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Azeirf ahoge


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Azeirf ahoge


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Garganta Tutorial


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25k Kiriban

Devious Fun

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Azeirf ahoge

Dragon Ball

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Et Cetera

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At the Gala, with my Bronies


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The Princess Bridle: Chapter Eight

The stallion known as the Dread Pirate Ne'er-Do-Well rolled over and groaned.  His all-black ensemble was caked with mud and torn in places where he had caught against stones on the way down, but other than a tender contusion in his side, he was miraculously unharmed.  He struggled to his knees, looking around with bleary eyes.  A flash of vermillion dress and violet mane had caught his attention during the tumble. Not far, Princess Rarity had also skidded down the muddy slope and now lay in a crumpled heap, under the leeward side of a boulder.  The pirate crawled over to her and gently lifted the mare

The Princess Bridle

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Dragon Ball: Red Ribbon Son (Part 5)

May 7th, Age 756 – The day of the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament. Kakarot is the first to registration this time and his growth spurt is quite the shock to his friends.  Chi-Chi is especially overjoyed and leaps into his arms, getting spun around by the alien man.  Compared to Goku, whom didn't have much socialization being raised by Grandpa Gohan in the wilderness, Kakarot grew up around cold scientists and macho mercs, so he was very much starved for affection.  He's more invested in his relationships than single-minded Goku. Bulma teases them for being so cute together.  Krillin ain't even mad!  He got over his crush, and like

Red Ribbon Son

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Kaijucab Confessions

Twisted Kaiju Theater

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Gohan and Sukirret (What If Series)

What If Raditz

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