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Medabots peoples

By songosai
I really like the humor in Medabots. The show seems to have more thought put into it storywise than in Pokemon. I also have this bad habit of taking younger anime boys and making them a little older and more bishounen... see Ikki above. I'm pretty sure I drew Phantom Renegade's costume wrong; I didn't have a good shot of him to go by. Metabee's ...just there.

medium: prismacolor pencils which took a lot of time to mix together because I'm poor and I only have a set of twelve.
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Funny how this Ikki looks like a good balance between Medarot 2-4 Ikki to Medarot 7 Ikki.
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I had to laugh at Ikki, its probably how he thinks he looks when Karin is around, or maybe how he will describe himself in his autobiography. But where did you get the idea Henrey is the Phanom Renagade? I mean it just makes no sence on any level. But I use to think it was a tuxedo he was sporting too, but its just a black body suit. I think the tophat and the cape with red lining just make everyone think "Tuxedo Mask".
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badass Ikki... ^^
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This is beautiful!! :iconiloveitplz: I really like how you drew Ikki. :D (and his blue hair :meow: )

Your colouring skills are amazing! :love:
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Nice! Way to make Ikki uber hot and 150x more seme. XD
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I love the medabots :heart: Very beautiful work! ;)
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This is amazing. I love how you drew the Phantom Renegade and even though his costume might not be correct, I really like it! Medabots ftw! Haha
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Wow!! This is some awesome stuff!!! :):):)
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This is soo cool. I love the texture and colour. I still as a matter of fact watch this :)
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lol i think Ikki has just overshadowed metabee in terms of kickass here.
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Great Picture. Very well done. Give yourself a pat on the back.
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Ikki looks awesome, and the Phantom Renegade is very nicely done. *-* and metabee is just perfect
excellent drawing
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Ikki looks badass.
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this is wonderful! would you think of doing a picture for me of ikki and medabee romanticly involved?
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As much as I also like that pairing, I've got a super long list of art I already owe people. ;___;

Thanks for making a suggestion though, I'm glad somebody else likes them together! XD
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This is an awesome picture! i like the style that you used for the picture, and you are an inspiration to me
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