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Ironsides of Relentless

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And now, we look at one of the newest, but quite possibly THE most important defenders of the Raknye Sector. This time, now power armor, only balls of ceramite. The men of the Imperial Guard. This time, we take a look at the unbreakable men of the Ironsides of the Fortress World Relentless.

After his stunning victory at the Kaurava System, Governor-General Stubbs found himself on the fast-track to promotion. Eventually, having handed the command of Kaurava to his old friend, Dorran Farrier, Stubbs was promoted to the rank of Lord Solar. He was tasked with pushing back the corruption seeping into Ultima Segmentum. Having successfully liberated three Sectors, Stubbs found himself tasked with what could be his most important objective; securing the Raknye Sector. For years, the Raknye Sector had been understaffed, six Chapters short of the original thirteen stationed to halt The Enlightened's unholy advance. Raknye is the only buffer zone between The Enlightened's sub-empire and further expansion into Ultima Segmentum. Not only this, but if one were mad, or brave enough, Raknye is the only real staging grounds for an assault into the heart of The Enlightened's territory. 

Under the orders of Lord Commander Roboute Guilman and given the six additional Primaris Chapters needed to secure Raknye, Lord Solar Stubbs pushed into the Sector with everything he could spare. Though he made remarkable progress, he knew The Enlightened had sixteen Sectors worth of resources to draw upon and could afford to pull back and let the other existing threats of Dark Eldar, Orks and Genestealers weaken his forces until they return. He needed a means of keeping them at bay and a stable staging ground to begin sending forces into The Enlightened's empire. He found his answer when one of Raknye's most respected Rouge Trader Houses, House Winchester, revealed the location of a Fortress World lost to the Imperium since the dark days of the Horus Heresy. If they could secure this Fortress World, the Imperium could control the spread of enemies pouring into Raknye, whilst finally sending some troops in on the offensive. 

In a bloody battle between the Imperial Guard and the Tyranids of Hive Fleet Wendigo, who attempted to devour the planet, the Guard secured the Fortress World, now dubbed, Relentless. The Kauravans who settled on this harsh planet renamed themselves the Ironsides of Relentless. These brave souls would hold the tide against any threats trying to overwhelm the already beleaguered Raknye Sector. Most recently, The Enlightened's attempt to do away with the only serious threat to their empire in ten thousand years, a Daemon Prince among their ranks, Straga, Launched a 250 000 strong Black Crusade that threatened to finally add Raknye to their dominion of Heresy. It was not to be so, as the Ironsides, through faith, discipline and a lot of firepower, stood firm and drove the monsters back into their realm of nightmare.

In the modern day, the Ironsides are the most widespread type of guard in Raknye and the most numerous type being sent to battle The Enlightened's empire. They, like their world's namesake, are Relentless.

Sticking true to their Kauravan roots, the Ironsides specialize in mechanized warfare. A lot of faith and firepower is how the Ironsides win wars and they're never short on either. Heretics can keep their Dark God's blessings. Doesn't really mean all that much once you're in a million pieces courtesy of their Baneblades. This love of machinery has seen a lot of Ironsides typically replacing even uninjured limbs with bionics. 

In regards to personality, the Ironsides are absolute, raging, madlads. These guys need Commissars to tell them to STOP charging at the enemy, rather than intimidate them into doing so. This is because the Ironsides feel they must honor the already fatalistic bravery of their Kauravan founders, who became famous after the Kaurava Campaign for fighting EVERYONE, even two of their own allies, bar the Tyranids. And this was while they were only a third of their full strength. Hence, the Ironsides are determined to be stationed in the most dangerous conflict possible, with the hopes of earning a worthy place at the Emperor's Table in righteous combat. And I do mean enthusiastic. The prospect of dying in the most serious battle possible and earning the Emperor's gaze, is every Ironside's dream.

Additionally, they are very proud to be guardsmen and take great offence to anyone who would besmirch the honor of the Guard by calling them cannon fodder. They may want to die in battle, but talking about their brothers-in-arms like their just trash made to be thrown away for some pretty little officer to get another promotion, is an easy way for said officer to find him/herself launched at the enemy out of a Basilisk cannon. (The Mechanicus do not recommend using uppity, incompetent officers as ammunition in Basilisk cannons, but can't deny it's pretty damn funny.) So, in addition to being complete fearless death-seekers, they are friends of the regular Joe. Hell, they are even friendly to Sanctioned Psykers and Abhumans, happy to work with anyone seeking to help the struggle against the enemies of man. (Think the death-seeking nature of Kriegers, the tank love and bro-tier of Steel Legion with the colors of the Palatine Enforcers.)

Those that don't die in a battle aren't disappointed, but live up to the old idiom, work hard, party hard. Anyone not dead after a battle proceeds to blow his Thrones on Amasec, Lho-Sticks, Bionics, Whores and Better Rations and Wargear. The Commissars "would" remind them that acting like a bunch of hiver hooligans on a night out is improper for a Guardsmen, but honestly, they're just happy to have a break from the lunatics and let the bartenders deal with them for now.

The Ironsides are based on the Fortress World, Relentless. Relentless, looks like what would happen if someone took Helghan from Killzone, somehow made it more unlivable, then built ten continent-sized cities, each one surrounded by thirteen city-sized walls. Relentless, truly lives up to its name. This world has stopped Chaos Invasions, Ork WAAAGHS! Necron Red harvests, Tyranids Splinter Fleets, Tau Expansion Fleets, all manner of Eldar nonsense and anything thing else that thought it could get into Raknye without an invitation. To paraphrase the Elegan/tg/entlemen of 1d4chan, Relentless, isn't so much a planet, as it is a massive stop-sign, with a motion sensor and machine gun attached to it.

Given they have the misfortune (or glory, in their eyes) of being the gatekeepers of Raknye, they are in the sights of the top two threats to Raknye (and everyone else for that matter.) This being, the unholy union of The Enlightened and Scorned Sons, both of who need to claim Relentless to stop the incursions in The Enlightened empire and to claim the Raknye Sector for the Dark Gods/Warmaster (those two will turn on each other as soon as they win) and Hive Fleet Wendigo. A ridiculously large force of Tyranids that have probably already consumed several Sectors on the way here and are a threat to both The Enlightened empire and Raknye. 

The Ironside's war cry is, "None Shall Pass, for We Are Relentless!" Pretty much what is says on the tin. The Ironsides aren't so much a collection of men as they are a wall made of lasguns. No goes over them, under them or around them. If the Ironsides are between you and your objective, you're going to have to go through them. And they will make you pay for every single step you take. 

And that is the first of, I'm thinking maybe four or five, Guardsmen Regiments of Raknye. Because not all heroes are power-armored super-soldiers. 
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