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S h a d o w by Un-Genesis S h a d o w :iconun-genesis:Un-Genesis 213 23 Free - Popplio in circus act with Spheal by TheLittlelight Free - Popplio in circus act with Spheal :iconthelittlelight:TheLittlelight 231 36 Sneak A Kiss Love 83 by knockoutandsonic Sneak A Kiss Love 83 :iconknockoutandsonic:knockoutandsonic 102 17 Sonaze by Myly14 Sonaze :iconmyly14:Myly14 872 101 Sonaze by Unichrome-uni Sonaze :iconunichrome-uni:Unichrome-uni 946 116
Sonaze Wedding Part 7
Sonic:*yawns* Man, what a good sleep
Blaze:*yawns* Good morning, Sonic
Sonic:How many days left till we're married?
Sonic:Good, I bet Tails and Eggman are done
Eggman:Holy smokes! We have 1 day left
Tails:Lets finish it
Eggman:Right behind you
(Sonic's and Blaze's House)
Sonic:OK, sleepyheads, now we have to get the rest of the stuff
Silver:*yawns*OK, we'll get it, just give us 5 more minutes
Shadow:Yeah, we're not morning people, like you
Sonic:Fine, I'll go to Eggman's base to see if the airship is ready or not while you people sleep
Silver:Good, get going
Sonic:Grr *rage in his eyes*
Silver:O.O Sorry, just go
Sonic:OK, bye
Silver:Bye *goes back to sleep*
(At Eggman's Base)
Eggman:Yes, its completed!
Tails:We make a good team
Eggman:It looks so beautiful
Tails:And its slow and steady
Eggman:Perfect for the wedding
Tails:All we got to do now is to decorate it
Eggman:And the others need to help us cuz its so big
*Sonic walks in*
Sonic:Hey guys is the shi- wow it lo
:iconcuteblazethecat:CuteBlazeTheCat 33 29
Series Description Prototype
Okay so here's how the series will work.
The series will be called Sonic & Friends.
It's influenced by the game's canon only because it's the main canon.
Only the characters from that canon will be in it.
It'll take place after Sonic Generations so Eggman will not be it.
In Blaze's dimension Eggman Nega is defeated for good and Blaze shares the thrown with Marine and the Coconut Crew giving her an excuse to live in Sonic's world but will go back when she is requested meaning no one from her dimension but Marine (mabye) will be in it.
The focus will be comedic and a little romantic.
The Chaos and Sol Emeralds will be with Sonic & Blaze respectively for the entire series.
Blaze lives with Cream and Vanilla at their house.
Sonic lives with Tails in his workshop while Knuckles lives on Angel Island still Guarding the Master Emerald. The trio visit each other very frequently.
Silver works for G.U.N. with Shadow, Rouge and Omega as partners.
Amy lives in her little cottage still forcing Soni
:icongamingkenetics:GamingKenetics 1 3
Sonic and Friends Pilot
Pilot: The After Party!
The Park 10:00am
Sonic: Now that time and space are as it should be, you and Shadow are welcome to stay at the party.
Silver: Thanks Sonic, I will.
Shadow: Eh, why not.
Blaze: (Shyly) Sonic, could I talk to you privately for a minute?
Amy: (Suspiciously) No you can't, either tell all of us or back off!
Sonic: (Annoyed) Ugh! What's your problem Amy? Sure Blaze. (Leads Blaze Behind Tree)
Amy: (Jealous) Hrmph!
Sonic: Okay, what's up?
Blaze: Well, I've decided to live here in your dimension for good.
Sonic: That's awesome, but what about your dimension, Eggman Nega, and the throne?
Blaze: Nega is in a Solitary Confinement Cell for life, I've taken Marine under my wing like how you took Tails under yours meaning me, she and the Coconut Crew live together in the palace and treat each other normally and I've discovered recently that as long as all the Sol Emeralds are in my possession I can travel between our dimensions at will without our worlds falling apart.
:icongamingkenetics:GamingKenetics 7 1
Sonic and Friends One
One: Coolest Date Ever!
Tails's Workshop 7:00am
Sonic: (Yawns) Morning Tails.
Tail: Hey Sonic, slept well?
Sonic: You bet, and you?
Tails: Well I didn't do any tinkering last night so, yeah I did.
Sonic: That's good to hear so what do we have planned for today?
Tails: Well I was hoping you could help me with some of my machines after breakfast then we can train with Knuckles for the rest of the day.
Sonic: Sorry Tails I'd love to but I already got plans in the afternoon but you can pick whether we work or train.
