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Epona - Britain, continental Gaul; goddess of horsebreeding, healing spring, prosperity. Called Divine Horse and the Great Mare, the goddess of horses was acknowledged and worshipped by Roman soldiers. Her symbols were horses and dogs.

The *GargoylesClub is having a cpntest: Mythical Gods. This be my entry. I did a search for Celtic Gods and the page that I liked had a list of several celtic Gods. So, I scrolled through them and picked a few. But when I saw Epona, the zelda freak in me screamed "THAT ONE!" So I used that paticular god. Its also where I got the base colouring for my picture (the OoT Epona is red and white).

Using the description the website gave me helped with the design of the Garg-dog. I tried to make her both doggish and horse-ish.

Gargoyles (c) Disney
Epona Goddess Design (c) me
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Thats nice, but it looks like the little girl from Full Metal Alchemist

was it Nina her name? yeah nina the one that was turn into a chimera. -_- i almost cry when i saw that on the anime -_-

anyway it looks great !!!