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Olive Swamp

Olive Swamp is an image that was made as part of a CD cover assignment. This image appeared inside the insert for a fake band called "The Violent Olives"(playing on the name "Smashing Pumpkins") ;)

This was rendered in trueSpace 3.5 several years ago, before I had a formal 3D modeling class. I think this was a good image for its time, considering computing power was limited and consumer grade 3D modeling programs were just starting to become capable and cost effective.

The image is a bit muted and some artifacts are obvious in the grass, spider web, and background. However, not bad for a newbie at the time, right? :D
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I was just checking out your site and ran into this. It's really good and a bit scary. They look like something I wouldn't want to meet up with!You're really talented. I wouldn't even know where or how to begin I'm surprised you don't have any comments. Great job.
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Thank you so much for the great compliment :D This was really fun to make and was actually one of my first 3D CG scene. The Violent Olive concept was kind of my parody of band names, such as Smashing Pumpkins LOL!

You have actually given me an idea to make a figure of one these ;) Thanks! I'll let you know when its posted :D