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Holy shit, I haven't been active on here in a MINUTE!

Anybutt...I'm still alive. If you've seen my twitter feed you'd see that but...LOL! I've been quite busy trying to make shit happen. Went through some spiraling depressions, self doubt and all that jazziness. Got myself a tumblr, uploaded a new picture  Pretty Princess Peach by Son23 and all that fun shit.

Currently practicing blind contour drawing to help improve my art, as well as help break me out of anime and bad habits and explore other art mediums. Not saying anime is bad, but I can't JUST draw it forever. Also been working on leveling my animation skills as well.

Not sure if I mentioned this either, but I also work on a youtube channel called Hotwired with a British chick named Elsie (for those who don't know). Here's a link to the opening animation:

Other than that...not much else going on. I'm going to try to be more active online in the art world and shit. Hope all is well for everyone else!
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AzureCrazed Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2016  Professional Traditional Artist
Nice! I love the Hot Wired Channel with you and Elsie...always making fun of her... XD
AniDrewit Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2016  Student Filmographer
It's sounding like 2016 is the year people are getting their shit together again (yours truly included). Keep it up man!
artistgamergal Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2016  Professional Filmographer
Keep at it Son! :D
zathraya Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Glad you're not dead!  Don't worry you're not the only one with self-doubt, I think any real artist goes through it. :iconwildweasel339: and I gave eachother a pep talk a few months ago.  Guy's amazing but was down on his abilities and we talked eachother through it (I don't compare to his work though). Sorry to hear you've been depressed though.  

Nice!  It's good you're practicing more than anime (took me forever to get off that train and start improving faster because of it).  Maybe you'll find a style you enjoy more, like I did.  No shame in change.  Anime is still cool but just saying, it could happen you find something you like more with experimenting.  

A suggestion, try and find something small you want to learn over the next day, or even week.  Give yourself a goal. And don't focus on the quality, just small improvements you make from one point to the next.  I find giving goals keeps my mind busy.  And if I get too hyper focused I play with something (medium, subject, ect) I'm inexperienced with and try and have fun experimenting.  One day, I was too focused on how bad I am with characters, I instead looked at references and focused on painting tree textures or birds.... never done something like them so I get less agitated by it.

Anyway, I thought the advice might help.  As for depression... I know that boat and it makes you even more critical of your work and life in general. I actually just got back to work after my depression and illness after 7 months.  I hope you start feeling better soon.  I dont' know how bad your depression is but it'll get better, though sometimes all you see is darkness.  It helps to be around others and confide in someone.

Swarming you with a giant comment.... Ugh.  Just excited to see you're still around... and hoping I could help a little. ^^;
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