plane by songstress-yuna Sunset from the Plane :iconsongstress-yuna:songstress-yuna 0 3 Tokyo City by songstress-yuna Tokyo City :iconsongstress-yuna:songstress-yuna 0 10 o.o by songstress-yuna o.o :iconsongstress-yuna:songstress-yuna 1 8 Sleepy by songstress-yuna Sleepy :iconsongstress-yuna:songstress-yuna 0 7 The Slammer by songstress-yuna The Slammer :iconsongstress-yuna:songstress-yuna 0 1 Green Thingie by songstress-yuna Green Thingie :iconsongstress-yuna:songstress-yuna 1 3 No-one Left by songstress-yuna No-one Left :iconsongstress-yuna:songstress-yuna 1 5 Chain by songstress-yuna Chain :iconsongstress-yuna:songstress-yuna 0 0 I hear you in a whisper but... by songstress-yuna I hear you in a whisper but... :iconsongstress-yuna:songstress-yuna 2 9 Nani..? by songstress-yuna Nani..? :iconsongstress-yuna:songstress-yuna 0 7 Staring Up... by songstress-yuna Staring Up... :iconsongstress-yuna:songstress-yuna 0 11


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To all the people who have been keeping up (well, I say keeping up - there's hardly anything to keep up *with*.. ><)  with my untitled KH fic thing... I'm so sorry that I haven't done anything about this earlier >>

I first posted it up on where it was recieved less than enthusiastically, which put a downer on my motivation to write.  By the fourth chapter or so nobody was commenting, and hardly anybody was commenting on dA either, so I basically thought 'sod this', which ended up in a seemingly permanent writers block which I have yet to get over =  So it's surprised me that gradually more people have been commenting on dA, which is great, but also it makes me feel awful because I know I don't have anything else ready ><

It doesn't help that the whole thing is stuck on my old computer, but hey.

So, I don't know.  I haven't written anything for ages and ages (save for English coursework but I had to do that lolz) and I haven't really been 'in' the KH fandom for quite some time.  

I got a bit further on with keeping up with chapters, up to chapter 5, here ..… but honestly that also makes me feel bad because it's leaving it off at a different point ><;;

I'll see what happens - maybe one day you'll see a new chapter.


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