Which Saints Row gang would you fit in to?

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Okay playa, lets see which gang you're best suited to...

1: What's your favourite colour?

A: Purple
B: Red
C: Dark Green
D: Yellow
E: Pink
F: Green
G: Blue
H: Orange

2: What kind of cars do you like?

A: A car's a car, just so long as I can fit all my homies in I'm cool.
B: Big trucks
C: Classy rides
D: Screw cars, I like bikes!
E: Inconspicuous cars that won't get noticed
F: Gas guzzlers
G: Fast as an e-mail
H: Corprate limos

3: What's the best way to put your gang on the map?

A: Destroy every other gang that stands in your way!
B: Take over the weapons trade
C: Take over the drugs trade
D: Take over the prostitution trade
E: Collaborate with over gangs
F: Run the protection racket
G: Take over cyberspace
H: Become a media mogul

4: What kind of clothes do you like?

A: Anything really
B: Plain old cotton shirts
C: Baggy slacks
D: Biker gear
E: Smartly dressed
F: Masks and combats
G: Emo look
H: Pinstripe suits

5: Apart from the colour of your shirt, what's the best way to express your allegiance?

A: Who says you have to wear the shirt? Everyone knows where my loyalty lies
B: Tribal tattoos
C: A specific hairstyle, like Dreadlocks
D: Strong discipline
E: I think my accent would give it away
F: My traditions and sense of honour
G: Sticking with my homies on Facebook
H: I'm only loyal to myself!

Okay playa, check your results in the description.
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1) C





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Well, go to the results sheet to see which gang is for you