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Tutorial Kawaii Onigiri KeyChain

Feel free 2 ask me anythings about this tutorial..
Updated: The template for this Kawaii Onigiri Keychain--->[link]

*Please don't use this pic tutorial to make money.. hope u'll understand what i want 2 say here..

I think some people not understand this,, what i means was don't use this photo (ex: print or put on ebook) or even put it in some DIY pack and sells it..
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You should sow the front and back together with the face on the inside so you can flip it inside out and it won't have the outline of where you sowed it together...
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Actually that's the purpose when u sew with "Blanket Stitch" style..
To show you stitch finishing, so people will know if ur sewing skills good or not..
That's my opinion when I see other people's work..
ZephyrOfStar's avatar
It doesn't matter if they are good at it or not as long as they are happy with the end product, sooooo...
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Aww so cute I luv it
Ilyere's avatar
I wanna give this a go sometime. X3
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So I've had a go at this, and I'm a bit confused about the part where you sew the edge. When you reach the part where the keychain holder is, how do you sew it together?
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Thanks for sharing such a cute tutorial!
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lol, this is too cute.
Skitterkins's avatar
i feel like making a cute carrot.
Animecolourful's avatar
I wanna make it! :happybounce: Problem is i'm hopeless at craft :(
Animecolourful's avatar
Btw this is awesome! Great job! :)
SongAhIn's avatar
that's a simple 1, i'm sure u can make it..:nod:
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I am going to make this! Too cute!
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Very cute. I had no idea what safety eyes were until I saw them. I've always heard them called brads :D
SongAhIn's avatar
actually i call it brads 2..:nod:
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Thank you so much! I'll defiantly use this for Christmas gifts! ^ v ^
Articunochick1993's avatar
hope you don't mind if i save this pic... I think i just found something to make for my nieces for christmas ^_^
whispery-mist's avatar
OMG, I love it~:heart:
I cannot wait to make one. :iconomgsocuteplz:
I also have a question: how do I get a ball chain that small? I think I might have seen one at the crafts store, but it was much longer.
SongAhIn's avatar
i buy it online.. u can search here [link] , [link]..
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