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Nya s7 by SongOfHopeOriginal Nya s7 :iconsongofhopeoriginal:SongOfHopeOriginal 4 0 Lloyd Montgomery Garmadon by SongOfHopeOriginal Lloyd Montgomery Garmadon :iconsongofhopeoriginal:SongOfHopeOriginal 6 0 Cole s7 by SongOfHopeOriginal Cole s7 :iconsongofhopeoriginal:SongOfHopeOriginal 4 0 Jay Walker s7 by SongOfHopeOriginal Jay Walker s7 :iconsongofhopeoriginal:SongOfHopeOriginal 5 0 Ninjago Kai New Suit by SongOfHopeOriginal Ninjago Kai New Suit :iconsongofhopeoriginal:SongOfHopeOriginal 3 1 Ninjago Zane New Suit by SongOfHopeOriginal Ninjago Zane New Suit :iconsongofhopeoriginal:SongOfHopeOriginal 2 0 Ninjago Rose s7 Suit by SongOfHopeOriginal Ninjago Rose s7 Suit :iconsongofhopeoriginal:SongOfHopeOriginal 7 1 Ninjago Belle Hilson by SongOfHopeOriginal Ninjago Belle Hilson :iconsongofhopeoriginal:SongOfHopeOriginal 3 0 Ninjago Auriel Kutznetsov by SongOfHopeOriginal Ninjago Auriel Kutznetsov :iconsongofhopeoriginal:SongOfHopeOriginal 2 0 Ninjago Kyria Alexandria Garmadon by SongOfHopeOriginal Ninjago Kyria Alexandria Garmadon :iconsongofhopeoriginal:SongOfHopeOriginal 2 0 Ninjago Sam Dee by SongOfHopeOriginal Ninjago Sam Dee :iconsongofhopeoriginal:SongOfHopeOriginal 2 0 Ninjago Bree Hilson by SongOfHopeOriginal Ninjago Bree Hilson :iconsongofhopeoriginal:SongOfHopeOriginal 2 0 Ninjago Rose Beulieu by SongOfHopeOriginal Ninjago Rose Beulieu :iconsongofhopeoriginal:SongOfHopeOriginal 2 0 Ninjago Kim Kuznetsov by SongOfHopeOriginal Ninjago Kim Kuznetsov :iconsongofhopeoriginal:SongOfHopeOriginal 2 0
The Heart Thief Reprise
Oh valiant knight
What did I do to deserve your torture?
What did I do to make you return my heart?
Why do you speak to the Heart Thief?
It seems like you are bargaining
But what for?
I hear talk of my heart
Do you want it back now?
You give me hope
My heart tries to come to you
And yet now you give up
Is it too broken for your taste?
For you have the missing pieces
Or has it become too dark?
For I fear that my heart is near dead
It and the Heart Thief seem to be one
Can you at least pretend?
Can you please just try?
For my pain bleeds from my heart
The Heart Thief makes it bleed more
And with that, I bleed too
The pain turns from emotional to real
He takes a knife to my heart
Whispering the lies of love from the knight
My heart screams silently
It begs for the end
The Heart Thief laughs and hands me the tools
I use them for other means
But they are still there
At this point, I don’t know who will win
My heart or my will
Stay strong, my will
Be bright, my hope
Even though the hea
:iconsongofhopeoriginal:SongOfHopeOriginal 0 0
What made you start to love me?
Was it my kindness?
Was it the intelligent way I spoke?
Maybe it was because I was so sweet
Did you ever ask yourself why you fell in love?
Was it my strength and courage?
Or was it my naivety and innocence?
Or did you see me as beautiful?
What made you stop loving me?
Was it my selfishness?
Was it the stupid way I acted and reacted?
Maybe it was because I’m such a bitter person
Did you ever ask yourself why you fell out of love?
Was it my weakness and fear?
Or was it my distrust and stains?
Or did you finally realize how ugly I am?
Am I just not the girl you thought you knew?
Did you fall in love with a different person?
Was that person the idea of me you had?
Or is it another girl?
:iconsongofhopeoriginal:SongOfHopeOriginal 1 0


