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Ok so im gonna be taking some Halloween themed commissions.
Nothing really big.

What these commissions will be, is well, of your character, in their Halloween costume 

Up to 2 characters per drawing
And 3 drawings per person
The drawing will be starting at a regular drawing, meaning line art and color, then for extra points you can add shading 

i will take as many as i can, there is no set limit, it just depends on the character and the costume.
So the price starts at 30 points, if you want soft shading thats an extra 5, cell shading is an extra 10
If you want a transparent BG, thats free.
If you want a simple background, an extra 5 points
A second character is 10 points
I understand my pricing is much higher then what it normally is, but, for what i do with my art now i think it deserves a higher price

Please fill out the sheet that is at the end
If you have a second character, fill out the Character 2 part
And fill out according to how many pictures
If you dont fill it out, your picture will not be done, sorry 

What i will and will not do
Slight gore and blood

Will not:
Costume: (please give me a link if you want something specific)

Character 2:

Background: Transparent or Simple BG
If simple please state a color you want and a Halloween decoration, no more than 2

Shading: Yes or no
If yes, shading or cell

If you spend over 100 points, you may choose one of the drawings to be made into a speedpaint ^^
Sorry there is no examples, im still working on my style and such

Skin By greenfurkitti
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