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Animation Test (Feedback Please)

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Published: June 16, 2013
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(Note: Be aware this animation loops.)

Hello ladies and gents.

This is a test, one that I would like feedback on. I made this in flash. I have been studying animators such as Zone and Redminus in hope to create flash animations.

Yes, I am aware this isn't all frame by frame. I DO know how to do frame by frame (see my previous animation tests), the issue is that with my busy schedule, I barely have time. However, I do want to animate. This actually saves me some time in the long run since I have everything already made with my characters.

I ask you guys for some constructive criticism. How I can improve? What can I change/do differently?

I am also aware that the character is a bit stiff. I'm not sure how I can make him seem less stiff. I'd much appreciate any suggestions on that. Blinking will be added soon.
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AzureCrazedProfessional Traditional Artist
That's awesome! :)
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TrueDesknightHobbyist Digital Artist
Breathing. Even when standing completely still the body needs oxygen to keep it alive. The chest expands and contracts, the head and shoulders move along with this, the arms simply follow the shoulders. It would also cause new wrinkles in the shirt.
So try to slightly expand his upper chest and make wrinkles that would indicate "this is moving outward" while the shoulders make a perfectly straight line (not perfectly realistic but worth a try) across and just let the rest of the arms follow.

For the legs you could make him sway ever so slightly in either direction with the rest of his body balancing on that swaying movement rooted in the waist.
You could probably just tween the legs to do this and draw slightly changing wrinkles on top of that to make it look like you're not cheating.
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mcwarhappyHobbyist Digital Artist
The reason why it's stiff looking is because the only movement you have applied was the mouth and half of the arm. You need to add more movement into different areas.

Example: Copy the movements of your character; stay in front of the mirror and don't move any joints or muscles except your elbow joint, fingers and wrist. Does it feel awkward, robotic, not really expressive or even impossible to imitate?

You must apply movement in multiple places in order to make it more alive and realistic.
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Son23Student Digital Artist
Sorry I forgot to thank you for your advice in my last comment. Thank you =3
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Son23Student Digital Artist
believe it or not, I actually do only move my elbow when I say hello to people. lol it's kind of odd XD.

Anyway, I see what you mean. Perhaps I should move the shoulder and upper arm a bit? Even then, I can't help but feel the other half of his body would feel stiff. I know I could add wrinkles in his clothes when he moves his arm, but that wouldn't be enough really.
What if I also moved his head slightly when he speaks at certain points?
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mcwarhappyHobbyist Digital Artist
The way I animate is if a character is moving I tend to re-draw a lot of lines along with the body movement, including some of the areas which has little or no body movement.

As you mentioned before; adding wrinkles may not only make it look alive but improves the detail, I highly suggest it. Tilting his head may also help.
It's the little things in animations that can highly impact the quality of your work.

I hope this helps.
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desksStudent Digital Artist
Hey there, Rob! I'm Shadow :D
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AniDrewitStudent Filmographer

Here's some food for thought. A good drawing of a character (just a drawing, not animation yet) is to put expression in their pose as well as their face. Basically make the character give off energy by their appearance alone.
Take that knowledge and convert it to every single key frame/pose the character makes in their animation, giving it a more exaggerating and expressive look.
For example in your test the key frames/poses would go: Default stance -> Greeting (Hey there!) -> Pointing to self (I'm Rob!) -> Loop
This will help solve your stiff problem (giggity) and would improve your animation skills incredibly imo (also something I need to practice myself). I know you work with models so its up to you to figure out how that will work. Don't be afraid to overexaggerate either.

Another thing you can do is try these small animation practices: [link]

And obviously have a good look at the 12 Principles of Animation if you haven't already, and if you have then LOOK AT THEM AGAIN!!! :icondrewisapotatoplz:

Hope this helps! :)
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KaliMonsterrHobbyist Traditional Artist
your mic quality is pretty amazing XD and the animation looks pretty smooth, and I like how the hair moves a little ^^
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Son23Student Digital Artist
thank you =)
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mystr0Hobbyist Filmographer
Not bad, could use a little more body gesturing though!
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Son23Student Digital Artist
Yea, trying to figure that one out still XD. I guess it comes with experience
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mystr0Hobbyist Filmographer
And act stupidly!
Move around, its all part of cartoons!
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Mrthemega2Student Digital Artist
Hiiii rob
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