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Days End Rainbow
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Artist Feature

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I wanted to share a few works created by the very talented @asdawson here on DeviantArt. They have been a Deviant for six years, and the things they can do with soft pastels is astonishing. As for me, I've never been able to get the hang of using pastels beyond looking like a 5 year old with a crayola crayon, but the realism asdawson achieves is nothing short of spectacular. They have a phenomenal talent for realistic water and ocean waves, which I absolutely love. Take a look at their amazing works below and give them some love, and then check out their amazing gallery give @asdawson a watch.

Warm morning
Hyde Park
Gold of the sea
Deep blue sea
Mysterious forest
Playful mood
Peaceful day
My dreams
Summer motives
After the storm
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I was wondering what DA's April Fools joke would be this year. Art based fortune telling . . . ha ha.

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So, this is the result of something a co-worker said to me a little before this whole Covid-19 debacle. They made the mistake of telling me that, "Digital isn't real art. It's easy. Anybody can do it. You just push a few buttons." I was seeing red! And this is long before I even attempted digital art of any kind!

My reply to them was, "If it's so easy, then why aren't you doing it?"

"Oh, because I don't have the program to do it."

The reason this careless comment is coming to mind now is because I have finally gotten a program that allows me to do digital artwork, which is proving to me that I was correct in telling them just how hard it really is. I genuinely suck at it . . . albeit I've only done 2 digital paintings so far, so needless to say I'm still learning. Worse still, I'm working with a freaking mouse, not a stylus! Sure, the photo "autopaint" feature is easy, but for original artwork all of the layers, colors, brushes, perspective, lighting, shading, effects, blending . . . It's a damn sight more than "just push a few buttons"!

Portrait of a Goddess

It drives me nuts when people who've never tried digital art think it's so easy. It's freaking hard! The fact is, even just coloring a pre-drawn image on my phone with a stylus is hard. A drawing or painting that takes me a couple of hours in a traditional medium takes me several days to do digitally!

Some people are completely unaware of how much thought goes into a digital piece. Just like with any work of art, knowledge of the world around us, how it works and how everything interacts is essential. It all starts with an idea in the artist's mind, and it can take a huge amount of work to make that idea a reality; the idea evolves, changes or is discarded. The process of making an idea come alive is no less complex with digital are than with traditional art.

Sure, it comes in handy to be able to undo a mistake with the push of a button, but sometimes it's not that simple even. Worse still, if something goes wrong with the computer, tablet, etc., and you haven't save recently, you can lose a huge amount of work! At least if the power goes out, my pencil drawings aren't lost forever! My program crashed and I lost several hours of work on my first digital painting!

Self Portrait - DA Getting Started

I really should do the above "self-portrait" digitally. That being beside the point, however.

Digital art, while flexible and less messy than traditional mediums (specifically the eraser shavings everywhere when I draw or paint spatters when I paint), it is no less difficult than traditional art. It is fun, but like with all art, it takes practice. In my case . . . a LOT of practice will be needed! Never assume that just because it's done with a computer that it's any less spectacular than traditional arts. Digital art requires all the same imagination, skill and knowledge that every other medium does. From initial concept to final work, the digital medium is as amazing and complex as every other form of art out there.

Snow Tiger

The moral of this little rant: Don't piss me off by telling me digital art isn't real art!

There! Now I feel better to have gotten that off my chest!

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That is the question . . .

So, why do I add to favorites the things that I do? My tastes are VERY eclectic, so almost anything can catch my fancy. So what is it that makes me decide what to fav?

Zbrush Doodle: Day 1990 - Can I have more weekend?

Artwork "Can I have More Weekend?" by @UnexpectedToy (Isn't he cute? Their daily Zbrush Doodles are wonderful)

Is there an actual point to the journal . . . No. It's just for fun and to show off some of my favorite works from various artists I've seen on DeviantArt so far.

First and foremost are pieces that trigger an emotional reaction deep inside. It's not always a an easily identified emotion either. It's not like sad, happy or angry. It could be a combination of any number of subtle emotions. Basically, if it makes me feel something other than anger, disgust or revulsion, I will add it to my favorites. After all, isn't that what many artists strive for; to make people feel something? The below is a perfect example of a piece, that while not something I'd hang in my home, it fascinated me and triggered that unknown emotion in me.

