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- We been having problems with the permission folders of the group. If you want to join or submit artwork, and you can't, send :iconsonicremix: or :icondolphinsong: a note and we'll get ya squared away =3

- posting artwork where the subjects are forcused SOLELY on spawns/offspring of the Sonadow couple ARE NOT ALLOWED. This is about Sonadow, not their kids. It's like that movie Little Mermaid 2 that annoyed me so much, because it wasn't about Ariel, it was about Melody. IT'S ANNOYING! Unless the pic is focused on Sonadow holding a baby or sommat, NO SONADOW SPAWN PICS. NO EXCEPTIONS!

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Glitter Series - Kingdom of the Wind by SonicRemix
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Werehog sonadow chapter 5
"Silver you know him?" asked Ivan "yeah i do" silver answered "Silver what happened?" sonic asked "well after Ivan brought me here he explained why i was brought here at first i thought that he just wanted me for sex but when i told him this Ivan started crying and said i could leave if that's what i truly thought so i started to walk back about halfway there i reallised that Ivan didn't  just want me for sex" Silver explained. "He turly loved me and i realised that i truly loved him so i ran back as quickly as i could and found him sad and depressed i went up to him to apologise after doing so he quick grabbed me bridal style and started kissing me he told me how muched he love me and that he knows i'm the one for him then i cuddled up to his chest and feel asleep then he woke me up today and now i know you're here sonic" silver finished.
"come on Silver let's get some food" said Ivan while walking off with silver still in his arms "So...soniku what now?" asked shadow "well how b
:icontheillusiveman13:theillusiveman13 10 2
Werehog sonadow part 4
Sonic woke up when he fully awoke he mentally cheered when he realised that he was alive and out of the werehog's stomach. But he noticed that his surroundings were different he was in a small cave with a small pool of water and there was a sheet of fabric over what looked like a hole. which Sonic assumed as some kind of door Soinc was about to get up when he felt something tighten it's grip around sonic's waist. He looked down and saw the black, crimson streaked arms of the werehog who had swallowed him earlier. Sonic began to hyperventalate, panicking he had a million thoughts rushing through his head. But then the werehog losened his grip on Sonic, the blue blur saw a chance to escape he got up and went to the "door". Just as he was about to move the curtian the now awoken crimson werehog grabbed sonic's arm and buried him into his chest fur. 
" don't want to wake them" the werehog wispered as he slightly moved the curtain so Sonic could see the two dozern werehogs wh
:icontheillusiveman13:theillusiveman13 14 11
Werehog sonadow part 3
In the middle of the night the same ebory werehog that had swallowed cream earlier had arrived that sonic and co's camp and sneaked into sonic's tent. The werehog walked up to Sonic and gave him a quick sniff before licking Sonic's check the blue hedgehog purred and started to wake up when he saw the werehog he tried to scream. But the werehog pressed his lips on sonic's causing the speed demon to blush heavly. After removing his mouth from sonic's the werehog began to talk to sonic "You're coming with me" Sonic simply shoke his head. The werehog quickly shoved sonic head into his mouth and stared to swallow him the blue blur tried kicking, screaming and...well...everything but it was no use it would simply speed up the werehog. when the werehog reached the half why point the hedgehog's head had entered the werehog's stomach he could see the muscular stomach walls as well as cream's now torn and worn out dress. the werehog was enjoying his meal lick every part of him while rubbing his
:icontheillusiveman13:theillusiveman13 9 2
werehog sonadow part 2
After a few hours in got to the morning and everyone was awoken by Cream's high pitched scream "AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH"
"Cream what's wrong?" sonic said arriving at Silver's tent, Cream turned around and saw sonic and explained what she saw "It's Mr. Silver he's vanished". "WHAT?!" sonic shouted "look i say we head to our destination and find silver when we arrive" Amy suggested "yeah it's ot far we get a move on we'll arrive at noon" said Bourbon. "Ok let's go" said sonic with a bit of excitement, after about an hour of walking the group was chatting about stuff when something hid in a bush behind Cream "what was that?"
