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Doe of Deadwood: Pg247

By Songdogx
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It's been about a year and a half. I think I'll go hibernate for awhile. Stay groovy, everyone.
Might make a journal at some point, though I feel like I don't have as much to say as I did for Best Of.

Please ignore the trolls in the comments and don't reply. People want attention, don't feed into it.

A final round of awesomes for now! I think this might break the page so if it does, I'll be sure to include the others in the journal!
EDIT: It did break the page.
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Damn. This was just such an emotional journey the whole way through, I love the messages in this and the gradual passing on from all the cast we met, I feel so bad for Rig all she wants is to live and be with other deer but even now she can't. Also dang that reveal that Second was a demon too and the fact that in the end Second saved her is just amazing. Nice plan Deadwood, didn't really work out for you though.

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I binged this in one day and I'm. So incredibly impressed. I'm almost in shock? I at no point was disappointed. Every step was a journey and honestly I'm at a loss of words. Incredible job. Fantastic. This'll be one of my top favorite comics of all time.

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this is my third time rereading DoD and aAAA this has gotta be my favorite story ever. I caught up to it just around page 224 i believe before i had to wait for the updates and was there for the final page to be uploaded. Everything about this is just,,, so good. i think this is what started my own fascination with deer and inspired my own story about them. The worldbuilding and herd cultures were so interesting and unique compared to what attempts I've seen in other stories. I realize now I have a few OCs with things borrowed from Rig. She's so interesting and memorable eee-

Thank you for this.

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Just binge-read this entire comic, and I must say bravo! The story was extremely unique and intriguing the whole way through, and the ending was satisfying. 10/10, great job! <3

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This was an amazing comic, I hope you make a sequel to it.

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No sequels, prequels, or spin-offs = D

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Just binged this the whole day. Razmerry sent me. I loved every second of this comic. It is probably the best tragedy I will ever read, even if they aren´t my favorite. Awesome comic, one of my all-time favorite. Pure genius.

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Just binged through this comic, normally I'm not one for tragedies but the ending of this definitely felt more like closure than just "everyone dies the end". And I like that Rig is ultimately able to turn the tables on her former master, and might even be able to choke him out altogether one day. Deadwood was a great villain itself though, he/it (I gave him a deep male voice in my head lol) gives me strong Beast vibes from Over the Garden Wall, and not just because they're both manipulative trees.

Overall, tenouttaten.

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I don't know how many comments you get each day, and I apologize for adding to the horde by commenting on an old project.

But I just binged this, and loved it! The story was easy to follow, and every one of your characters were endearing, even Deadwood and Pace the Widower. It was incredibly original, I laughed and gasped at the certain moments. (No crying, I'm not that easy to move, but I almost did when Fen died.)

Thank you for this amazing comic!!!

(Also, I see you have a lot of comics. I request a bit of advice: How do you keep going? What motivates you to finish? I have a couple comics, and I lose inspiration easily, so any advice is appreciated.)

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I always like getting comments, even on my older work. I'm just not as good at replying to them now as I used to be; I used to basically reply to every comment I got but I don't have as much time as before sadly.

I think what motivates people isn't the same for everyone. I've been doing comics so long, I think coming up on 10 years, that the idea of stopping one just isn't really an option for me. I think part of it is just habit building; I work a little on my comics every day and I've been doing that for so many years that it just comes kind of naturally. My first comic was for an OCT so I had hard-set deadlines built in which got me in that habit. I took some time between that one and my next comic and I had to rebuild that habit but it is possible. Just setting aside a little time every day or every few days to work, maybe starting with smaller projects first and seeing them through to the end even if you don't always like how they end up. I can't say that I'm at max-inspiration every time I sit down to work, but I don't think you have to be either. And sometimes, you just have to make peace with not liking every page you make or how every scene turned out. I'd rather have a finished story with some rough patches than an unfinished story with unfulfilled potential.

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Tysm for responding! I'll remember that, thanks!

Making peace with stuff I don't like is difficult haha, but I manage.

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Autumn is the perfect season to binge this in my opinion and rereading it once again (for the third time I believe) reminded me again why I love it so much! You did an absolutely fantastic job writing and illustrating this story and it remains one of my absolute favourite stories in existence! You truly have a gift! Thank you so much for giving us this masterpiece! :heart:

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Thank you ^^ I think I originally started making it in autumn, so that feels very full circle!

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PHEW I need to... I need to sit down.

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Oh hello you found this one too then?

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I did! Binged it in two sittings and me cuppa went cold each time pashaha

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And now I can imagine a song about The Doe Of The Deadwood Forest

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I cry when fen die

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I just binged this and like.. Im hurting inside.. Thank you for this wonderful, tragic, heartbreaking story..

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this was a gorgeous and heartbreaking tale, thank you so much for putting this out into the world! so many aspects of this are going to stick with me for years, I can tell omg

also: may or may not have binge-read this in one night, and now it's 3:00 AM... zero regrets

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I read the whole comic in a span of two days, and I loved it! It's such a powerful and heartbreaking story. Fantastic work!

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This was such an awesome read. The story was beautifully told. I feel so sad for Rig, that in the end she did not get the presence of either her child or her mate. :c

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Just binged this whole comic despite the annoyance that is Eclipse. I've had part of an idea for an animatic stirring in my head for about three chapters now. maybe I'll make it, but I don't draw deer all that much. who knows?

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wow. my friend linked me to this and i read all but the first few pages in one day. i have a lot to say but to spare rambling...this hits me very deeply and personally as someone with severe OCD who lives in a constant state of the fear of death.

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