I am starting to see too many submissions for family pictures of Sonic and Shadow and their offsprings. I am now enforcing a new ruling. From now on, a member can only submit a single family picture (this means pictures containing offspring) once per year. I know you guys love your fan character offspring of the pair but its getting out of hand when we're seeing more of those than just general Sonadow.
UPDATE: gallery.sonadow.com - Open. Contact me if you have any problems!

Good news for all you Sonadow artists out there: Sonadow Online Gallery is making a comeback soon! We're moving on to another system and get everything set up. The Gallery will be on it's own site, so there will be a seperate login and no intergration to muck things up again.

Once more WE HAVE OUR OLD SONADOW GALLERY ART. Once the gallery is up, I will be attempting to restore old gallery art to the site.

DA can only go so far. Sonadow Online Gallery is UNLIMITED rating. Plus, we keep monitoring on art posted. Art thieves will be immediately blocked and stolen art taken down. Plus, no crappy -Take a screenshot from Sonic X and manipulate it- shit.

Be sure to help us spread the word! Sonadow Online Gallery is coming!
Hey guys! A few things to bring up:

-Sonadow.com and SonicRadio.net will be joining the Internet Blackout tommorrow in protest of SOPA. We believe that SOPA is a major threat to the internet and will not idly stand aside as our politicians are bribed by Hollywood, the ESA and the RIAA into supporting a bill that could stifle free speech for all Americans, and in effect, the rest of the world.

-Sonadow Oekaki is actively seeking more artists to post cool Sonadow art! Head to www.sonadow.com/oekaki and join in the fun!
Alright guys, Sonadow Online is back on with an updated design that I hope you guys will like. We got all new forums, the fanfiction section has a new look, and we're working to get more sections added or updated. So if you haven't gone already, hit Sonadow.com! (Or Sonadow Online's DA section if you're not of legal age yet)
Hey gang! I wanna let you guys know that-


- I am finally back from the Dreams Come True concert in Los Angeles. It was EPIC to see Masa and Miwa perform live. Me and my friends must of been the only non-Japanese Americans there, some of them even looked at us and said "You actually know who this group is?"

On Monday, AI page serves should resume-


-sort of. The problem was that while I was up in Los Angeles, my wonderful and beautiful slave :iconshadowremix: (who I missed so much while I was gone!!!!!), went and made a nice surprise for me, by turning my desktop into a Star Trek theme (cause I love Star Trek and been playing Star Trek Online).

In the process of doing so, there was a power surge. The power surge effectively fried the power supply that powers my CINTIQ tablet, which is used to ink and tone the comic pages of AI. My slave has informed me that another power supply has been ordered, but until it comes in, I won't be able to post complete pages of AI.

To make up for this, I will post the upcoming page SKETCHES. Because I won't be inking them right away, I can post two-three pages a day. When we get the tablet working again, i will go back and ink those pages before resuming the comic full-time.

:iconalphaidentity: and :iconsonadowonline: will recieve the sketch update postings. To the rest of the groups I been posting AI pages to, I'll spare you guys and wait till the pages been inked before I publish them there.

Sorry for the inconvienice, folks. Have a great week and happy hunting!