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My T-elos customized look

This is... T-elos from Xenosaga Episode III RPG video game released by NAMCO customized by me and i'm using her in a Rp :lol:
Yeah! She's looks a lots like KOS-MOS, i known. If takes out her outfit :XD: ...she can be KOS-MOS with blue eyes :rofl: :XD:

[You can using it on your computer of course. Only personal using.]
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Can I download this model?
Can I download this model?
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This is not a 3D model, just a recolor skin of T-elos image. You can download the image right here.
Where is it to be downloaded?
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I remember this!
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even though I sound plain,I love it anyway.
what a cool work,worth to be faved.
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HEheehhe nice and sexy hehee... It seems T-elos stopped going to the beach for sometime, therefore the lack of sunbaths XD heheeh, she somehow lost her tanned skin XD nice idea...
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Lol thank you. T-elos... sexy. :XD:
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yes, t-elos is sexy \o/ Too bad she had to die ... Or rather, too bad she was such a bitch... She could have that "seducing way" even by being a nice char
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She was designed to act tat way...
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ahuahauhauha so that fanboys looking for the hentai stuff of her can go wild xD? LOL
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Yeah... but go wild... would be more interesting with KOS-MOS... since she's not that "bad girl" already :rofl:
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you´re right :P... by the way, have you seen my sd anime animated avatars XD? I even make some xenosaga ones ...
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Nice! lightblue hair. d(^_^d)
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Cool. But I still prefer her with dark skin.
Sexy. ;)
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Thank! T-elos's chocolate skin ... :drool: that's still very lovely of her :lol:
Yeah! sexy :XD:
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Wow! That's really cool! She does look like Kos-mos! XD
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:XD: Thank you! Yep, looks like i loves KOS-MOS a bit more than T-elos :ROFL:
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