Lloyd the green ninja?? by Mazzillus Lloyd the green ninja?? :iconmazzillus:Mazzillus 10 3 Moonlight Sonata by JitterbugJive Moonlight Sonata :iconjitterbugjive:JitterbugJive 267 19 KATNEP GIF by Buta-Rockin-Erywhere KATNEP GIF :iconbuta-rockin-erywhere:Buta-Rockin-Erywhere 55 200 Young Sensei Wu by NinjagoGirl78 Young Sensei Wu :iconninjagogirl78:NinjagoGirl78 15 24 Ninjago: Sensei Wu by jezmarie Ninjago: Sensei Wu :iconjezmarie:jezmarie 21 7 Ninjago Sketches_Anime Style by kemurikat Ninjago Sketches_Anime Style :iconkemurikat:kemurikat 315 86 Ninjago! by uni416 Ninjago! :iconuni416:uni416 1,000 172 Ninjago: Aviator Jay by witch-girl-pilar Ninjago: Aviator Jay :iconwitch-girl-pilar:witch-girl-pilar 73 25 Ninjago: VOCALOID Jay by witch-girl-pilar Ninjago: VOCALOID Jay :iconwitch-girl-pilar:witch-girl-pilar 160 32 Lego ninjago- Jay by FireBlazeDragon5 Lego ninjago- Jay :iconfireblazedragon5:FireBlazeDragon5 94 41 Ninjago: What's Color (Zane) by witch-girl-pilar Ninjago: What's Color (Zane) :iconwitch-girl-pilar:witch-girl-pilar 113 31 Ninjago: VOCALOID Zane by witch-girl-pilar Ninjago: VOCALOID Zane :iconwitch-girl-pilar:witch-girl-pilar 167 81 Ninjago Zane by seantriana Ninjago Zane :iconseantriana:seantriana 290 33 Cole The Ninja of Earth Color by HollowRain1 Cole The Ninja of Earth Color :iconhollowrain1:HollowRain1 108 41



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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I draw and doodle, but I really suck. I'm probably just gonna mooch off of you actually good artists to get drawings for my fanfics.

I will do literature commissions.

Canon One-Shots-5 points,

CannonXOC One-Shots-10 points

Stories with 2-5 Chapters-20 points.

Every Additional 5 Chapters-10 Points (example: A thirty chapter story would be 145 points, a 100 chapter story would be 495 points)

My chapters will go by words, so a chapter is between 1000 words to about 7,000 words

I will also do clean base commissions, but let me explain this.

When I say clean base commissions, it does NOT mean that I'll be making bases for other people. What this means is that I will clean up other people's bases for them. I've noticed that bases aren't totally clean, so I will get the base from the person who wishes to have it cleaned up, then I will do it depending on the base. If you try to have me clean up someone else's base for you, I will find out very easily. Different types of bases cost different amounts of points.

Single Person (no clothes)-10 points

Single Person (with clothes)-12 points

More Than 1 Person (no clothes)-10 points + 5 additional points for each person

More Than 1 Person (with clothes)-12 points + 6 additional point for every person

Person (no clothes) and Animal-16 points

Person (with clothes) and Animal-18 points

More Than 1 Person (no clothes)/Animal-24 points + 5 additional points for every person and 7 additional points for every animal

More Than 1 Person (with clothes)/Animal-26 points + 6 additional person and 7 additional points for every animal

Animal-14 points

Animals-14 points + 7 additional points for every animal

Human Like Animal (no clothes)-16 points

Human Like Animal (with clothes)-18 points

Human Like Animals (no clothes)-16 points + 8 additional points for every character

Human Like Animals (with clothes)-18 points + 9 additional point for every character

Single Earth Pony Base-16 points

Multiple Earth Pony Base-16 points + 4 additional points for every Earth Pony

Single Pegasus Pony Base-20 points

Pegasi Pony Base-20 points + 8 additional points for every Pegasus Pony

Single Unicorn Pony Base-18 points

Multiple Unicorn Pony Base-18 points + 6 additional points for every Unicorn Pony

Single Alicorn Pony Base-22 points

Multiple Alicorn Pony Base-22 points + 10 additional points for every Alicorn Pony

Pony Mixed Base-4 points for every Earth Pony, 6 points for every Unicorn Pony, 8 points for every Pegasus Pony, and 10 points for every Alicorn Pony

If the base has a background, then it will be 15 additional points (NOTE: background that are one flat color other than white, so, let's say the background is the same shade of blue, it doesn't cost anything, but if there's a scene, or a mottled/blended background, then it counts as a 'With Background' cost)

If anyone within the base is holding an object of some sort, then for every object they are holding, then it costs another 5 points.


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I'm trying to get enough points for some pictures, and this the exact amount I need for this to happen. Please, donate so I can get these pictures!

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1. If you would choose one bey, which one will it be?
[ ] Ifrit
[X] Salamander
[ ] Orochi
[ ] Leviathan
[ ] Griffin
[ ] Dragoon
[ ] Phoenix
[ ] Golem
[ ] Behemoth
[ ]none of the above

2. Which job best suits you?
[ ] mechanic
[ ] fashion model
[ ] clown? 
[ ] flirter
[ ] hero
[ ] karate master
[ ] skateboarder
[ ] actor
[X] scientist
[ ] a man with a simple life

3. What is your dream?
[ ] to smile and laugh :( (Sad)
[X] to never listen to Doji again
[ ] to love Ren forever and ever!
[ ] to have Christmas every day
[ ] to not be shy around Zero and co.
[ ] to be a strong man
[ ] to draw on Zero's face
[ ] to find new people to battle, of course!
[ ] to find new beys

I tag...

1. I don't know anyone who actually does MFB stuff on this site other than already tagged people.
2. " "
3. " "
4. " "
5. " "


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