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Just a slight "what if" scenario between ~davidbarrkirtley's characters Tiger and Lion. Tiger and Lion are Templars in Kirtley's short story "Cats in Victory", and I had a random little thought of "What if Tiger has actually trained Lion from a young age to be a Templar?" Then one thing led to another and this was born.

Tiger, during a trip into one of the Cat cities for supplies, smirks as the very shy Lion runs behind him as a pretty kitten walks by, smiling at Lion. If you get the chance to read the story, you would know that Lion is very narcissistic and would lavish the attention. But what if it was something he actually grew into, and not born into? Just a thought...

Very belated gift to the man himself, DBK. Although, I didn't know it was his birthday at the time so can I really be held responsible? Didn't think so.. haha

Tiger and Lion © ~davidbarrkirtley
Art © Me

Will be colored sometime next month.
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