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It seems that thanks to NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), the writing aspect of this entire project has finally taken off!  Most of the characters in Song of Exile have only existed in illustration, in chat roleplay with friends, or in that poker room in my head where neglected characters spend their time.  It's a whole new world when they blossom in words for you and dance upon your sadistic author puppet strings!  

I've been posting daily excerpts from my very raw unedited novel over at my Tumblr.  Here's a tease to get you over there reading.:D

He found her weeping upon the red stained sheets, her skin as pale as bone. Not even his embrace seemed to comfort her.

“Oh I hunger, my love!” The Queen moaned. And so he brought her the finest dates, but the taste did not satisfy and she could dine no more.

“Oh I thirst, my love!” The Queen wept. And so he brought her clear spring water, but her thirst could not be quenched and she could drink no more.

The Queen grew paler and haggard still, her eyes sunken as an old woman’s. “Meat!” She commanded. “Slaughter it here where I can see! A moment too late from death will make it spoiled!” She craved nothing less and dreamed of red each night…

My Tumblr -
My NaNoWriMo Profile -…

(I'm still seeking writing buddies there, so feel free to buddy me! It's so fun to watch everyone's word counts go up.)

These are very raw writing excerpts from what will most likely become a first draft, so things may change.  Either way, enjoy this peek into a little story that could!
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