Still Looking for Job/Brother in Hospital
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Published: October 3, 2012
So I haven't updated this in a month or so. I apologize. I have been whipping and running around every which way, apply for jobs left and right, trying to find ways to make money before my loans come in...I've been busy. I have Manga Studio for my Mac, finally, and am trying to make my comics. Haven't had a moment to do that lately, though. Not only can't I get the time right now, I can't seem to get into the groove to want to make them. I'm starting to think I am not an artist.

Also, my oldest brother is in the hospital. He went into the hospital September 22nd around 6 AM. He was throwing up and passing out from extreme pain, then waking up to do it again. It got to the point where there was nothing left to puke out. So they took him to the ER, ran tests for about a week and couldn't find a damn thing wrong, yet he was in so much pain the pain killers wouldn't work. It wasn't kidney stones or food poisoning or anything. They knew it was his digestion because eating solid foods would put him into more pain. He showed all the signs of appendicitis, but his appendix was clean. Finally, on the 30th they found where the pain was. It was where his large intestine met his small intestine: namely where the appendix is. So, they did a colonoscopy (again) and then removed his appendix on October 1st. He came home October 2nd around 3 or 4-ish PM. He seemed ok, just sore. About an hour or two later, the pain came back full force if not worse. He couldn't even walk. Now he is back in the hospital, pain killers not working, and the doctors still can't find what is wrong. Mind you, they had doctors coming in from many different hospitals and practices to find out what is wrong, and they are all baffled.

Seeing my oldest brother, the one who is always acting tough and is completely stubborn and pigheaded, cry out in pain and asking my dad to hold his hand just left me in a state of complete hopelessness. I do not know what to do at this point. I have been praying and praying, talking to people about it, trying to find something that can possibly help. Right now I am in no mood to do anything. I think the worse part about this is that no one can seem to figure out what is wrong. They know where the pain is, but not why it's there and what is causing it.

So basically...I'm not happy (am I ever?).
If you are religious, I ask you to please pray for my brother. If you are not religious, any words of comfort would be nice.

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I have come bearing gifts!! I hope your brother feels well. is he well?
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Hero-zerosHobbyist Traditional Artist
I really hope your brother gets better! :hug: I know how it feels to be worried...
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zathrayaHobbyist General Artist
Ugh. That sucks. Have they checked his Gallbladder perchance or allergies/food allergies. I never got that bad and I'm no doctor but just making some suggestions. But it sounds really strange and miserable. I do wish you and your family the best. I hope that your brother gets better soon too.

And don't worry about art, you'll know if it's meant to be if the drawing itch comes back. It helps to have a stable home life too. So just wait it out. Things will get better eventually. And my hope is sooner than later!
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theT-chanHobbyist General Artist
Here's hoping for the best, for you and your brother.
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DannDacryalreccaStudent Traditional Artist
I shall keep your brother in my thoughts, and I pray that he will make a full recovery. I know you are running around and becoming super stressed out about what is going on around you, but be patient and dont feel like just because you have not had a chance to make any comics is making you a terrible person. Take your time and take care of things that are more important right now. You will get back into the swing of things and be using that new software like a pro.
I hope that helps you out somehow. Even if it doesnt never stop being artist; you would do the world a disservice if you quit.
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Tsukiko74Hobbyist General Artist
They should look into parasites, or see if the intestines have wrapped around each other, I will keep him in my prayers. I'm sure the doctors will do everything they can. Hang in there , I'm always here if you need to talk.
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I know things look bad right now. Jobs hard to find, no inspiration to work on your stuff, family members getting sick and going to the hospital. I've been there man. I'm sure they'll find what's causing all the pain. Doctors these days are amazing. Just hang in there. Life has only begun for us. Things will get better.
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I give my best hopes for your brother, there isn't any closer family than one you grow up with, no matter how mad they can make you at times. We all wish you and your brother good health soon.
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AniDrewitStudent Filmographer
Could it be a reaction to certain kinds of food? It seems weird, but he could've developed something recently (not that I would have more professional experience than a crapload of doctors combined).

Either way, my most sincere condolences to you and especially your brother. I have experienced a lifetime of stomach pains but none anywhere as bad, so I really hope this suffering will stop soon. D:
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Thunderstar5758Professional Filmographer
I pray your brother makes it ok
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