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Sonsal: snowy connection

Sonic made a fire near a cliff. He was too far from station square and it was really cold out. He was near his home town of knothole. He had left because of sally being angry at him. He sat down by the fire on a log and sighed. Sally walked through the forest and shivered. She saw smoke from a fire and ran in the direction of it. She saw sonic sitting next to a fire. She came out. Sonic looked up. "Sal? I mean sally?" "Hi sonic. I saw the fire and came over" she sat on the log next to sonic. "I missed you last Christmas"
"Why should I come? You hate me" "no I don't. Why do you think so?" "Every time I got near you… you ignored me and walked away" surprisingly, she hugged sonic and started crying. "I was confused then… sonic, please come back to knothole; I need you"
Sonic wiped away her tears. "Don't cry sal, if you want me to come back, I will. Christmas is in 15 days, I haven't you in a long time as well." Sonic and sally neared each other and then kissed. It started snowing and sonic and sally walked home. Sonic looked around knothole and saw a lot of Christmas decorations. But he noticed that the tree was not up yet. "Hey sal, how about the tree that's in the middle of knothole? It's not decorated yet"  "I know, it wasn't last year either, you are normally the one that decorates it mostly" sonic nodded. "Oh, almost forgot" tails came out of his house and saw sonic. "Hey sonic!" "Hey tails! Are you still sad over cosmo?" tails shook his head. "Nope! She came back!" "Oh… glad to hear it!" sonic got a confused look on his face. He looked at sally. "I'll tell you later" they got to sally's home. "Sonic, you can stay here until you can find a house in knothole again" "thanks!" they went to bed; together. Close to morning, sonic got up and went to blaze's holiday store and bought a bunch of Christmas decorations. He bumped into Tikal on the way home. "Tikal? I thought you couldn't leave Angel Island!" she blinked. "I found out I could! Knuckles brought me to knothole and I have been living here ever since!" "Great to hear it! Im back with sal!"
She nodded. Sonic got home and decorated the house. Sally got up and got dressed. She walked out of her room and noticed the decorations. "Sonic?" sonic walked into the room. "Yes?" "Did you do this?" "Yeah, you like it?" "Yeah, but next time, ask me first"
Sonic nodded. They walked out. Sonic gathered their friends. "Hey everyone! Isn't it time we set the tree up?" shadow sighed.  Everyone else agreed. They soon got what was needed and got it set up. Sonic and sally started walking home. Sonic took out some mistletoe and held it over sally's head. She looked up and blushed. Sonic kissed her. "Sonic, I'm feeling like we are too close to just be dating…" "Sal, we just got back together" she sighed. "I know it's just; before we were apart; we were very close."
They got home.  *14 days later* sonic looked outside and saw snow falling lightly like normal. It was Christmas Eve and he had something special planned for sally tomorrow.
It was early morning and the Christmas party was at tails' house this year. Tails had said that cosmo was back, but he never saw her out side or anywhere. He was starting to think that she had never come back. He walked with sally to tails' house and knocked on the door. Tails answered. "Sonic! Sally! Come on in!" they got in. they saw all of their friends. There was a hedgehog with shadow that sonic did not recognize. He walked over. "Hey shadow! Who's your friend?" shadow grunted. The girl walked up. "Im Maria, you must be sonic" sonic nodded. "Uh huh, I'm guessing shadow's not in the talking mood right now?" she shook her head. "No, not really. He talks to me though" the night went on; sonic found out that cosmo was really back. He found out when he saw her and tails under the mistletoe. Soon the party ended and traditionally everyone stayed at tails' house. Every one was asleep for sonic and sally. They were by the fire. "Sal, now that we are alone; I have something to ask you" sally noticed that sonic was tense and nervous. "Sonic? Are you okay?" he nodded. He crouched under the tree and took out the smallest present. He handed it to sally. "Sonic, Christmas is tomorrow…" "Open it, you'll know why" she took the wrapping off and found a small box. She opened it and found a sapphire ring" "sal, will you be mine?" sally tried to hold back tears, but to no avail.
She kissed sonic. "Sonic, I love you so damn much, of coarse I'll marry you" they kissed again. They cuddled up on the couch and fell asleep.
just a christmas sonsal story i made early!
© 2011 - 2023 sondash300
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One Of The Best Sonic And Sally Wedding Proposals I've Ever Seen!!!! I Love It!!!!!