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Roar Howl Run pg118

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You know a character is trying to look cool when they say something cryptic and then immediately leave.
Pretty sure the scars are bigger on the ref sheet that I never uploaded. Whoops off model!

Behold this adorable awesome!
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tynethyneHobbyist General Artist

This is one of my favorite scenes by far; bittersweet <3.

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NightTheKittyKatHobbyist Digital Artist

Can... the bear have more than one desciple? is he sending ata back because he cant bear to say goodbye? songdog???

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BluedramonHobbyist Digital Artist

Now that it's confirmed that it is possible to "change your stars", I started to view the line "he had eyes like a fox's" differently now.

What if Ata was onto something? What if Pomenes isn't the Rabbit Disciple, but instead the Fox Disciple?

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justforcommentaryStudent Traditional Artist

"When roared at ,a rabbit runs. A wolf howls for help. But a bear roars back."

No wonder Arcas is ashamed.

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SoroneirHobbyist General Artist

"I've had enough dealings with disciples for a lifetime. Including you, now get out."

Songdog-StrayFang's avatar
Songdog-StrayFangHobbyist Digital Artist

"I'm hooking up with a lady tonight, I can't have my kid sister tagging along."

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WaterKnighttHobbyist Writer

Didn't Temis said something about when her kids come back they have to fight her? Is that why Arces doesn't want to go back? And does that mean Ata will have to fighther as she is her kid and is coming back?

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AdamantineClawsHobbyist General Artist

Well, this is Arcas's territory, he only came back to his mother's to ask her for help defending it from Calydon. But who knows if that rule about fighting applies to Ata!

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Romane2308Hobbyist General Artist

All the comments based on Temis future death made me remember how you can be cruel with your characters and now I start fearing the next parts xDDD Awesome job as ever

OnyxDragonArts's avatar

But maama bears already dead i recon

breath-of-stars's avatar

You're gonna make me really sad in another page or two aren'tcha?

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the feels oh the feels

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Arcas: See ya later, Ata!

Ata: WAIT! I can't explain my eye to Mom on my own!

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AdamantineClawsHobbyist General Artist

I progressively worry more for Temis! Although if there can be just one disceple for entire species, then this is surprisingly high disciple density in this one patch of land achievable by walking

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ArmadielHobbyist General Artist

See you soon Brother Bear!

And now, time to prepare the kokoro...

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MechoMaskHobbyist Digital Artist

The boar tore him a new butthole Fucked Poot (Heavy)

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WazagaHobbyist General Artist

prediction: mama-bear is going to be fully blind and feeble. She won't be fully prepared for winter and now can't get enough food for her fat stores. Ata will try to hunt for her, possibly get her wolf sibs to help, but it's not enough. Mom hibernates when winter comes... but never wakes up after.

MzKRAZyPOUiTA562's avatar
MzKRAZyPOUiTA562Hobbyist Traditional Artist

You can prepare for winter by nice juicy boar meat

That body should last a good while

The bear star said that many lacked the strength that Ata had

Maybe Arcas is an example of that

Rather than fight, he runs

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MrGheesfellowStudent General Artist

It's pretty annoying though when the other side keeps adding something after your cool line, so you have to quickly come up with new finishers as you walk away.

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WolfsharkCCProfessional General Artist

Actually Ata is still young here right? Does that mean she's gonna be an over sized rabbit (even bigger than the rabbit disciple) later on?

Songdog-StrayFang's avatar
Songdog-StrayFangHobbyist Digital Artist

I'm not good at doing animal-to-human age comparisons. She's young, but she's done growing.

Naahelee's avatar
NaaheleeHobbyist Digital Artist

Not sure, but I believe she is fully grown!

lunar--cat1364's avatar
lunar--cat1364Student Digital Artist

well she is a bear disciple.

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Oh yeah I forgot about winter, wonder what Ata will do when her mom goes into hibernation.

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