Tails: In that case we'll train with Knuckles then I'll ask him to help me with my inventing, by the way what's your plan for the afternoon?
Sonic: I'm meeting up with Blaze.
Tails: (Smirks) I didn't you like Blaze.
Sonic: (Blushes) What? No we're just, hanging out.
Tails: But you're blushing.
Sonic: D-oh! (Annoyed) Is that it? Let's eat and get going. [I'll never live this down.]
Tails: Whatever you say Sonic. (Chuckles)
Sonic: (Blushes) It's not a date you know!
Tails: (Smirk
:icongamingkenetics:GamingKenetics 7 4
Sonic and Friends Two
Two: Fear Racing!
Tails's Workshop 11:00am
Cream: Tails we're here.
Tails: Hello Cream.
Blaze: Hi Sonic.
Sonic: Hey Blaze, you ready to conquer your fear?
Blaze: (Nervously) Um, no not really.
Tails: Didn't think you were.
Sonic: We had a feeling this would happen so we'll go for a drive instead.
Blaze: (Confused) A drive?
Sonic: You know like in a car or something?
Blaze: Oh, I've never been in car before sorry.
Cream: I don't think I've been in a car either.
Tails: That's okay, it'll make the drive more fun right Sonic?
Sonic: I couldn't agree more, I'm gonna get a glass of water Blaze you want one? (Walks Inside)
Blaze: Sure. (Follows Sonic)
Tails: (Grabs Cream's Shoulder) Hold up Cream.
Cream: (confused) Why? What's going on?
Tails: {The drive is actually going to help Blaze get over her acrophobia.}
Cream: {Really, how?}
Tails: {They can transform in boats to ride the waves and transform to planes to take to the skies.}
Cream: {Oh, wow.}
Tails: {But don't tell Blaze, it's a surpri
:icongamingkenetics:GamingKenetics 6 2
Sonic and Friends Three
Three: Memories Of The Light!
Tails's Workshop 6:00am
Tails: (Yawns) Morning Sonic.
Sonic: (Yawns) Huh? Oh, hey Tails.
Tails: Sonic were you down here all night? (Sighs) I see your it wearing as a bracelet huh?
Sonic: (Nods Calmly) It's been a month since, you know.
Tails: (Comforts Sonic) I miss him too Sonic.
Sonic: Which is why we're going to Windmill Isle in Apotos around noon, so we can pay our respects by playing his favourite song.
Tails: With that said, I'll pack up our stereo and meet you there, I need to fly over to Spagonia to pick up Professor Pickle. (Waves Bye)
Sonic: Alright pal, I'll see you later. (Waves And Dashes Out)
Mystic Ruins 10:00am
Sonic: (Leans Against Tree) I know it was for the best, but I miss you Chip. (Takes Off Necklace) But at least I have your necklace for me to remember the good times we've had, (Chuckles) by wearing it as a bracelet.
Amy: (Excited) There's my sweetie!
Sonic: (Groans) Seriously, can't you give me a break?! (Hides Behind Tree)
Amy: (F
:icongamingkenetics:GamingKenetics 7 2
Sonic and Friends Four
Four: The Parcel And The Potion!
Tails's Workshop 10:00am
Tails: That was good, thanks for breakfast Sonic.
Sonic: Not a problem pal, I'll take care of the dishes.
Tails: (Hears Door Knocking) Hm? Sonic why don't you get the door, I'll do the dishes for you.
Sonic: Sure okay, (Opens Door) Oh, hi Blaze.
Blaze: Hey Sonic, did I come at a bad time?
Sonic: Your timing's fine, would you like to come in? (Lends Hand)
Blaze: Sure, thanks. (Takes Hand)
Sonic: (Leads Blaze To Couch) So what's this about?
Blaze: Is Tails around? This involves him too.
Tails: I'm here, we just finished up breakfast.
Blaze: Great because I just remembered I need to pick up a few things in my dimension and I need a way to keep in contact with you guys while I'm there.
Tails: That should be easy, we just need four rings and both Emerald sets and I already have rings.
Sonic/Blaze: Sure no problem./Sure no problem.
Tails: (Exhausted) Whew, they're done.
Sonic: As always, you did a good job there Tails.
:icongamingkenetics:GamingKenetics 6 1
Sonic and Friends Five
Five: The GUN Ball!
Station Square 11:00am
Marine: Wow this city sure is huge.
Tails: I still find it hard to believe you never been to a city before.
Marine: Believe mate. Oi Blaze what sort of gown you looking for?
Tails: Oh yeah and what about your tuxedo Sonic?
Blaze: Sonic and I already have our formal wear.