The Black Kite

Artwork "The Black Kite" by @jflaxman

Another thing may simply be the color pallet. Certain combinations of colors, especially unexpected, can be stunning, regardless of the other content. Color choice can be key to a piece being a flop or being a roaring success. Color can also be what strikes that unidentifiable emotion within. Below is an example of a piece that caught my attention with the colors. It is the warmth and combination of colors used that I found so attractive. The lines add to the overall appeal.

Abstract acrylic painting on heavy paper

Artwork "Abstract acrylic painting on heavy paper" by @InkingArt - This one got a very much deserved Daily Deviation.

Sometimes a work of art is telling a story. A picture is worth a thousand words . . . or more! Some pieces have a very definite political, social, cultural or ethical point to make. If there's on thing I've learned, it's that DeviantArtists know how to make a point! If the story told or the point by the piece strikes a chord with me, it goes in my favs. The below piece tells a definite story while simultaneously making a social statement. I absolutely love the piece!

Pride 2020 - Proposal

Artwork "Pride 2020 - Proposal" by @STelari

There are times when a piece just makes me laugh. If it makes me laugh, it's going in my favs. I suspect my sense of humor may be more limited than others, tends to be rather irreverent and can also be very much on the crude side. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This is also true of funny. What one person finds funny, another may find grotesque or offensive. Below is a picture that immediately tickled my funny bone.

Happy Little Pear

Artwork "Happy Little Pear" by @Pew-PewStudio

What will frequently catch my eye is the sheer amount of skill that goes into a work of art. Whether is something insanely tiny but also insanely detailed, something insanely realistic with an unusual medium or something that I know for a fact took a huge amount of time an patience to complete. Below are some examples.

Examples 1 & 2: The insanely tiny

Miniature rainbow moonstone tree

Artwork "Miniature rainbow moonstone tree" by @Twystedroots

The Minute Hermit hummingbird

Artwork "The Minute Hermit hummingbird" by @NVillustration (this is a paper cutout! TINY! With those fingers! Amazing!)

Example 3: Skill and time

Needle felted Kingfisher

Artwork "Needle felted Kingfisher" by @Hillamer

Example 4: Unexpected Medium

Leopard - Ballpoint Pen

Artwork "Lepard - Ballpoint Pen" by @VianaArts (seriously . . . a BALLPOINT pen!!! I can barely write decently with the things!)

Examples 5, 6 & 7: Hyper-realism and 3D effect


Artwork "Oculum" by @MonicucciaBirbante ( the eyeball looks like its even floating above the pens!)

It's an egg! Coloured pencil drawing

Artwork "It's an egg!" by @ErinAudrey (seriously . . . where's my fork? I'm hungry!)


Artwork "Determined" by @donchild (I honestly thought this was a photograph, but its actually graphite pencils!)

Some artwork gets in my favorites by blowing my mind. Detailed macros, realistic digital landscapes, highly imaginative and more fit this category. Below are three of pics that blew my mind.

Example 1: Macro Photography

drops of water pearl on the dandelion

Artwork "drops of water pearl on the dandelion" by @MT-Photografien

Example 2: Realistic Digital

Winter Morning

Artwork "Winter Morning" by @jhmart1 (This one was hard to tell if it was a photo or not)

Example 3: Imagination (Literally)


Artwork "Imagination" by @watsnxt1 (bloody brilliant this one!)

Sometimes, it becomes a favorite because it's just plain cute.

Happy World Otter Day!

Artwork "Happy World Otter Day!" by @Nyaasu (you can't convince me that he's not uber cute!)

My final reasons for faving is "Just Because". Maybe it's the lines. Maybe it's the texture. Maybe it's the colors. In other words, I don't know why I like the piece. I just know that I do. I mean, in the end, do we really need a reason to like something?


Artwork "620a5875" by @patrickbrandy

And finally, just a random picture from my favorites. It has a number of reasons to be in my favorites. It's funny, imaginative, required both skill and a lot of time and it's just plain cute!

Cupcake Delight

Artwork "Cupcake Delight" by @Goldenwolf (I mean come on . . . this is the cutes {and happiest} Opossum EVER!)

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