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The Hacker wearing his beloved scouter

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Sonic the Hedgehog Alignment: Good. Species: Hedgehog. Likes: Amy Rose, having a good time with her, spending time with his friends, avoiding making Midnight make too much noise at night, usually to get a snack, having a good fight, and running for most of the time. Dislikes: Making Midnight mew too loudly to wake anybody up, fighting for too long, The Hacker showing off in front of him, remembering the explosion of the planet Mobius. Info: Sonic the Hedgehog and Amy Rose first met The Hacker when the man accidentally invented a portal, which sent him into their dimension. His relationship with The Hacker started somewhat rocky. Howeve

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Sonic and Amy meet The Hacker

This is my first story to publish on here, so please be kind, in terms of critique. On a particularly sunny day, an infamously clever computer expert, known by all as "The Hacker" has created a device he had seen on a cartoon. He cackles as he manages his finishing touch. "Ah, perfect fit. Now, then. Will this sucker work? Hmmmm. Better test this thing out, but how? Hm.". The Hacker looks around for a test subject. He then snaps his fingers, as he knows he can blend in with a crowd, and use the device. The Hacker loved looking through the yellow monacle over his left eye. He spots a small crowd that noticed him. "Uh, oh. Looks like I've got

On Mobius

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The doom of Mobius

Mobius in Trouble! Sonic and Amy are prepared for their big event! Everyone except for The Hacker is extremely happy, at this time. He slowly melts out of the crowd. White Hawk notices. She borrows Tails's scouter to locate him. "Ah. Thanks, Tails. I just have to talk to him. Right back! Oh!  Here's the scouter back!" She gives it back and heads in the general location where he was located. Meanwhile, Sonic and Amy are too occupied with their wedding to notice that Mobius wasn't safe, any more. Tails picks up a gadget he hears going haywire. "Uh-oh...... you might never have a wedding, Sonic!" He says. Sonic chuckles. "Tails, you

On Earth

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When Sonic first met Amy Rose

Sonic the Hedgehog was on Dr. Robotnik's tail, and was about to deliver a hard blow to the Doctor's back. However, Dr. Robotnik jumped into his famous bowling-ball shaped hover vehicle and sped off. The planet Mobius was beautiful. It was full of various types of land. Some areas of the planet were covered in grass, while some were in marble. However, there were some artificially created terrains and water bodies as well. Sonic grunts in frustration, as he wants to stop the madman from transforming any more animals into robo-fuel. Luckily, he had a Chaos Emerald in sight. Sonic grabs it. Its color is red, resembling a ruby. "What beauts!" So

The Early Days of Sonic and Amy

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Team Hacker Family

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