Sonic: (Gloats) Seeing as you guys lack style, Blaze and I are helping you guys with yours.
Tails: Hey we have style!
Blaze: (Gloats) Oh please, when it comes to building and repairing stuff then yes but clothes not so much.
Marine: (Smirks) Like the two of ye know style.
Sonic: (Smirks) Hey! Remember who you're talking to, The Coolest Guy Around and his Super Hot Combat Partner. (Shocked And Embarrassed) [What Did I Just Say?!]
Blaze: (Flirty) So I'm your 'Super Hot Combat Partner' am I?
Sonic: (Face Fluttered) Um I er, w-what I mean that--
Blaze: (Laughs) So much for you being the 'Coolest Guy Around' huh Sonic?
Sonic: (Blushes) Aw man but I didn't mean it like that. (Smirks
:icongamingkenetics:GamingKenetics 6 6
Sonic and Friends Six
Six: Personality Panic!
Cream's House 4:00am
Blaze: (Sleepy) Hmm? (Looks Out Window And See A Gush Of Wind) {I better follow it, maybe it's a threat.} (Drinks Half The Glass Of Water And Looks Round The Room) {Marine and the others are still asleep so I better leave a note.} (Leaves Note And Jumps Out Window)
Speed Highway 6:00am
Blaze: (Confused) I could have sworn I felt that wind come up here.
Sonic: You did, it was me.
Blaze: (Startled) Oh hello Sonic, that's good I thought it was a threat (Blushes) er I-I mean I didn't mean that you were--
Sonic: (Calm) It's no problem I understand, in fact I thought it Amy trying to stalk me before I reminded my self she's one of the slowest people I know. I only noticed it was you when I was on my way up here.
Blaze: Okay, so where are we this time?
Sonic: We're in none other than Speed Highway and this skyscraper we're on has the best view of the entire Highway not to mention the rest of Station Square. I sometimes come here to watch the sunris
:icongamingkenetics:GamingKenetics 6 1
Sonic and Friends Finale
Finale: The Last Straw!
The Park 10:00am
Sonic: (Confused) So, what did you mean when you said the Time Eater was beyond your skills? I thought our skill set was identical.
Blaze: Well yes, but I didn't get much time to practice as I had to guard the Sol Emeralds from burglary though now that's not much of a problem.
Sonic: I see, maybe if I found a way to visit you more often then I could've showed a few tricks then. Though that shouldn't stop me from doing that now, what do you say?
Blaze: I like the sound that.
Sonic: Great, how about a little hand to hand combat to warm up?
Blaze: (Smirks) Only if you don't mind me winning.
Sonic: (Smirks) That is if you can earn it.
Blaze: Ready when you are.
Amy: (Walks) I know Sonic's around here somewhere.
Sonic/Blaze: OW!/OUCH!
Amy: What was that?
Sonic: (Gets Up) Looks like a draw. (Lends Hand)
Blaze: Looks like it. (Takes Sonic's Hand)
Sonic: Nice Blaze, I'm seeing improvement.
Blaze: Really? I thought I was the same as last time.
Sonic: No,
:icongamingkenetics:GamingKenetics 8 1
Sonic X Underground Seven
Seven: Just Another Day!
Eggman's Base
Bocoe: So what's your plan for world domination this time, Doctor?
Eggman: (Groans) Oh, we're just gonna lay low for awhile.
Decoe: So you got nothing?
Eggman: (Snickers) Oh I do but you'll find out later, but for now, we'll cause a bit of chaos by sending Bokkun to tell Amy that Sonic has a girlfriend that's not her.
Bocoe/Decoe: (Scared) Oh no./Oh no.
Bokkun: (Afraid) Aw, do I have to?
Eggman: (Annoyed) Yes now get to it!
Bokkun: (Wines) Aw! (Flies Off)
Royal Palace
Sonic: (Grins) Now this is a view I can get used to. (Takes A Deep Breathe)
Blaze: (Confused) How? I've got a view just like this back home.
Sonic: (Smiles) Trust me and look out to the horizon. (Points)
Blaze: Hm what do you mean? (Awestruck) Oh my it's beautiful. [Oh all the times I'd look out my balcony never once did I really watch the sunrise.] (Smiles) So do you watch the sunrise often?
Sonic: (Smiles) I'd say only when I'm not sure about a few things and when I'm going through
:icongamingkenetics:GamingKenetics 7 5


S h a d o w by Un-Genesis
Free - Popplio in circus act with Spheal by TheLittlelight
Sneak A Kiss Love 83 by knockoutandsonic
Sonaze by Myly14


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