Cream thought so she walked up to the bush and something grabbed her "AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" "what was that?" tails asked "let's find out" said sonic. The group ran to the scream's origin and when they arrived they quickly saw a peach black werehog, with crimson streaked arms and quills that seemed to defy gravity, and captivating, dark crimson eyes. Sonic and
:icontheillusiveman13:theillusiveman13 9 2
werehog sonadow part 1
Sonic and friends were all at westopolis  bored during the summer and couldn't decide what to do "i'm always bored during the summer and couldn't decide what to do" they all thought. But then a weird russian mid-aged man appeard out of god knows where and shouted "well i can make you unbored!" , "who the hell are you?" asked amy "Call me Bourbon listen i can take you camping out to the woods i know a place where you'll be able to have fun!" Bourbon explained "who's in?". Everyones hand went up and so it's off to the woods we go! 3 days later... Sonic, Amy, Tails, Cream, Silver and Bourbon were walking down in the woods today but Bourbon stopped everyone at a clearing "hey Bourbon! what's the hold up?" Tails shouted with an annoyed tone "we need to rest here" Bourbon explained "why?" asked Sonic "I'm tired" said Bourbon, after that sonic & co made their tents and went to sleep.
At a midnight full moon a dark figure snuck into silver's tent and began to sniff him. Silver started
:icontheillusiveman13:theillusiveman13 11 6
Experiments chapter 3
I deepened the kiss and continued to stroke shadow's quills after about one minute of kissing shadow broke the kiss and gasped for air. "do you like it?" said shadow while he was waving his tail fin "yeah I love it" i replied "it's beautiful" I continued while stoking it. I picked up Shadow bridal style and asked him "what do you wanna do?" he simply smiled and said "how about we go for a swim?" After hearing this i got a little embarrassed since i did't know how to swim "err shadzy I don't know how to swim...Sweat Drop revamp " i said. Shadow simply smiled and said "don't worry i'll teach you" I nodded and placed him in the water i started to follow him. At first it wasn't too bad until I got to a hole under the water and I became completely submerged i was terrified :scared: then I felt something grab me and pull me up to the surface i saw it was shadow. I was relived but i ended up tightening my grip around him.
"are you ok? soniku?" he asked in a soft tone "I'm better now your here
:icontheillusiveman13:theillusiveman13 12 2
experiments chapter 2
I woke up to the muscular walls of my naga love who had eaten me earlier i heard him snoring so he was asleep. I sat there for about 10 minutes listening to his heartbeat and his stomach groan, churn and gurgle, then i heard him yawn i knew at this he had woken up "morning handsome" i said while rubbing his stomach from the inside "mourning delicious" he said while purring and rubbing his stomach. I laughed happily but i felt his stomach muscles tighten and push me upwards "shadzy what's going on?" i asked "shh Soniku everything will be fine" said shadow, after hearing this i simply closed my eyes and then a burst of wind his my face as i emerged from his maw. After he spit the rest of me out i laughed and began to stroke his cheek "shadow i'm sorry about this but I've got to go" i said jumping off the tree but i felt shadow's tail wrap itself around my leg and it pulled me up to his face "you weren't going to leave me here without a goodbye kiss were you?" he said looking me dead in t
:icontheillusiveman13:theillusiveman13 10 8
Experiments chapter 1
About a year ago a hedgehog named Shadow was found Dead from causes unknown, his death affected many people but it affected one person in particular that person is me. My name is Sonic the hedgehog. Me and Shadow loved each other on the day of his death i was going to propose to him. I've spent the last year and a half trying to clone my true love and today I learnt the results...
I quickly ran home to see the results of the cloning and i found my best friend tails standing there "well?" i asked impatiently Tails simply smiled and said "it worked! Shadow has been cloned...But.." "but what?" I asked "you see the machine had an error so it created four clones and each clone has a slight...difference" Tails explained "what kind of differences are we talking about? I asked "they are physical differences the first clone is just down the hallway first door on your left". I nodded and walked down the hallway to the first clone the door to the room was just a normal door I opened it and steppe
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Shadow's Body pillow by GaruGiroSonicShadow Shadow's Body pillow :icongarugirosonicshadow:GaruGiroSonicShadow 513 91 GIRL'S ROMAN^q^ by GaruGiroSonicShadow GIRL'S ROMAN^q^ :icongarugirosonicshadow:GaruGiroSonicShadow 2,023 395 Sonadow - Losing the Bet by BlueNeedle-Inu
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Sonadow - Losing the Bet :iconblueneedle-inu:BlueNeedle-Inu 274 43
Sonadow - My Pain is Nothing by BlueNeedle-Inu Sonadow - My Pain is Nothing :iconblueneedle-inu:BlueNeedle-Inu 298 73
I am starting to see too many submissions for family pictures of Sonic and Shadow and their offsprings. I am now enforcing a new ruling. From now on, a member can only submit a single family picture (this means pictures containing offspring) once per year. I know you guys love your fan character offspring of the pair but its getting out of hand when we're seeing more of those than just general Sonadow.
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