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Instead, you look immature

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"Bawww Rainbow Dash is a b**** she should die!!11!!"
"Amy is an obsessed fangirl! She deserves to be killed!"
"I hate Johnny Test! He deserves to die!"
"I wanna kill Fluttershy!!11!!"
"I want to kill Winry because she stole Ed from me!!11!!"

Seriously, wishing death, or even torture, on characters that don't even exist doesn't make you look edgy or cool. It make you look stupid. Hating a character is fine. I hate lots of characters. But wishing death on them is crossing the line. Wishing death on them and wanting to kill them won't make them disappear. You can't kill fictional characters yourself anyway. They don't even exist :| (Blank Stare) 
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What is this

Brewster runs over Stupid montana max
Mao Mao Kills Stupid Montana max from Tiny toons
Royal guard and Stickman attack characters
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DankShrekRobbie420Hobbyist General Artist
100% agreed.
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Haters:*plays Slayer songs in his head* I wish i want to kill sakura haruno,johnny test,malty melromarc,sanjay and craig,the cast of emoji movie characters,mineta minoru,mr krabs,minions.caillou.kirito.peppa pig and benson because they're trash

Me: Instead, you look immature by SonamyPrincess
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this is for mineta haters 
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SwaggieVortex733VAHobbyist Digital Artist
True dat since I have seen people post hate stuff about Dora the Explorer...
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KinggnikHobbyist Photographer
You cannot kill a fictional character because THEY DON'T EXIST 
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I hate Johnny Test but I don't wanna kill him unless it was SAO's Sugou

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DaBairHobbyist General Artist
Wanting to kill a fictional character sounds psycho.
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IceCreamSterHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm looking at you Rabid TTG haters
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HotheadSquirrel5Hobbyist Traditional Artist
*grabs Gilda by her chest* Abomination. *punches her straight in her face which causes my fist to be broken free on the back side of her thick gryphon brain and skull, killing her instantly*

Now, THAT makes me cool. 
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but still... it's immature...
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HotheadSquirrel5Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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i'm going to do this to you ---> Cursed  
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HotheadSquirrel5Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Don't push it...
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Disneycow82Hobbyist Filmographer
As much as I hate Kayley from "Quest for Camelot" instead of doing blood and gore images of her, I prefer her in damsel situations as she didn't know what a damsel in distress was.
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As much as I hate Caillou and Dora, I'll admit, I don't feel like killing them either since I'm simply a casual hater of them both.
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HetaliaMewni55Hobbyist Digital Artist
The same with Dora and Caillou 😂😂😂
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RhiannaPiano300Professional Digital Artist
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littlesunshinelilyHobbyist General Artist
i can kill fictional characters by writing their deaths in stories

it's like i have the whole ass death note for my fictional universes
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Sonic.exe fan here. There's one guy called :iconsonicandtailsfan64: who goes overboard with killing Sonic.exe. No, he doesn't just hate him, he really wanted him dead. It's fine to dislike or hate Sonic.exe, but really how can you defeat him? He's got reality-warping abilities, trying to kill him by yourself is like trying to defeat ISIS all by yourself. Makes sense if you are stronger than him, but with two bare hands? I disagree with him. Back in 2014 he do respected opinions over Sonic.exe, but now he feel like "whoever like Sonic exe is not a good person". And yes, I fully appreciate the friendship with Sonic and Tails.
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Prehaps Sonic.EXE Can Vore Him And Digest Him
(I Know, If You Don't Like Vore, I Respect Your Opinion)
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Nah, just let him be. I did not find him that interesting anyway.
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littlesunshinelilyHobbyist General Artist
you can beat sonic.exe by snapping the disk when your dipshit friend tells you to rather that sticking it in your disk drive like a fucking dickhead
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That makes sense.
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