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Figured I'd give you all a little bit of an update.

Recently I've had computer problems which prevented me from doing...anything. Seriously. It ran so slow, it wasn't functional. Then my friend :iconschefus: helped me out. Turns out it was just dusty as hell! Now that's solved, I'm prioritizing!

For one, I have me diligently uploading videos to the Hotwired gaming channel! I have uploaded for the next 5 weeks, and plan to have at least 13 weeks uploaded. This way I don't have to worry so much about editing videos, and not stress about getting videos up in time. Each weekend I will attempt to edit and upload more videos for the 14th week, etc. However, since I already have things scheduled, I won't have to sweat myself about doing it EVERY weekend.

Moving on to the Animation Requests! I have not worked on them much in weeks. It wasn't just because of the computer issues. I had gotten a temp job that has been pretty much draining me. I'd get up early, drive about an hour (including traffic), work from 8:30-5 doing mundane filing and paper work, drive about an hour and a half back (traffic is worse), and by the time I get home I am pretty much drained. Not tired, but drained. Meaning that I don't have the motivation or the drive to do ANYTHING but sit. Hell, I didn't even want to play Super Mario World. I am still at this temp job until they don't have any more work for me. However, since I have basically lessened my work load by uploading videos for the next few weeks, I think I may feel a little less overwhelmed. I will be trying to finish these requests soon. I am also trying to figure out how to make these into high quality icons, so that if you all so desire you can use them. I also hope to get animation commissions from all of this some day!

Next, I owe people a lot of voice work. Again, that is attributed to the whole temp job thing, but the reason is a bit more of a time problem. See, my family goes to bed EARLY (like 6PM, 7PM) because most of them get up at 1 AM or 3 AM to go to work. So the only times I can really record vocal work is during the day, which I work. Weekends have become free, though (if I am not spending time with my lovely girlfriend). So now that the computer is fixed, I will be working on missed voice work.

I am also going through some deep thoughts. I wish to be an animator and make my own shows and run my own animation company. Yet, my style is mostly Anime. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE anime and I would like to stick to this style once I do have my own company, but I have learned that I cannot do much else BUT anime. Also, no one will take you seriously if you only know one style, especially anime (for some reason people see it as a lazy art style. Never figured that out...). So I have been trying to break free of anime and relearn art. Learning other styles, techniques, etc. Ultimately, I want to be a cartoonist and make silly and serious cartoons, and I would like my style to be anime since I personally find it beautiful. Yet, I need to break free of it for now in order for me to grow.

I have been on the fence about going to Art school...I heard CalArts is awesome, but people also tell me that what Art schools can teach me, I can learn for free online. Which is great and all, but I seem to benefit from a teacher ACTUALLY being there to show me what to do. If I screw something up, they can show me step by step in person what I did wrong, instead of just looking at pictures online. I mean physically take my pencil, erase what I did, and physically show me. That way I can do it myself correctly. Looking at pictures doesn't help me. So I am not, I also know most of the basics for animation (2D at least). I also wonder, if I don't go to art school, would people with the degrees have a better shot at jobs than I do?

Anyway, that's all from me right now. Need to go to sleep and work tomorrow...UGH!

If I forgot something, I'll just update this.
TrueDesknight Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'd recommend going to the school, nowadays you can learn EVERYTHING online. However only in the schools will you be in physical contact with other people, especially ones with contacts with experience, that you'll need to go into the deeper worlds of animation. It's less about what you'll learn, it's more on who you meet and what you'll make from those relationships. Sure you can meet plenty of people online, although you'd have to be pretty over the top to turn an art forum into a working studio! If anything else the degree will help, more and more people are going to college so it's quickly becoming the norm. Be sure to pass and don't stress on the grades too much, focus more on knowing the people there especially the teachers.
zathraya Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Just from what I've learned I recommend that if you do go to art school, know what you are going to do.  If you don't and you switch around your focus you will be in considerable debt.  Think deeply about it before you go to an expensive art school.  You don't need a degree to be a professional artist.  You have to wonder about if the type of art you do will be able to pay off your debts.   [This] is a good video to get you thinking.

It's great your trying new things.  Maybe you'll find a new style that fits you even more than now. I wish you luck with your dreams! :)
AniDrewit Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2014  Student Filmographer
Funny thing about styles is that these days both the west and east have influenced each other so much that it really SHOULDN'T matter what your style is as long as you pull it off well. But yeah I'm also trying to test other styles to help influence my primary anime style and challenging myself with different angles and perspectives.

A degree would look good on your resume, but another major way to get a job is through connections. Having both would be ideal, but either way try meeting people who are in the same industry you're trying to get into.
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