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Let's face it, quitting is easy. There are so many times I just want to say, "screw it," and just lay down and play videogames or whatever. I hardly ever do, though. I push through it. I may complain, but it's a way I relieve my stress. Here are some of my hardships, and I hope you can share yours.

Currently my schedule is hell. I have no time for myself. On top of which I only work weekends during school, so I don't make too much money. My current job does birthday parties, camps, and gymnastics. If it isn't a holiday or summer, camps don't take place, and I never learned gymnastics, and birthday parties are only on weekends. Needless to say, I'm very limited. Regardless, I suffer through it and push on, because I know there is something better waiting for me.

I have been waiting to get a new computer, a Mac, since senior year of high school. When I didn't get one because it was too expensive and "not what I need for a business college," I decided to save up. Whenever I got close, something would happen like my car would need a new transmission, and I would lose all I saved quickly and I would have to wait forever to gain that money back again. Yet I keep saving and I am closer than ever.

I want to be a graphic designer/cartoonist and make animations and comics. My parents wanted me to go get a degree in business, something I found boring and absolutely hated. I was presented with an option: go to art college and get kicked out of my house with no family or financial support and a job that in no way would help pay for school; or go to a business college and major in some degree of business with full family support and financial backings. For years I fought tooth and nail, trying to show my parents that this isn't for me. About halfway through my college career, I realized this could better me. I could learn how the animation business works, how to protect myself if I come out with a comic or something, and possibly start my own Graphic/Animation/Comic business. So I am pushing on (and as per this journal, am almost finished).

:iconmayshing: is aware that I want to become a better artist and fulfill my dreams. As a result, she has kindly and patiently started giving me homework assignments to better myself and to expand my horizons, and not just limit myself to one art form/style. There are times where the assignments frustrate me to no end, or I can't do it, so I trash each practice and restart, get mad, trash, etc. There are times where I put it off to help myself calm down and then procrastinate because I fear I will just get mad again. Then when I finally resolve to do it and start improving, my time becomes limited and thus a whole new problem faces me. I don't have the time to practice, or what little I have I am too tired to do so. Yet I try to do a little bit at a time, and when I am too worn out and can't draw I study what my assignment is to try and better understand what it is I currently can't do.

My point is in the title: You can't quit. No matter how easy or how much you want to. Pushing through your hardships helps you to grow, and you may find options you never thought of before. It's tough, it's going to hurt, but once you overcome it will look like the easiest thing in the world. You'll wonder why you ever had such problems. The way I see it, life would be boring if you weren't challenged.

What about you guys? What are some problems you're facing? Do you want to quit? What do you see will be the outcome either way?

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AniDrewit Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2012  Student Filmographer
I have had the opportunity to get a job in the computer special effects industry thanks to some luck attending a really amazing school that teaches you everything you need to know about working in that industry....all in one year. Anything goes, from CG to compositing, 2D to 3D, animation to flashy effects to look treatments, rotoscoping, etc. And you get to have a look inside actual studios and work on building your professional portfolio and demo reel for those studios to look at. Tuition isn't bad either, plus you'd be able to pay it off easily after getting a job (which can pay well just for using one of the many skills you develop).

However, what I wanted to learn most was 2D animation and that's the only thing I didn't really get to do. It has affected my attempts to apply for jobs in the VFX industry and my confidence was severely dampened as a result of a lack of any success. I also need to move out in order to have more chance of success, but I'm not exactly in a financial position to pay rent just yet.

As for my dreams and goals, I want to be able to make an interesting animated (or anime) series that's at least on par with Scoot's series and every other good series I've come across. Sounds like a kids dream but I am serious about it and I'm doing everything I can to accomplish that goal, even if I have to learn and do [almost] everything by myself. Good animation, good art, good voice acting, good music, good story; all pieces of that goal. I know though that every step I take artistically will get me closer. I won't stop applying for jobs, I won't stop animating, and I won't give up altogether no matter how hard it gets.

Artists live a fun life! XD
sadaharugin Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2012  Hobbyist
I discovered that when ever I tried to make things happen I all ways got stressed a little bit and shoot my self in the foot emotionally all most every single time I tried to make something happen, I gave up on that a very long time ago and decided to just take it day by day and turn and go with the flow, and since then my life has become alot smoother for me and I hope the same for you. :3

Words of wisdom,: your action may be limited but your thought isn't.
Roy-Flamaku Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2012
I honestly have probably said this a lot, and I hope you somewhat get my message each time. But I admire underdogs. I've had a lot of things handed to me by my family who are all really caring and understanding. As a result, most of my problems don't even compare to yours. My family is very wise and adapts really quickly to change. Right now, we are doing well because the economy is bad. Not the best thing to boast about, but I'm proud that we can adapt to a new environment. But I digress on that.
My point is that I admire you and many like you because you push through many challenges and keep going. Not many can do that. You also are an amazing artist and I've seen how much talent you have in you. I always look forward to seeing your pieces/comics/animations because they are not professional, but they appear to be professionally done. I know that may be a bit of an abstract sentence. It's a bit weird to describe, but you honestly do have a really good art style that is rapidly improving. To be honest, SoH What? inspired me to make more comics to help improve my own art style(which has been getting very rusty). I know you have a lot of friends who pat you on the back and tell you that you're awesome. But even I believe that you are awesome and that you will succeed.

Hero-zeros Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
One of my problems is laziness, i use it as an excuse when things get too challenging with my art, as of late, Ive been slowly improving, (I guess) but theres lots of room for improvement. but I have to agree with you, challenges are like anticipation games, once you get through them the joy of passing them is worth waiting for.:)
ThebSayraduka Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
One of mah problems is that I can never seem to make mah pictures look good on any art program that i use & i have a glitchy as hell drawing tablet so that doesnt help any. Even with the practice it still doesnt look good cuz every line i draw usin mah tablet looks like a scratchy scribble like line & they always get on mah f*ckin nerve.............. Is that too much? o3o
ThebSayraduka Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Forgot to mention: i always say that my pictures look a hellofa lot better on paper than on the computer & iv always believed it then there have been other points where iv told myself that if i just practice itl get better but there r times that no matter how much i practice they never turn out the way i imagined them to... Its always frustrating like that aint it?
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